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  • 開かれた庭園を目指して_腐朽老木の治療

    YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Treatment of Decayed Old Trees
    It is not uncommon for the old shrubs to have decaying parts in old shrubs without neglecting management at Yamamo’s shrine gardens with lots of old trees. Especially the Momiji near the roof was in danger due to the influence of heavy snow of the year, Yew tree was dangerous due to poor dwarf and invasion of rot fungus. From the photograph of the 4th generation era, in order to leave the planting of the time as much as possible, we carried out these two treatments located in the center even in the garden._GARDENOPENING
    老灌木在老灌木叢中腐爛的部分並不常見,而不會忽視Yamamo的神社花園中有大量古樹的管理。 特別是由於受到一年中大雪的影響,屋頂附近的楓處於危險之中,由於矮小的矮人和腐爛的真菌入侵,紅豆杉很危險。 從第4代時代的照片,為了盡可能地留下時間的種植,我們甚至在花園中進行了這兩個處理。

    The gardener uses fleas, carefully removes the decayed portion, and paints the antiseptic. Then, in order to prevent peeling off of the artificial bark, paste the lath net to the decayed part. The population bark is painted in the rotten part, treatment is completed. In order to further protect the weakened trunk from snow cover and windstorms, attach the pillars. In the generations, planting which had been as natural as before is also a living thing, I once again thought that if I do not manage and treat it, I can not survive for a long time.
    園丁使用跳蚤,小心地去除腐爛的部分,並塗上防腐劑。 然後,為了防止人造樹皮剝落,將板條網粘貼到腐爛部分。 人口樹皮被塗在腐爛的部分,治療完成。 為了進一步保護弱化的樹幹免受積雪和風暴的影響,請安裝支柱。 在幾代人中,種植過去和以前一樣自然也是一種生物,我再一次認為,如果我不管理和治療它,我就無法生存很長時間。

    Long-lasting industries are subject to various management and treatment. Someday things that boasted of prosperity in a few generations will change their shape. So if the intention to inherit the spirit remaining in the land is born, the future generations will add their hands. Also, if it creates further development, it will appeal and capture the hearts of people. Repetition of development over several generations is a traditional industry. I hope that the story and beauty of this garden will be conveyed to many people.
    長期工業受到各種管理和待遇。 有朝一日,在幾代人中吹噓繁榮的事情將改變他們的形象。 因此,如果繼承遺留在土地上的精神的意圖誕生,後代將會加入他們的手中。 此外,如果它進一步發展,它將吸引和吸引人們的心。 重複幾代人的發展是一個傳統的行業。 我希望這個花園的故事和美麗將傳達給許多人。

  • 開かれた庭園を目指して_新たなシンボルツリー




    There used to be a pine tree on the hill in front of the goddess of the Yamamo Water God. The place is located in the center of the garden, both from the cafeterias welcoming important customers and from the entrance to the new garden, a position with a presence as a symbol. One day the pine trees of the symbol withered, and the stumps remained. Three years ago, when I started the garden again, I cleaned up and I was looking for a symbol tree of a garden to replace pine from that time._GARDENOPENING



    Yamamo水上帝的女神面前的小山上曾經有一棵松樹。 這個地方位於花園的中心,無論是自助餐廳歡迎重要的顧客,還是從入口到新花園,這個位置都有一個像徵。 有一天,符號的松樹枯萎了,樹樁仍然留下。 三年前,當我再次開始花園時,我清理了一下,我正在尋找一個花園的象徵樹來代替那時的松樹。









    In the garden of Yamamo, the entrance Karin and Itusugi catch their eyes and one of the features is that there are many deep green plantings. I thought that we should combine red weeping maples that weakly delineated with that combination. This maple that has been grafting from grafting for over 20 years will change its taste by pruning. I hope that this tree grows with years and keeps harmonizing with the surrounding old trees.


