• 日本醸造学会令和2年度大会発表について

    ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 / 高茂合名会社は、2020年10月21日~27日に開催される日本醸造学会令和2年度大会にて、蔵付酵母から見出されたYAMAMO 001株のコハク酸生成能について発表することをお知らせいたします。なお、今回の日本醸造学会発表は、新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大を受け、オンラインで開催されます。

    演題:天然醸造味噌由来Zygosaccharomyces rouxii YAMAMO 001株のコハク酸生成能について

    Viamver酵母(YAMAMO 001株)を見出してから研究を進め、その特殊性から特許出願をし、エビデンスを集めながら本年度の学会発表に至りました。今年はオンラインでの開催ということもあり、希望していた口頭発表ではなく、事前に収録したものを提出するという方法での発表となりました。研究センターの木村さんをはじめ、チーム研究者の方々には非常にお世話になりました。経営をしながら研究を続けることや技術をビジネスにしていくことの難しさを実感した時間となりました。弊社のみならず、これまでの蔵の経営は、このような長期的に未来を創る技術研究と短期的利益を追求する日々の経営と双方の時間軸の合間を縫って執り行い、現在に残るものと考えると、先人たちの歩みや葛藤の連続に尊敬の念を抱きます。



    About the Presentation of the Brewing Society of Japan 2020

    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company / TAKAMO & Corp. is a succinic acid of YAMAMO 001 strain found in brewed yeast at the Brewing Society of Japan 2020 Annual Meeting to be held from October 21st to 27th, 2020. We are pleased to announce the ability to generate. The presentation of the Brewing Society of Japan will be held online in response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. _Microbiology

    Presentation number: No.30
    Title: Zygosaccharomyces rouxii YAMAMO 001 strain derived from natural brewed miso about succinic acid producing ability
    Affiliation: TAKAMO & Corp.
    Speaker: Yasushi Takahashi

    After discovering Viamver yeast (YAMAMO 001 strain), we proceeded with research, applied for a patent due to its peculiarity, and gathered evidence to make a presentation at this year’s conference. Since this year’s event will be held online, the announcement was made by submitting a pre-recorded presentation instead of the desired oral presentation. I am very grateful to the team researchers, including Mr. Kimura of the Research Center. It was a time when I realized the difficulty of continuing research while managing and turning technology into a business. Not only our company, but the management of the brewery so far is carried out between the time axis of both the technical research that creates the long-term future and the daily management that pursues short-term profit, and it remains in the present. When I think about it, I have respect for the steps and conflicts of our predecessors.

    The summary of the presentation is described below. I would like to take a look at the research and considerations we have conducted. Also, if you register for a fee with the Brewing Society of Japan, you can see all of this presentation online. I would like you to take a look at the details.



    Yamamo味噌醬油啤酒釀造商/ 高茂合名会社是在2020年10月21日至27日舉行的日本釀造協會2020上從釀造酵母中發現的YAMAMO 001琥珀酸菌株。 我們很高興地宣布產生能力。 日本釀造協會的演講將在網上舉行,以應對新的日冕病毒的傳播。

    發言題目:關於天然釀製的味噌來源的Zygosaccharomyces rouxiiYAMAMO 001菌株的琥珀酸生產能力

    在發現Viamver酵母(YAMAMO 001菌株)後,我們進行了研究,由於其獨特性而申請了專利,並收集了證據以在今年的會議上作專題演講。由於今年的活動將在線舉行,因此宣布是通過提交預先錄製的版本而不是所需的口頭陳述進行的。我非常感謝團隊研究人員,包括研究中心的木村先生。那段時間,我意識到了在管理和將技術轉化為業務時繼續進行研究的困難。到目前為止,不僅我們公司,而且啤酒廠的管理都在創造長期未來的技術研究與追求短期利潤的日常管理之間進行,並且一直存在到現在。當我考慮時,我非常尊重我們前任的步驟和衝突。




    天然醸造味噌由来 Zygosaccharomyces rouxii YAMAMO 001 株のコハク酸生成能について
    ○高橋泰 ¹、上原謙二 ²、渡辺隆幸 ²、木村貴一 ³ (¹高茂合名会社、²秋田総食研 醸造試験場、³秋田総食研 食品加工研)

    【目的】天然醸造味噌は、発酵蔵や木樽の住み付き酵母による複雑な発酵が進むことで知られている。高茂合名会社の味噌製造場において、木樽仕込み天然醸造味噌より分離されたリンゴ様の香りが良好な耐塩性味噌用酵母Zygosaccharomyces rouxii YAMAMO 001株の多用途化を検討したところ、優れたコハク酸生成能を見出した。コハク酸生成能をはじめとする菌学的諸性質や応用について検討したので報告する。

