Fermented foods produce and utilize specific components from the metabolic pathway of bacteria. The various components are regarded as stars, and countless components are associated with the starry sky. The fermentation mechanism is associated with celestial bodies, such as the operation of constellations and ordered planets based on the coordination and metabolic pathways between the components. In addition, the discovery of new species and the establishment of their manufacturing methods have become astronomical figures, similar to the discovery of new planets. For this reason, I would like to name and develop the ancient Greek of the universe, "ASTRONOMICA®︎", for the research team and its products.
* "ASTRONOMICA®︎" is written by Latin poet Marx Manilius in the 1st century AD. Manirius saw the universe as a "work of divine will", with divine power spreading to every corner. The universe was moving by God's will, and he thought that he was God himself.

* "ASTRONOMICA®︎"とは、紀元1世紀のラテン詩人マルクス・マニリウスの著作。マニリウスは、宇宙をその隅々まで神的な力が行き渡った 「神的意志の作品」として捉えていました。宇宙が神の意志によって運動していて、さらにそれ自体が神であると考えていたのです。

Viamver®︎ YeastPAT

"Viamver®︎ Yeast" has multiple effects, including high ability to produce organic acids related to umami components, brewing of alcohol, gorgeous aroma similar to fruit and ginjo, and improving meat quality and masking effect. The seventh generation succeeded to the family business and handled bacteria outside the industry, and found this yeast from a brew that was tested for 10 years from various angles different from the past.
The oldest shrine in the Iwasaki area, where Yamamo is located, had the religion of the Mysterious Bodhisattva, the goddess of the stars, and opened the forest with the shrine to build a castle, suggesting that the first castle owner had the religion of the stars. Also, inspired by the discovery of the origin of the umami component that this yeast produces from minerals underground, the name of the mineral was linked to the star and named "Viamver®︎".
Utilizing gorgeous aroma and umami, we are studying not only innovative miso and soy sauce, but also application to meat quality improvement and masking effect to game, and alcohol production ability to natural wine.

Title of invention: Salt-resistant yeast and fermented products using the yeast
Patent number: 7138354
Registration date: September 8, 2022
Registrant: TAKAMO & Corp.



Viamver®︎ Yeast