• Fermentation Tourism Nipponの登壇を終えて

    弊社イヴェントのYAMAMO CREATIVE SESSIONでもご一緒したお二人とのお話は、気心知れた仲ということもあり、本題の核心に触れる部分から開始しました。ローカルから人間の創造性を追求するヤマモの国内外の活動を皆さんにお伝えすることを軸にして進行の小野さんとお話を進めていきました。また、国内外を飛び回る活動家の本村さんがなぜ湯沢地域にこだわるのか、取り組みを進めるのかをお話しいただき、私は事業所のある岩崎地域の街自体を持続可能にしていく意味を広義の発酵の文脈で説明をさせていただきました。


    Report That Fermentation Tourism Nippon Has Ended

    The story with the two people who came together at our event YAMAMO CREATIVE SESSION started with a part that touches the heart of the subject, as it is a spirited relationship. We talked with Mr. Ono, who is in charge of communicating with Yamamoto’s domestic and overseas activities in pursuit of human creativity from local people. In addition, you talk about why Mr. Motomura, an activist who flies around the country, is interested in the Yuzawa area, and promoting his efforts, and I mean the meaning of making the city of Iwasaki area where the office is sustainable sustainable in a broad sense of fermentation I was able to explain in.


    Fermentation Tourism Nippon 通知召開

    在我們的活動中聚集在一起的兩個人的故事YAMAMO CREATIVE SESSION開始時涉及到主題的核心部分,因為這是一種充滿活力的關係。 我們與Ono先生進行了交談,他負責與Yamamoto的國內和海外活動進行溝通,以追求當地人的創造力。 另外,你談到為什麼在全國各地飛行的活動家本村先生對湯澤地區感興趣並促進他的努力,我的意思是在廣義的發酵意義上建立岩崎地區的辦公室可持續發展的意義 我能夠解釋一下。








    What I wanted to convey in particular was “Why do you keep working while staying local?” It is piled up of problems locally, and it can only be defeated by creative ideas and actions in improving situations where it is intricately intertwined, which is also human meaning in the AI ​​society and confronts it It is because we think that society advances by something. In the world, I met young creators who would like to lead the solution of problems in conflict areas, and I also met architects who would like to improve slums. They were strategically local and acted with creative and creative enjoyment in an environment where they could never be optimistic. My motivation is because there are many reasons for that part and I want to make my city a sustainable and rich area with my own creativity. I would like to achieve that from the locality of Japan.









    In the exhibition of fermentation in various parts of Japan, I think that our company’s story, which is working on “coexistence with ecosystem” and broad interpretation, has had an unusual aspect. At the venue, some people were listening to stories and taking notes. Additional seats were prepared, and I felt a high level of interest in local problem solving. I was delighted to be able to convey local initiatives centered on creativity and culture in the heart of Tokyo. I hope that we will be able to make use of such a place in the future. Thank you to everyone who participated, staff members.


    在日本各地的發酵展覽中,我認為我們公司的故事,正在致力於“與生態系統的共存”和廣泛的解釋,有一個不同尋常的方面。 在會場,有些人正在聽故事和做筆記。 準備了額外的席位,我對當地解決問題感到高度興趣。 我很高興能夠在東京市中心傳達以創意和文化為中心的地方舉措。 我希望將來我們能夠利用這樣一個地方。 感謝所有參與的人員,工作人員。







    【The content was good and helpful】
    ・ I learned a lot.
    ・ The story of making culture is also familiar with craft design and I could spend meaningful time.
    ・ I was moved to know that there are people who are very active in the local area.
    ・ It was good to know the way of thinking to convey culture.
    ・ I thought that it was difficult to keep the salt and plum blossoms of the new thing, but I felt that both were important.
    ・ How to change the world by culture, what can not be data-ized by logic as the core of society.

    【Other points of concern】
    ・ I wanted to listen to it in a little more box (in search of a lot of diversity).
    ・ We accept advance questions and want to proceed while answering to some extent.

    【Other free comments】
    ・ I have been coming over and entertained. I miss it in July and I miss it!
    ・ We came without prior information, but it was very fun.






  • 記事掲載のお知らせ



    Notice of Article Posting

    The seventh generation Takahashi is contributing in Essey of Replan Tohoku 2019 spring and summer issue extra edition “design house 2019 of Tohoku”. From the perspective of design and diet, I’ve spelled out what I’ve been thinking in recent years since inheriting the family industry about traditional industry and fermentation. I look at fermentation in a broad sense not only from the company when I look at the actions of the fourth generation Hikoshiro and the main family seventh generation Shichinosuke, I grasp the fermentation in a broad sense, not only the product making but also the environment It was decided to raise thoughts for the city and town. I hope you can read it. _mediainfo.