    在Yamamo的花園裡,入口處的花梨和柏樹引人矚目,其中一個特點是有許多深綠色的植物。 我認為我們應該結合那些與該組合勾畫得很弱的紅色哭泣的楓樹。 這種從嫁接移植了20年以上的楓樹會通過修剪改變它的味道。 我希望這棵樹能夠長年生長,並與周圍的老樹保持和諧。


  • 開かれた庭園を目指して_外観のシンボル

    Our company Yamamo has repeatedly expanded and renovated for 150 years and has reached to the present. We have continued innovative efforts, but I have been thinking of expressing that spirituality to the appearance. While following the ones that continue from the past, I am hoping to disseminate the way to the next generation strongly. First of all, I would like to express a sense of unity and a profound feeling by painting black, and to express a heterogeneous presence in the area._GARDENOPENING
    我們公司Yamamo已經多次擴建和翻新了150多年,到了現在。 我們不斷創新,但一直在思考,表達出靈性。 在跟隨過去的情況下,我希望能夠強力傳播下一代的方式。 首先,我要表達黑色的團結感和深刻的感覺,並表達在這個地區的異質存在。

    The brand mark by the shop name that was painted on sunshine by painting became more impressive. The appearance started on the face of the Yamamo brand and it has not reached a satisfactory degree of completion yet, but the gap between the innovative spirit and the appearance at the present stage can be filled largely. We will continue to keep agreement between Yamamo’s efforts and expression of appearance. I hope you will watch over the way we are progressing.
    商店名稱上的品牌標誌被繪在陽光下畫得更加令人印象深刻。 外觀開始成為Yamamo品牌面貌尚未達到令人滿意的程度,但創新精神與現狀之間的差距可能在很大程度上被掩蓋。 我們將繼續保持Yamamo的努力和表現。 我希望你能看看我們正在進步的方式。

    The brand mark by the shop name that was painted on sunshine by painting became more impressive. The appearance started on the face of the Yamamo brand and it has not reached a satisfactory degree of completion yet, but the gap between the innovative spirit and the appearance at the present stage can be filled largely. We will continue to keep agreement between Yamamo’s efforts and expression of appearance. I hope you will watch over the way we are progressing.
    商店名稱上的品牌標誌被繪在陽光下畫得更加令人印象深刻。 外觀開始成為Yamamo品牌面貌尚未達到令人滿意的程度,但創新精神與現狀之間的差距可能在很大程度上被掩蓋。 我們將繼續保持Yamamo的努力和表現。 我希望你能看看我們正在進步的方式。

  • 開かれた庭園を目指して_囲炉裏の間へ

    YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_To Make a Room in the Hearth
    Zashiki welcoming important customers. From there the garden of Yamamo spreads to the panorama. The tatami room which was provided as the front room is between the corridor and the Buddha and is a selfish space with the function to greet customers in a simple way. This room was also built by renovation several generations ago, once in the corner of the corridor to the stairs going up to the second floor was the place where the hearth was. Based on the feeling of the era of the time, I think that I will change it to a boardroom with a hearth._GARDENOPENING
    座敷歡迎重要客戶。 從那裡,山姆的花園傳播到全景。 作為前廳提供的榻榻米室位於走廊和佛像之間,是一個自私的空間,以簡單的方式迎接客戶。 這個房間也是幾代前建造的,一旦在走廊的拐角處,到二樓的樓梯就是爐膛的地方。 根據當時時代的感覺,我想我會把它改成一個帶有爐灶的會議室。

    There was a trace of the hearth in the lower part of the floor board which gathered tatami and peeled off. It seems that the sixth generation of our company understood that and understood diversion etc. diversion. Like old renovations, we will reinforce the floorboards firmly. The furnace part which becomes the foundation of the hearth is the one which four adults finally cut out stones which can be lifted. This is the main character of this time.
    在地板底部有一個爐灶的痕跡聚集了榻榻米並剝落。 看來我們公司的第六代了解到,並且明白了轉移等轉移。 像舊裝修一樣,我們會堅定地加強地板。 成為爐膛基礎的爐子部件是四個成年人最後切割可以提起的石頭。 這是這個時候的主角。

