Discover Japan 2019年11月号 “新種の酵母を発見!発酵をデザインする七代目の味噌づくり”
    Discover Japan November 2019 “Discover a new kind of yeast! Making Miso for the Seventh Generation Designing Fermentation”
    Discover Japan 2019年11月號 “發現新型酵母!為第七代發酵發酵製作味噌”


    Discover Japan Web “150年の伝統を守る「ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元」が革新的と言われる理由”
    Discover Japan Web “The reason why “Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company” who maintains the tradition of 150 years is said to be innovative”
    Discover Japan Web “保持150年傳統的”Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商”之所以創新的原因”


    STAY AKITA “モダンデザインの感性が伝統と調和する”
    STAY AKITA “The sensitivity of modern design is in harmony with tradition”
    STAY AKITA “現代設計的敏感性與傳統和諧相處”


    ONBEAT_vol.10 “世界に醸造業の魅力を発信し、発酵食文化と地域に新たなブランド価値を創出”
    ONBEAT_vol.10 “Disseminate the appeal of the brewing industry to the world and create new brand value in the fermented food culture and region”
    ONBEAT_vol.10 “向全世界傳播釀造業的吸引力,並在發酵食品文化和地區創造新的品牌價值”


    日本VE協会誌 バリュー・コンピテンシー 2017夏号 “ローカルから世界へ「伝統」の価値を届ける”
    Japan VE Association Magazine Value Competency 2017 Summer Issue ”Deliver the value of” tradition “from local to the world”
    日本VE協會雜誌 Value Competency 2017年夏季刊 “從本地到世界傳遞傳統的價值”


    MONOCLE 2015年12月-2016年1月号 ”Christmas gift of the UK”
    MONOCLE December 2015-January 2016 ”Christmas gift of the UK”
    MONOCLE 2015年12月-2016年1月 ”Christmas gift of the UK”



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  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_Sakigake_Apr.20 2020




    News of Article Publication_Akita Sakigake Newspaper

    I was introduced to Yamamo’s efforts in the Akita Sakigake Newspaper on April 20th. Repeated innovative test brewing based on technologies and ideas outside the industry, and research and research from angles other than miso soy sauce such as sake and wine resulted in the discovery of the yeast technology Viamver that corresponds to patented technology It was. Starting with a gorgeous fragrance, each time we conducted various research, we found useful benefits one after another, and within the research team, we began to think about expectations for innovative product development and impact on the industry. We kindly interviewed the flow from the beginning of development to patent application and service provision. I would like you to read the article.

    Although the spread of the new coronavirus will cause a great change in society, we would like to continue further development and provision of services with the belief that using Viamver can exert better effects on people’s lives and health. I will. Below, I would like to introduce the new products of fermented lamb and fermented silver cod. Due to the action of bacteria, the odor masking effect and the game are softened like pork and beef, and the fish is soft enough to loosen the body by ignoring the fibers. We have developed a fermentation source that suits each meat and fish by taking advantage of the bacterium’s umami, and we are implementing our own meal experience by repeating the process of low temperature cooking, sauté, and steaming. In the future, I would like to advance the brewing of natural wine using Viamver and realize pairing. Thank you for your new Yamamo product. _mediainfo._newspaper










    New yeast found in Kura
    “Yamamo miso soy sauce brewing company, Takamogo name company” (President Yoshihiko Takahashi) of Iwasaki, Yuzawa City, discovered yeast that can be expected to be used in a wide range of ingredients such as meat, fish and sake in addition to miso and soy sauce. . It is said to have various functions such as the production of umami ingredients, and a patent for the manufacturing method of seasonings that was jointly developed with the Prefectural Food Research Center (Akita City) was filed in early February. The company is seeking new business development centered on this yeast.
    This yeast was discovered in 2017 by a yeast survey conducted by the center, which was carried out by a brewery manufacturer in the prefecture. When the company entered into a joint research agreement with the center and conducted a closer examination of the yeast, in addition to its high ability to produce umami components, it is unusual for yeast derived from miso and has the ability to produce relatively high alcohol in a salt-free environment. It turns out that there is.
    Therefore, we started to develop a seasoning “yeast liquid” that makes the best use of the characteristics of yeast. As a result of trying various food ingredients, in addition to adding umami ingredients, it has the effect of softening fish and meat and eliminating odors, and it can be expected to be used in various ways.