    【方法】味噌や醤油を分離源とする市販の耐塩性酵母Z. rouxii NBRC 0505株、NBRC 0506株、NBRC 1876株、NBRC 1877株の4株を対照として用いた。5%食塩を含むYPD培地にて、30℃で48時間静置培養したものを前培養液とした。自作の甘酒や市販の果汁飲料を用意し、終濃度10%となるように食塩を加えたものを培地とした。培地体積の1/100量の前培養液を添加し、30度で30日間以上静置培養して本培養とした。本培養中は経時的にサンプリングを行い、有機酸とエタノールの測定を行なった。

    【結果】10%食塩を含む甘酒をYAMAMO 001株で発酵させた発酵塩麹中のエタノール生成量を検討したところ、最大で3.39%であった。続いて、発酵塩麹中におけるYAMAMO 001株のコハク酸生成能を検討した。本培養31日目の嫌気的な培養では107.1mg/100ml、好気的な培養では227.3mg/100mlのコハク酸を系中に生成することがわかった。これは、対照株の最高値と比べて1.5〜1.7倍のコハク酸を生成し、かつ、コハク酸のうま味を明確に感じることができた。コハク酸生成経路について、培養初期に生成した酢酸が後半になると検出されない事や好気的な培養でコハク酸生成量が増加することから、酢酸はアセチルCoAを介してTCAサイクルに取り込まれ、コハク酸を生成する可能性が示唆された。


    About the succinic acid-producing ability of Zygosaccharomyces rouxii YAMAMO 001 strain derived from naturally brewed miso
    ○ Yasushi Takahashi ¹, Kenji Uehara ², Takayuki Watanabe ², Kiichi Kimura ³ (¹ TAKAMO & Corp., ² Akita Soshokuken Brewing Experiment Station, ³ Akita Soshokuken Food Processing Research Institute)

    [Purpose] Naturally brewed miso is known for its complex fermentation by fermented breweries and live yeast in wooden barrels. At the miso factory of Takamo General Partnership Company, we examined the versatility of Zygosaccharomyces rouxii YAMAMO 001 strain, a salt-tolerant miso yeast with a good apple-like scent separated from natural brewed miso prepared in wooden barrels. I found the ability to generate. We report on the mycological properties and applications, including the ability to produce succinic acid.

    [Method] Four strains of commercially available salt-tolerant yeast Z. rouxii NBRC 0505 strain, NBRC 0506 strain, NBRC 1876 strain, and NBRC 1877 strain using miso or soy sauce as a separation source were used as controls. The preculture solution was prepared by statically culturing at 30 ° C. for 48 hours in YPD medium containing 5% salt. A self-made amazake or a commercially available fruit juice drink was prepared, and salt was added to a final concentration of 10% as a medium. A preculture solution of 1/100 of the volume of the medium was added, and the cells were allowed to stand at 30 ° C. for 30 days or more to obtain the main culture. During the main culture, sampling was performed over time to measure organic acids and ethanol.

    [Results] When the amount of ethanol produced in fermented salt koji obtained by fermenting amazake containing 10% salt with the YAMAMO 001 strain was examined, the maximum was 3.39%. Subsequently, the succinic acid-producing ability of the YAMAMO 001 strain in fermented salt koji was examined. It was found that 107.1 mg / 100 ml of succinic acid was produced in the anaerobic culture on the 31st day of the main culture, and 227.3 mg / 100 ml of succinic acid was produced in the aerobic culture. This produced 1.5 to 1.7 times as much succinic acid as the highest value of the control strain, and the umami taste of succinic acid could be clearly felt. Regarding the succinic acid production pathway, acetic acid is not detected in the latter half of the culture, and the amount of succinic acid produced increases in aerobic culture. It was suggested that it may produce acid.