    On the floorboards we will use solid pine woods we had and will consist of as much as possible edges and stories as far as possible. The direction of the board is aligned with the corridor, and it is laid so as to be vertical to the customer and horizontal to the family. In the hearth again arranged in the center of the room again, the universal hooks are aligned with the center of the furnace and the illumination is slightly shifted, and the function and balance are adjusted. I do not dare to innocent flooring materials, leaving the intention to undertake, I would like to look forward to that secular change on the other hand.
    在地板上,我們將使用我們擁有的堅實的松樹林,並將盡可能多地包括邊緣和故事。 董事會的方向與走廊保持一致,鋪設成垂直於客戶,與家人垂直。 在再次安裝在房間中心的爐床上,通用鉤與爐的中心對準,照明稍微偏移,調節功能和平衡。 我不敢無辜的地板材料,留下意圖,我想期待這個世俗的變化。

    There was an indication of the magnitude of the weight supported by the pillar of this room from the ridge in the process of renovation. Considering the heavy snowy area, we set up a column with a large 21cm square because we need another pillar to receive it. Sense of crisis and absurdity in keeping things suddenly come and sometimes give trouble. However, many of the materials and judgments that make up the brand are the things owned by each principal of the times. How can you edit and brush up on it? To such a thing we have challenged Yamamo. We believe we will be able to welcome many customers from this hearth.
    這表明在改造過程中,這個房間的支柱由山脊支撐的重量的大小。 鑑於大雪地區,我們建立了一個21厘米廣場的大柱子,因為我們需要另一個支柱來接收它。 感覺到危機和荒謬在保持事情突然來臨,有時會給麻煩。 然而,組成品牌的許多材料和判斷都是每個歷史時期所擁有的材料和判斷。 如何編輯和刷新到現代? 對於這樣的事情我們挑戰了Yamamo。 我們相信,我們可以歡迎來自這個爐灶的許多客戶。

  • 開かれた庭園を目指して_諸味蔵の床打ち

    YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Floor Completion of an Unrefined Moromi Warehouse
    In the moromi of fermentation aging which has been passing for 150 years, we put a stone in the soil and arrange wooden barrels on it. The warehouse is located in the northernmost of the premises and has played a part by the wisdom of the predecessor to make low temperature fermentation. However, I have bothered me with my care and management. Once the craftsmen have added the wooden barrels together at the work site, it is difficult to put hands in the floor because the height difference is not constant. Initially when I succeeded my family business, I thought that “I will not start on this soil”, I thought so, but as soon as accepting domestic and foreign visitors in recent years, I finally decided to floor this all-inclusive storehouse It is._GARDENOPENING

    Craftsmen will unite and scrape off the soil for the thickness of the concrete and make a base to the narrow barrel gap. Put a crushed stone to make the soil and concrete familiar there, and put the lath (wire mesh) in the part where strength is necessary. The amount of soil carried was about 5 cubic meters and it was equivalent to 2 trucks.

    Once the foundation was completed, we did curing of pumping piping and arranged concrete. Pipe is put in the gap of the barrel, and the craftsmen of the plasterer strokes the surface while pouring the concrete. When a part is completed, the piping is removed and the concrete is flowed to another gap portion. This repeatedly became all concrete between the 24 barrels.

    The floor finish of the moromi warehouse had a large amount of work for making the base, and the work schedule by specialized craftsmen was different. As a brewer, I had difficulty maintaining the motivation of craftsmen as a worker and selecting the best dealer under different judgment. For that reason, we spend a lot of time to realize floor hitting, so finally the finished floor finish is finally deeply emotional and we feel that we are seeing a new stage. I would like to see this museum in many people. Thank you very much for everyone involved.