    第7代高橋在Replan Tohoku 2019年春夏發行額外版“東北的設計住宅2019”的Essey做貢獻。 從設計和飲食的角度來看,我已經闡述了自從繼承家族產業傳統工業和發酵以來近年來我一直在思考的問題。 當我看到第四代彦四郎和主要家族第七代七之助的行動時,我不僅從公司看廣泛的發酵,我從廣義上掌握發酵,不僅僅是產品創造,環境 決定提出對城市和城鎮的想法。 我希望你能讀懂它。


    Replan Tohoku 2019


    Replan Tohoku 2019





    Bring 150 years of legacy to new value

    Yuzawa Iwasaki district that prospered as a castle town at the foot of the Minasegawa river, which originates from the Ouu Mountain Range. Old merchant houses and warehouses remain along the old highway even now.



    湯沢岩崎地區在皆瀬川河腳下作為城堡鎮而繁榮,該河源自奥羽山脈。 即使是現在,老商人的房屋和倉庫仍沿著舊高速公路行駛。





    One of them is “Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company”. “YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE” opened last autumn at the storefront. With the background of the garden that vividly reflects the season, a corner of the store with antique furniture made in the UK and a simple chandelier highlights the wonders and charm of Japanese houses. It’s cool but warm, it’s a place where Yamamo’s spirituality appears.


    其中一個是“Yamamo味噌醤油醸造商”。 “YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE”去年秋天在店面開業。 花園的背景生動地反映了季節,在英國製造的古董家具的商店的角落和簡單的枝形吊燈突出了日本房屋的奇蹟和魅力。 它很酷但很溫暖,這是Yamamo靈性出現的地方。





    After succeeding the family business, the seventh generation Takahashi Yasushi sharpens the region and the history of the family business with its own sensibility, and continues to express it as buildings and goods. “I realized that it was important to convey the attractiveness of Yamamo to the visitors while I was doing an exhibition abroad, and I started renovations to improve the environment for the tour. It will be an asset.” As part of the “YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT” started in 2016, the former Mistress’s room overlooking the garden is renovated into a cafe space. In addition, during the hearth, we also handed over to Moromi-kura and set up a gallery, etc., and we are always renovating somewhere. “By starting the 100-year-old garden again, I realized the feelings and values ​​of the predecessors. Since then, I look at the legacy based on what I see,” said Takahashi. Rather than just fixing it, we are creating new value while incorporating the feelings of our predecessors. For example, the octagonal pillar that supports the undercover is inspired by the design of architect Seiichi Shirai, who left many works in Yuzawa. Mr. Takahashi, who wants to be an architect, is said to have a deep knowledge of “renovation to create new attractiveness while solving problems with buildings.”


    在繼承家族企業之後,第七代高橋靖以其自身的敏感性,銳化了該地區和家族企業的歷史,並繼續將其表達為建築和商品。 “我意識到,當我在國外進行展覽時,向訪客傳達Yamamo的吸引力非常重要,我開始進行裝修以改善旅遊環境。這也是一種資產。”作為2016年開始的“YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT”的一部分,前女主人的俯瞰花園的房間被改造成咖啡館空間。此外,在壁爐期間,我們還交給了諸味蔵並設立了畫廊等,我們總是在某處翻新。 “通過再次啟動這座擁有100年曆史的花園,我意識到了前輩們的感受和價值觀。從那時起,我就根據自己所看到的內容來看待這些遺產。”高橋說。我們不僅僅是修復它,而是在融入我們前輩們的感受的同時創造新的價值。例如,支撐臥底的八角形柱子的靈感來自建築師白井晟一的設計,他在湯沢留下了許多作品。想成為建築師的高橋先生據說對“在解決建築問題的同時創造新的吸引力的翻新”有著深刻的了解。





    In the reservation system “YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR”, you can repeat the extension and reconstruction in this way to see the brewing source until the present. While satisfying your intellectual curiosity, you can also sample “Today’s soup” using your own products. You can enjoy the history of both building and brewery. The usual café menu will be filled with stomach bags with “Yamamo soy gelato” with “Miso sauce sauce” accented by a family tradition, and “Pho of additive-free soup” using solar salt used for preparation. You can touch the legacy of Yamamo, which is inherited from a pulse.


    在預約系統“YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR”中,您可以通過這種方式重複擴展和重建,直到現在看到釀造源。 在滿足您的求知欲的同時,您還可以使用自己的產品品嚐“今天的湯”。 您可以享受建築和啤酒廠的歷史。 通常的咖啡館菜單將裝滿帶有“Yamamo大豆冰淇淋”的胃袋,帶有“味噌醬汁”的家庭傳統,以及使用太陽鹽製作的“四種無添加劑湯”。 你可以觸摸從脈衝中繼承的Yamamo的遺產。


    Replan Tohoku 2019


  • イヴェント登壇のお知らせ_Fermentation Tourism Nippon

    発酵を広義で「生態系との共存」と捉え、味づくりだけではなく、地域の持続可能性の追求と創造性による地域改革を考えるようになりました。弊社イヴェントYAMAMO CREATIVE SESSIIONでもご一緒している小野さんと活動を共にする本村さんとでディスカッション型のイヴェントを『Fermentation Tourism Nippon』展の中で行う機会をいただきました。ローカルから起こすムーヴメントを東京で行う機会をいただけることは非常に嬉しく、地域を念頭に入れた発酵や世界の文脈、土地に付随した人間の創造性についてお話しできればと思います。ぜひ、この機会にご参加いただければと思います。