    關於天然釀製味噌來源的Zygosaccharomyces rouxiiYAMAMO 001菌株的琥珀酸生產能力
    ○高橋泰 ¹、上原謙二 ²、渡辺隆幸 ²、木村貴一 ³ (¹高茂合名会社、²秋田総食研 醸造試験場、³秋田総食研 食品加工研)

    [目的]天然釀製的味噌素以發酵啤酒廠和木桶中的家用酵母進行複雜的發酵而聞名。在高茂合名会社的味噌工廠,我們檢查了Zygosaccharomyces rouxii YAMAMO 001菌株的多功能性,這是一種耐鹽味噌酵母,具有類似於蘋果的氣味,與木桶中製成的天然釀造味噌分離。我發現了產生的能力。我們報告了其真菌學性質和應用,包括產生琥珀酸的能力。

    [方法]使用味噌或醬油作為分離源的市售抗鹽酵母Z. rouxii NBRC 0505,NBRC 0506,NBRC 1876,NBRC 1877,共4株。通過在含有5%鹽的YPD培養基中在30℃下靜置培養48小時來製備預培養溶液。製備自製的甜酒或可商購的果汁飲料,並將鹽作為培養基添加至最終濃度為10%。添加培養基體積的1/100的預培養溶液,並且使培養物在30℃下靜置30天或更長時間以獲得主要培養物。在主要培養期間,隨時間進行採樣以測量有機酸和乙醇。

    [結果]檢查了通過用YAMAMO 001菌株發酵含10%鹽的甜酒所得到的發酵鹽曲中產生的乙醇量,最大為3.39%。隨後,檢查了YAMAMO 001菌株在發酵鹽曲中的琥珀酸生產能力。發現在主培養的第31天,厭氧培養系統中產生了107.1mg / 100ml的琥珀酸,有氧培養中產生了227.3mg / 100ml的琥珀酸。產生的琥珀酸是對照菌株最高值的1.5到1.7倍,可以清楚地感覺到琥珀酸的鮮味。關於琥珀酸的產生途徑,乙酸是通過乙酰輔酶A進入TCA循環的,因為在培養的後半段沒有檢測到培養初期產生的乙酸,而有氧培養中產生的琥珀酸的量增加了。有人提出它可能產生酸。



    Brewing Society of Japan Conference 2020



    ヤマモの天然醸造味噌から見出された特許申請微生物Viamver酵母が無塩で生育することと、アルコール生成能を発見してから、この酵母菌でのワイン醸造を考えておりました。また、イヴェント登壇でご一緒したDomaine Chaudの小林さんが弊社にお越しいただいた際にViamver酵母発酵液の研究を共有してから、「アサリの酒蒸しのようなワインを造る」という、より具体的なViamver Wineのイメージを持ちました。一方で研究開発チームASTRONOMICAにシェフのJonasが参画し、西洋と東洋のスタイルを織り交ぜたViamver酵母のコース料理を実現し、アルコールとノンアルコールのペアリングを実装しています。このコースにViamver Wineを加え、一つの菌によるテーブルを完成させることを目的としています。多くの積み重ねとご縁が繋がり、今年のブドウの収穫の時期にYAMAMO VIAMVER WINE PROJECTを開始することとなりました。



    After discovering that the patent application microorganism Viamver yeast found in Yamamo’s natural brewed miso grows without salt and the ability to produce alcohol, I was thinking about winemaking with this yeast. Also, when Mr. Kobayashi of Domaine Chaud, who was with us at the event, came to our company and shared our research on Viamver yeast fermented liquid, we made a more concrete example of “making wine like steamed clams”. I had the image of “Viamver Wine”. Meanwhile, chef Jonas participated in the R&D team ASTRONOMICA to realize Viamver yeast course meals that mix Western and Oriental styles and implement alcohol and non-alcohol pairing. The aim is to add Viamver Wine to this course and complete the table with one fungus. With a lot of stacking and connection, we decided to start the YAMAMO VIAMVER WINE PROJECT at the time of this year’s grape harvest. _Microbiology



    在發現在Yamamo天然釀製的味噌中發現的專利申請微生物Viamver酵母無鹽且具有產生酒精的能力後,我開始考慮用這種酵母釀造葡萄酒。此外,當與我們一起參加活動的Domaine Chaud的小林先生來到我們公司並分享了有關Viamver酵母發酵液的研究成果時,我們做了一個更具體的例子,“像蒸蛤c一樣釀造葡萄酒”。我有“ Viamver葡萄酒”的形象。同時,大廚Jonas參與了ASTRONOMICA研發團隊,以實現將西方和東方風格交織在一起並實現酒精和非酒精配對的Viamver酵母套餐。目的是將Viamver Wine添加到本課程中,並用一種真菌完成餐桌。由於有很多的堆砌和連接,我們決定在今年的葡萄收穫之時啟動YAMAMO VIAMVER WINE PROJECT。


    Design & Text Editor_YASUSHI TAKAHASHI
    Director of Photography_TOSHIKI SATO







    To Mr. Kobayashi, we brought a full course of 6 plates of Viamver yeast and Jonas with our staff and had them cooked on-site. Since the tasting was done at the winery, Mr. Kobayashi began pairing wines that match this dish, such as matching the wines being brewed from the tank, and sharing the image of completion. In addition, we have a lot of meetings such as tasting the grapes themselves in the field and visiting other wineries, and taking advantage of the wild yeasts, and adjusting the way the product finish changes depending on the grapes to grasp the product characteristics. I went there.