    Used for product development and tours
    Managing Director Yasushi Takahashi said, “Isn’t it possible that yeast was born by trying various manufacturing methods such as using bacteria outside the industry in test brewing? It should be an opportunity to throw it. ”
    The company is focusing on tours of its own brewing factory and garden, and newly established a culture and fermentation room of about 8 square meters near the entrance so that you can observe the development process of soy sauce using new yeast up close. . We are also developing wine and course dishes that use yeast, and are providing a trial mutton and silver cod lunch course (tax-excluded 1800-2200 yen, reservation required) at our in-house cafe.
    In anticipation of the long-term effects of the new coronavirus, we are also considering the development of set products that deliver course meals along with wine by home delivery. Managing Director Takahashi said, “We would like to explore the way the service should be, considering the effects of the new coronavirus.”


    湯澤市岩崎市的“ Yamamo味噌醬油釀造公司,高茂名”(總裁高橋芳彥)發現了酵母,除了味噌和醬油外,酵母還有望用於肉,魚和清酒等多種配料中。據說它具有多種功能,例如鮮味成分的生產,並於2月初申請了與縣食品研究中心(秋田市)共同開發的調味料製造方法專利。該公司正在尋求以這種酵母為中心的新業務發展。
    該酵母菌是由該中心的一家釀酒廠在2017年通過該中心進行的酵母菌調查發現的。 當該公司與該中心簽訂聯合研究協議並仔細檢查酵母時,除了具有生產鮮味成分的高能力外,它還具有在無鹽環境中生產相對較高的酒精的能力,這對於來自味derived的酵母而言是罕見的。 原來有。
    因此,我們開始開發一種調味料“酵母液”,以充分利用酵母的特性。 由於嘗試了各種食品成分,因此除了添加鮮味成分外,還具有軟化魚類和肉類,消除異味的作用,並且有望以各種方式使用。



    ヤマモの蔵から新酵母を発見 肉や魚、うまみ増しやわらかく
    Discover new yeast from Yamamozo’s warehouse: soften meat, fish and umami


    FERMENTED LAMB GRILLER_Viamver Yeast used | 発酵ラム肉のグリエ_Viamver使用

    After lamb meat fermented with Viamver yeast is cooked, the center is cooked at low temperature and the surface is roasted. With fermented berry sauce. Limited to 4 meals per day.
    用Viamver酵母發酵的羔羊肉煮熟後,將其中心在低溫下煮熟,然後烘烤表面。 用發酵的草莓醬。 每天僅限四餐。


    FERMENTED SILVER COD ROTILE_Viamver Yeast used | 発酵銀ダラのロティール_Viamver使用

    After sautéing silver cod fermented with Viamver yeast, steam and steam. With the two sauces of basil and tomato. Grilled abalone mushrooms. Limited to 10 meals per day.
    炒銀鱈魚後,用Viamver酵母,蒸汽和蒸汽發酵。 配羅勒和番茄兩種調味料。 烤鮑魚蘑菇。 每天僅限10餐。


    Appetizer with fermented vinaigrette sauce, chicken soup and fermented vegetable soup. Lunch-only course where you can choose fermented lamb meat or fermented silver cod as the main dish.
    開胃菜,配醋汁,雞肉湯和蔬菜湯。 僅午餐的課程,您可以選擇發酵羊肉或發酵銀鱈魚作為主菜。


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_Nikkei_Dec.14 2018

    昨年12月14日の日本経済新聞にて「発酵テーマに観光客誘致 高茂はギャラリーを開設」が記事になりました。当日は県内外の旅行代理店の方を対象にした20名規模のファムツアーを行っており、お越しいただいた方からもギャラリーに理解を示していただきました。県のご担当で数年前から弊社を見ていただいている方からは「ギャラリーができたことで説得力と理解の度合いが深まった」と意見を頂戴しました。かつて土地の名士達が行ったアート活動やレジデンスの手法が現代でも生活文化の向上や創造活動に効果を発揮するのだと実感しています。多くの方にレガシーを踏襲したアート活動をご覧いただければと思います。


    Notice of Article Posting

    At the Nikkei last December 14, “TAKAMO Inviting Tourists to Fermentation Theme Opened the Gallery” became an article. On the day of the event, we had a group tour of 20 people for travel agencies inside and outside the prefecture, and also got an understanding from those who visited us. From the person who was in charge of the prefecture in charge of our company for several years ago, we received an opinion that “the gallery was able to comprehend the degree of persuasive power and understanding.” I realize that art activities and residence methods that land celebrities have carried out in the past demonstrate their effect on improving living culture and creative activities even in modern times. I hope many people will see art activities that followed the legacy. _mediainfo._newspaper