    我們向小林先生帶了我們的工作人員一整個過程的6盤Viamver酵母和Jonas,並將它們在現場煮熟。 自從在酒廠進行品酒以來,小林先生開始將與這道菜相匹配的葡萄酒進行配對,例如與從罐中釀造的葡萄酒相匹配,並分享完成的形象。 此外,我們還有很多會議,例如在田間品嚐葡萄本身並參觀其他釀酒廠,利用野生酵母,並根據葡萄調整產品的變化方式以掌握產品特性。 我去了那兒。





    生きたViamver酵母の醸成する旨味や香りを活かすという、その場で有機的に仕上がりを変えるシェフの料理と野生酵母や原料のブドウに合わせて醸造をする小林さんのワインをペアリングすることのライヴ感やセッションのような領域を実感し、新たな食の体験としての製品サーヴィスを生み出すことに確信を持つことができました。2種のブドウそれぞれにViamver酵母を使用したものとそうでないものをご用意し、合計4本の木樽で醸造をすることにしました。様々な環境の中で、どのような個性が引き出されるのか、非常に楽しみです。味噌由来の菌からワインを創り上げるという、これまでにない食の革新的なYAMAMO VIAMVER WINE PROJECT、こちらでご報告していきたいと思います。


    A live pairing of the chef’s dishes that change the organic finish on the spot, utilizing the taste and aroma of live Viamver yeast, and Mr. Kobayashi’s wine brewing according to wild yeast and raw grapes I was able to realize areas such as feelings and sessions and be convinced that I would like to create a product service as a new food experience. We prepared two kinds of grapes, one with Viamver yeast and the other without, and decided to brew with 4 wooden barrels in total. I am very much looking forward to what kind of personality is brought out in various environments. I would like to report here on the YAMAMO VIAMVER WINE PROJECT, a revolutionary food innovation that creates wine from fungi derived from miso.


    現場搭配的廚師菜餚,利用現場Viamver酵母的味道和香氣改變了當地的有機風味,並用野生酵母和生葡萄釀造了小林先生的葡萄酒 我能夠實現諸如感覺和會議等領域,並堅信我想創建一種產品服務來提供新的飲食體驗。 我們準備了兩種葡萄,一種帶有Viamver酵母,另一種不帶有Viamver酵母,並決定用總共4個木桶釀造。 我非常期待在各種環境中展現出什麼樣的個性。 我想在此報導YAMAMO VIAMVER WINE PROJECT,這是一種革命性的食品創新,可以用味噌製成的真菌製成葡萄酒。



  • YAMAMO GARDEN CAFEプロモーション動画について

    ” Gustation is Micro Journey “「味覚は主観の旅である」

    YAMAMO GARDEN CAFEのプロモーション動画が完成しました。味噌醤油蔵内に位置するカフェではどのようなことが行われているのか。動画でビジュアル化しております。



    About YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE promotion video

    ” Gustation is Micro Journey “

    The promotion video of YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE has been completed. What is happening at the cafe located in the Miso soy sauce warehouse? It is visualized with a video.

    It was in Brooklyn, NY, in 2014, when I realized that I would implement cultural entertainment in industry. The chocolate factory created by a manager from Machinery not only provided quality products and factory tours, but also had a cigar bar, which mixed cigar culture with the chocolate industry. This was one of my verifications that the fusion of industry and hobby was regarded as industrial evolution.



    ” Gustation is Micro Journey ” “品味是主觀旅程”

    YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE的促銷視頻已經完成。 在我們的HP上也可用。 它通過視頻可視化。

    2014年是在紐約布魯克林,當時我意識到自己將在行業中實施文化娛樂。 由機械廠的經理創建的巧克力工廠不僅提供優質的產品和工廠參觀服務,而且還設有雪茄吧,將雪茄文化與巧克力行業融合在一起。 這是我的一項證明,即工業與業餘愛好的融合被視為工業發展。









    “What is appropriate for the food and beverage service offered by the miso soy sauce shop that has been around for 150 years?”

    I have come to think that it would be appropriate to provide a menu that fully demonstrates the brewing effects of the patent application microorganism Viamver that we have found through trial brewing for over 10 years. While adding the flavor and aroma of Viamver to all dishes, you can feel the meat quality and masking effect in the main meat and fish, and the drink combines amino acids, minerals and salts produced by the bacteria with fruit vitamins. Pair the integrated beverages. In recent developments, we have increased the amount of gas generated by increasing the environment and processes optimized by Viamver, which produces less gas, and experimentally produced original bread that is not in the world from fungus derived from miso soy sauce.

    These are derived from the fusion of Western and oriental sensations of chef Sato and German chef Jonas, who presented fermented lamb meat together at SPACE 10 in Copenhagen this January, and the researcher Kimura’s advise. All industries should be more interesting and offer new abundance.

    This video is being filmed and edited with Mr. Toshiki Sato, a local high school student who started a business in photography and video recording. It reflects his inquisitive spirit and visual aesthetics.

    As the process of industrial evolution progressed, many teams were created on a project basis, and some members were stationed permanently. I would like to pursue the ideal brewery, the ideal way of living in the region, and the lives of people with my own brewery, so that traditional Japanese industries can be transmitted to the world. I would love to see the video.



    我認為提供適當的菜單來充分展示我們通過十多年的嘗試釀造發現的專利申請微生物Viamver的釀造效果是合適的。 在將Viamver的風味和香氣添加到所有菜餚中時,您可以感受到主要肉和魚的肉質和掩蓋效果,該飲料將細菌產生的氨基酸,礦物質和鹽與水果中的維生素結合在一起。 配對集成飲料。 在最近的事態發展中,我們通過改善Viamver產生的氣體較少的環境和過程來增加了產生的氣體量,該方法產生的氣體更少,並且通過實驗生產的原始麵包不是世界上由味噌醬油衍生的真菌製成的。





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    週間文春 8月13日・20日 夏の特大号にて「食べて免疫力を上げる 毎日ごはんのお取り寄せ」にてYUKIDOKEを取り上げていただいております。早速オンラインストアでYUKIDOKEのご注文があり、記事の効果を実感しています。免疫力を上げることが、これまで以上に大きな価値観として生活の中で意識されていくと思います。弊社の取り組みが発酵による強く健康な体づくりに貢献できることを嬉しく思います。弊社は、それをいかに面白く、豊かに生活に取り入れられるのかを追求したいと考えております。


    Notice of article publication_Weekly Bunshun

    Weekly Bunshun August 13th, 20th YUKIDOKE has been featured in the “Oversized issue of eating and boosting immunity every day” in the summer special issue. Immediately after ordering YUKIDOKE from the online store, I feel the effect of the article. I think that boosting immunity will be recognized in our lives as a greater sense of value than ever before. We are glad that our efforts can contribute to the creation of a strong and healthy body through fermentation. We want to pursue how interesting and rich it can be incorporated into our lives._mediainfo._magazine



    每週一的文春,8月13日,20日夏季刊,“YUKIDOKE”刊登在“吃日常食物以增強免疫力”中。 從網上商店訂購YUKIDOKE之後,我立即感覺到本文的效果。 我認為增強免疫力在我們的生活中將比以往任何時候都具有更大的價值感。 我們很高興我們的努力可以通過發酵為創建強壯健康的身體做出貢獻。 我們想追求將其融入我們生活的趣味性和豐富性。


    Weekly Bunshun August 13-20 Summer Oversized Issue


    Weekly Bunshun August 13-20 Summer Oversized Issue


    Weekly Bunshun August 13-20 Summer Oversized Issue




    YUKIDOKE of “Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company”
    A long-established brewery in Akita that has been in business since 1867. It features a thaw-like mouthfeel and a ginjo scent like soft sake. Since the salt content is lowered to 8% and it is aged at low temperature, the sweetness of the refined koji spreads to the full mouth.


    秋田市一家歷史悠久的啤酒廠,自1867年開始營業。 它具有類似融化的口感和類似清酒的銀酒氣味。 由於含鹽量降低到8%,並且在低溫下陳化,因此精製曲的甜味擴展到了全口。


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_秋田魁新報


    ・CAFE LUNCH COURSE / 11:00-15:00
    LIGHT COURSE_2,400yen
    STANDARD COURSE_3,500yen

    HALF COURSE_7,000yen
    FULL COURSE_10,000yen




    Notice of article publication_Akita Sakigake Newspaper

    An article by German chef Jonas was published today in the Akita Kai Shimbun on August 5. It’s been about a month since I met Jonas. Ingredients in the region and the local area, fermentation technology and application that we have performed. Sharing with researchers, chef teams, and young people. We have done a lot of communication in a short time and have been making services. All dishes are fermented using the patent application microorganism Viamver and original fermented drinks for pairing are also available.