    在去年12月14日的日本經濟新聞中,“高茂邀請遊客以發酵主題開設畫廊”成為一篇文章。 活動當天,我們為縣內外的旅行社組織了20人的團體旅遊,並得到了訪問我們的人的了解。 幾年前,從負責本公司的縣負責人那裡得到了“畫廊能夠理解說服力和理解程度”的意見。 我意識到,過去名人所進行的藝術活動和居住方式,即使在現代也證明了它們對改善生活文化和創造活動的影響。 我希望很多人會看到傳統的藝術活動。


    The Nikkei_14 Dec. 2018





    TAKAMO Opened a Gallery Maintenance

    In the end of November, Takamo (Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture), the brewing source of “Yamamo Miso Soy Sauce”, refurbished a part of the second floor of the main office (32 square meters) and opened an art gallery. Displayed silk screen printed with seed koji produced by Mr. Tetsuya Takizawa, an artist living in Nishi-Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture.
    We also prepared a space for visitors to create original labels of soy sauce bottles. Takamori carried out a collection tour “Factory Tour” from August 16th. There is a charge of 1500 yen by advance reservation system, but 250 people visit each year. Mr. Yasushi Takahashi says there is an inquiry from travel agencies overseas for wealthy people.
    The prefecture launched a public and private organization “Akita Fermentation Tourism Promotion Council” in February. Analysis that it is not utilized as tourism resources despite the abundance of attractive resources of “Akita original” of fermented food culture. Focusing on individual travel that emphasizes “experience” based on history and culture, in fiscal 2006, subsidies were issued to three locations, and it was maintained as an attraction base.
    Katsuaki Kawata, Deputy Sales Planning Department, Akita Alcohol Production, said, “Following the 20-year Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Osaka World Expo (International Expo) in 25 years will be decided and the wave of foreigners coming to Japan will continue.” The prefecture will promote multilingual correspondence, etc. and intend to include not only Japanese customers but also increasing number of Japanese visitors.



    我們還為參觀者準備了一個空間,以創建醬油瓶的原始標籤。 高茂從8月16日起開始了“工廠之旅”的巡迴演出。提前預約系統收費1500日元,但每年有250人參觀。 高橋泰先生表示,海外旅行社對有錢人進行了調查。



  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_Asahi_Dec.13 2018

    12月13日の朝日新聞「みちのく経済」にて“若き経営者 百年企業に新風”のタイトルで弊社ヤマモの取り組みがご紹介されております。改革的企業を取り上げたいということで依頼があり、この度の運びとなりました。6年前の海外展開や3年前の庭園整備からはじまり、ファクトリーストアとツアーの開始、ガーデンカフェ、ギャラリーの新設と一つの蔵元にコンテンツを積層させてきました。ここには4代目・彦四郎や本家の七之助による改革の遺産(レガシー)をいかに踏襲するかをコンセプトとして進めて参りました。様々な想いを持った人の行動の連続で今があります。創業から151年の間に関係した人々の想いや遺産をどう紡いでいくのか、その追及はまだまだ終わりません。


    Notice of Article Posting

    At the Asahi Newspaper December 13 “Tohoku Economy” we are introducing our efforts of Yamamo in the title of “New Wind for Young Businessman 100 Year Company”. There was a request as we wanted to take up a reforming company, and this time it was carried. Beginning with overseas development six years ago and garden improvement three years ago, we have laminated the contents to a brewery with the opening of the factory store and tour, the establishment of a garden cafe, a gallery and a brewery. Here we are advancing as a concept how to follow the reform legacy (legacy) by the 4th generation · Hikoshiro and the head family Nanosuke. There are now a series of actions of people with various feelings. The pursuit of how to spin the thoughts and heritage of the people involved during the period from the establishment to 151 is not over yet. _mediainfo._newspaper



    在朝日新聞12月13日的“東北經濟”中,我們正在介紹Yamamo在“年輕商人100年公司的新風”中的努力。 有一個要求,因為我們想要成立一家改革公司,而這次它被帶走了。 從六年前的海外發展和三年前的花園改良開始,隨著工廠店的開業和旅遊,花園咖啡廳,畫廊和啤酒廠的建立,我們將內容層壓到啤酒廠。 在這裡,我們作為一個概念推進如何遵循第四代·彦四郎和頭部家族七之助的改革遺產(遺產)。 現在有一系列具有各種感受的人的行為。 從建立到151期間,如何轉變所涉人員的思想和遺產的追求尚未結束。


    Asahi Shimbun_13 Dec. 2018


    若き経営者 百年企業に新風





    Young Managers One Hundred Years Companies Have New Winds

    There are young managers who breathe a new sense while inheriting that tradition in Michinoku’s “100-year company” with a history of more than a hundred years. We are focusing not only on improving our core business but also on regional revitalization and overseas.

    Miso Soy Sauce Send Information Abroad

    Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture, known for heavy snow areas. Mr. Yasushi Takahashi (39) is the seventh generation of Yamamo Miso sauce brewing company, founded in 1867 (Keio 3) year. I studied design engineering at Chiba University and I was worried about succeeding my family business. However, he came back with “I better to crush by myself than to regret without being inherited.”
    First we began making labels to put on brochures and soy sauce containers. The design which shaped the shop name in English notation won the Good Design Award in 2013. Besides expanding sales channels overseas, it is up to foreign tourists to put in power now.
    On the company’s website you can also send product information in English. In addition, we upgraded the cafe and gardens by the in-house reconstruction, and began a fee-based tour that allows us to experience soy sauce builds three years ago. Last year, about 250 people participated, with 1,500 yen per person, of which about one-third of foreigners. Mr. Takahashi said, “I would like to advance the diversification of programs such as incorporating workshops in the future.”



    年輕的經理們在東北“百年公司”中繼承了這一傳統,並且擁有一百多年的歷史,他們帶來了新的感覺。 我們的重點不僅是改善我們的核心業務,還關注區域振興和海外業務。


    在公司網站上,您還可以用英語發送產品信息。此外,我們還建立在房子的裝修咖啡廳和花園,房子之旅,體驗醬油的建築開始從三年前的費用。去年,約有250人參加,每人1,500日元,其中約三分之一是外國人。 高橋先生說:“我希望推進各種計劃的多樣化,例如在未來舉辦研討會。”


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_Sakigake_Nov.30 2018




    Notice of Article Posting

    On November 30, Akita Sakigake Shimpo, I got an article about our gallery and cafe. To widely notify everyone of the value of the garden which has kept protecting for several generations, to spend time slowly in this place. I thought that using cafe is what satisfies these two.

    In addition, we recognize that the gallery is suitable for communicating the history and living community to the community to the next generation. People who were once famous for it were familiar and were doing what they would leave in paintings and sliding doors. I hope to incorporate that method into contemporary times and to be able to become a catalyst for the next generation to notice the important things that take root in the land. Mr. Fujita of the reporter, thank you for a wonderful summary. _mediainfo._newspaper



    11月30日,秋田魁新報,我得到了一篇關於我們畫廊和咖啡館的文章。 為了廣泛地告知每個人花園的價值幾代人一直保護,在這個地方慢慢消磨時間。 我認為使用咖啡館是滿足這兩者的。

    此外,我們認識到該畫廊適合將社區的歷史和生活社區傳達給下一代。 曾經以此聞名的人都很熟悉,並且正在做他們在繪畫和推拉門中留下的東西。 我希望將這種方法融入當代,並能夠成為下一代的催化劑,以注意在土地上紮根的重要事物。 記者藤田先生,謝謝你的精彩總結。


    Akita Sakigake Shimpo_30 Nov. 2018


    湯沢の歴史、アートで伝承 工場にギャラリー開設

    湯沢市岩崎の「ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元・高茂合名会社」(高橋嘉彦社長)は、醸造工場の2階に地域の歴史や文化を題材にした芸術作品を飾るギャラリーをオープンした。1階ではカフェの営業も開始。同社は一昨年から自社の醸造蔵や庭園を巡るツアーを開いており、アートの要素を加えて内容を拡充し、国内外から誘客を図る考えだ。 ギャラリーは、従業員の宿直部屋として使われていた部屋を改装して開設。同社の種こうじをキャンバスに貼り付けて描いた絵画や、地元を流れる皆瀬川ですいた和紙を使った作品を展示した。






    History of Yuzawa, handed down in art Opened a gallery at the factory

    Yuzawa Iwasaki’s “Yamamo Miso sauce brewing source · Takusho jointly-owned company” (President Yoshihiko Takahashi) opened a gallery decorating artworks based on regional history and culture on the second floor of the brewery. On the first floor, the cafe is also open. The company has been holding tours of its own brewery and gardens since last year, adding more elements of the art, expanding the contents, and planning to attract guests from home and abroad. The gallery was opened by refurbishing the room which was used as a hotel room for employees. We exhibited paintings painted with the company’s seeds on canvas and works using washi in Minasegawa flowing locally.