    ・CAFE LUNCH COURSE / 11:00-15:00
    LIGHT COURSE_2,400yen
    STANDARD COURSE_3,500yen

    HALF COURSE_7,000yen
    FULL COURSE_10,000yen

    The full course will consider the use of fermented duck and game meat, and lunch will be provided as a separate course from dinner. Information will be released on our website.

    I feel that corona has made social issues clearer than before. I think that all of these challenges cannot be awaited, such as the acceptance of minorities from foreigners, the maintenance of the restaurant industry and tourism industry, and the need for continuous research. We believe that if we proceed carefully while unraveling these one by one, new products and services will be born at the same time as solving problems, and society will become better. In addition to our traditional industry, we believe that innovative efforts based on the culture and spirituality that remain in the entire region and Japan will be required around the world. I hope that a team with expertise including Jonas will supervise and experience the dishes and services created. _mediainfo._newspaper



    德國廚師Jonas的文章於8月5日在秋田會刊上發表。 自從我見到喬納斯以來已經過去了大約一個月。 我們在該地區和當地的成分,發酵技術和應用。 與研究人員,廚師團隊和年輕人共享。 我們在短時間內做了很多溝通,並一直在提供服務。 所有菜餚均使用專利申請微生物Viamver進行發酵,還提供用於配對的原始發酵飲料。

    ・CAFE LUNCH COURSE / 11:00-15:00
    LIGHT COURSE_2,400yen
    STANDARD COURSE_3,500yen

    HALF COURSE_7,000yen
    FULL COURSE_10,000yen




    Akita Sakigake Newspaper_August 5, 2020


    ドイツから来日のシェフ ヨナス・カングさん 発酵食生かし独自コース






    Chef Jonas Kung from Germany to cook fermented food

    A German chef, Jonas Kang (30), who came to Japan to learn about fermented foods, works at a cafe restaurant operated by the miso and soy sauce brewer in Yuzawa late last month. Ingredients that are fermented with yeast and bring out the umami have been incorporated into the course dishes and are well received.

    The restaurant is operated by the brewer of Yamamo Miso Soy Sauce, Takashi Gomei Company (President Yoshihiko Takahashi), who has renovated its own store in Iwasaki. Jonas is involved in supervising the lunch course and cooking the special dinner course. The company’s yeast, miso and soy sauce are used for all dishes such as appetizer salads, mousses, main dishes, and desserts. Meat and fish are soaked in yeast solution and baked, and soy sauce is used for gelato to enhance the taste of the dish.

    Jonas from Cologne, Germany, studied engineering and completed a local graduate school. After that, he became a chef and trained at hotels and restaurants. I am interested in fermentation techniques and came to Japan in March this year. I was planning to work for a restaurant in Tokyo that uses ingredients and techniques from ancient Japan, but this store was closed due to the new coronavirus. Due to the visa, it is only this year that you can stay and work for a long time. When I was looking for the “last chance” and a place for activities, a common acquaintance introduced Yasushi Takahashi, Managing Director of Yamamo. Managing Director Takahashi says, “I feel that the problem of foreigners living in Japan, whose life plans are greatly changed due to coronal blight, is one of the social issues. I accepted it as if I could help a little.”

    The company is looking for new ways to sell fermented foods. Promote research at the Prefectural Comprehensive Food Research Center to utilize the yeasts found in its own warehouse for product and service development. “I thought that by incorporating the interpretation of Western chefs into fermentation, we could expand the range of services we offer,” says Takahashi. Mr. Jonas said, “Fermentation, which is a traditional method, has a lot of potential, such as producing various flavors of dishes and improving the preservation of the food itself. I want to experiment extensively and learn about the process.” did.
    There are two types of lunch, which are 2,200 yen and 3,500 yen. There are two types of dinner, 7,000 yen and 10,000 yen only on weekends and holidays. Book lunch 1 day in advance and dinner 3 days in advance. For inquiries, contact the company: 0183・73・2902


    來自德國的廚師Jonas Kang烹飪發酵食品






    ドイツ人シェフの発酵食メニュー好評 湯沢・ヤマモ味噌醤油
    Fermented food menu popular with German chefs Yuzawa and Yamamo miso soy sauce