    Among the works are second-generation town mayors of former Iwasaki Town and some paintings based on motif Nanosuke Takahashi who promoted the modernization of the town. The company’s 7th generation, Yasushi Takahashi (39) stated, “The walks of the people who created the area remain in the town as a stone monument or remnant.To communicate with the works of the gallery, branding throughout the region I want to try it. “

    In the café opened at the same time, we offer coffee using stock water, Four using soy sauce soup of our company, Gelato of soybean etc. It is said that they want to feel free to visit a wide range of local residents and tourists. In addition, I made it possible to experience original label making of soy sauce bottle at warehouse.

    The tour began in autumn 2016 by Mr. Takahashi, who wanted to promote tourism attendants that made full use of the region’s history and the charm of the brewing industry. About 250 people both domestically and abroad visited last year, guiding their own storage and gardens. The garden, which is one of the highlights, incorporates the method of “borrowed landscape” that uses the scenery outside the park as a background. From within the park, you can wish for the “water shrine” in the area where the water god was celebrated, and you can feel that the Iwasaki area where the brewery industry developed was blessed with abundant water resources. “I want you to feel the climate of the area where you cultivated the brewing industry, along with the history of the warehouse,” Takahashi Managing Director.

    In addition to general tourists, I would like people to come to work for entrepreneurs, civic activists and artists who are active in various fields both in Japan and abroad. Mr. Takahashi said, “Compared to Japan, artists are familiar to families, and I want to make the area an interesting place by involving people with diverse cultures and values ​​in the city.”


    湯澤的歷史,傳世藝術 在工廠開了一家畫廊

    湯沢岩崎的“Yamamo味噌醬釀造來源·高茂共同擁有的公司”(總裁高橋嘉彦)在啤酒廠二樓開設了一個基於區域歷史和文化裝飾藝術品的畫廊。 在一樓,咖啡廳也是開放的。 自去年以來,該公司一直在舉辦自己的啤酒廠和花園之旅,增加了更多的藝術元素,擴大了內容,併計劃吸引國內外的客人。 畫廊通過翻新房間而被打開,房間被用作員工的酒店房間。 我們在畫布上展出了用公司的種子繪製的繪畫作品,並使用當地流動的島前的作品。

    其中包括前岩崎鎮的第二代鎮長和一些基於主題高橋七之助的畫作,他們推動了城鎮的現代化。 該公司的第7代,高橋泰(39)說,“創建該地區的人們仍然留在城裡作為石頭紀念碑或遺跡。與畫廊的作品溝通,整個地區的品牌 我想嘗試一下。“

    在同時開業的咖啡廳,我們用庫存水提供咖啡,四用我公司的醬油湯,大豆冰淇淋等。 據說他們想隨意訪問各種當地居民和遊客。 另外,能在倉庫體驗醬油瓶的原創標籤製作。

    這次旅行於2016年秋季由高橋先生開始,他希望推廣充分利用該地區歷史和釀酒行業魅力的旅遊服務員。去年,國內外約有250人參觀,指導他們自己的倉庫和花園。花園是其中一個亮點,採用了“借景”的方法,以公園外的景觀為背景。從公園,有可能希望在被崇拜的神仙水區“水神社”,岩崎地區在那裡釀造行業已經放出,可以認為它已經幸運地擁有豐富的水資源。 “我希望您能夠感受到釀造行業所在地區的氣候,以及倉庫的歷史,”高橋董事總經理。








    On the day of posting of the article, it is an exhibition of our gallery organized by Akita prefecture, and we are going to see Akita Saki Shimpo, Nikkei Newspaper, ABS Akita Broadcasting, AAB Akita Asahi Broadcasting and visiting the evening news I got a news report. Thank you very much.


    在發表文章的那天,它是由秋田縣組織的我們畫廊的展覽,我們將看到秋田崎新報,日經報,ABS秋田廣播,AAB秋田朝日廣播和訪問晚間新聞 我收到了一則新聞報導。 非常感謝你。