    Event Announcement_Fermentation Tourism Nippon

    We regard fermentation as “coexistence with the ecosystem” in a broad sense, and have come to consider not only the creation of taste, but also regional reform through the pursuit of regional sustainability and creativity. Our event YAMAMO CREATIVE SESSIION also had a chance to perform a discussion type event in the “Fermentation Tourism Nippon” exhibition with Mr. Motomura who is working together with Mr. Ono. I am very happy to be given the opportunity to make local movements in Tokyo, and I would like to talk about fermentation with the region in mind, the context of the world, and the human creativity associated with the land. By all means, I hope you will participate in this opportunity.


    活動公告_Fermentation Tourism Nippon

    我們將發酵視為廣義上的“與生態系統共存”,不僅要考慮品味的創造,還要考慮通過追求區域可持續性和創造力進行區域改革。 我們的活動YAMAMO CREATIVE SESSIION也有機會與本村先生一起在“發酵旅遊日本”展覽中進行討論式活動,他與小野先生一起工作。 我很高興有機會在東京製作當地運動,我想談談有關該地區的發酵,世界的背景以及與土地相關的人類創造力。 無論如何,我希望你能參加這個機會。



    Fermentation Tourism Nippon





    Diversity of local culture in Japan from fermentation culture

    A Japanese food culture that attracts attention from around the world. The secret of its uniqueness is the presence of fermented foods that make use of the power of the microbes in the area.
    When it comes to fermented foods in Japanese, things that are familiar to everyday dishes such as sake, miso, soy sauce and natto come to mind, but in fact various local fermented cultures that do not fit within that framework have taken root in Japan. . There are a wide variety of pickles and seasonings rooted in the climate and history of the land, an unclassifiable Galapagos diet, and a mysterious root diet that has inherited the history and culture of the ancient times without hesitation.
    Islands on the sea, mountains, rivers. Even a small village with a population of only a few thousand has inherited a unique fermentation culture like no other in the world. By systematizing the local fermentation culture that has been passed down from the east and west to the north and south, you can gain a deep understanding of the food culture of Japan and the diversity of threats of the local culture.
    Discover the charm of local culture from a new perspective. I would like to meet brewers who have inherited hundreds of years of history. Standing on a field, riverside or hill, I want to feel the wind blowing on that land.
    From the point of view of microbes, we will hold an exhibition that invites you to the “Fermentation Journey” to rediscover the dynamic history and people’s lives rooted in the climate.



    當談到日本的發酵食品時,會想到日常菜餚中常見的東西,如清酒,味噌,醬油和納豆,但事實上,不適合該框架的各種當地發酵文化已在日本紮根。 。根據氣候和土地歷史,種類繁多的泡菜和調味料,無法分類的加拉帕戈斯飲食,以及神秘的根莖飲食,毫不猶豫地繼承了古代的歷史和文化。



    事業プロデューサー 小野裕之プレゼンツ「発酵から考えるビジネス&クリエイティブトーク」

    ゲスト:小野裕之(greenz.jp/O&G)/高橋泰(ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 七代目)/本村拓人(株式会社reblue 代表 株式会社Granma 代表)

    今回のクロストークは展覧会『Fermentation Tourism Nippon』展の事業プロデューサーを担う小野裕之さんをホストに、発酵を通した「ビジネス」「クリエイティブ」を語り尽くします!




    Business Producer Hiroyuki Ono Presents “Business & Creative Talk from Fermentation”

    Guest: Hiroyuki Ono (greenz.jp/O&G) / Yasushi Takahashi (7th generation Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company) / Takuto Motomura (reblue Co., Ltd. representative, Granma Co., Ltd. representative)

    If you unravel “fermentation” from a business point of view … can you see the world market there?
    This year’s cross talk will be about the “business” and “creative” through fermentation, with Hiroyuki Ono, who will be the business producer of the exhibition “Fermentation Tourism Nippon” exhibition, as the host!

    Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, the 7th generation of Yamamo Miso Soy Brewery, a guest, has been energetically working to enhance English notation and expressions beyond the scope of existing concepts, with a view to overseas development of its products.
    Mr. Takuto Motomura was active as a facilitator with the pioneers of Japan’s fermentation industry, as one of the operating members of “Farmentators’ Week” held in Akita at the end of last year.
    We invite two such guests as guests, and from the future of fermentation we will solve the possibilities of the world market with three people.

    <How to apply>
    Please apply for tickets from peatex official page. (Or call us at 03-6427-2301)
    In addition, those who support the return with “event passport frame” at Cloudfunding will be invited, so please purchase a free ticket. (We will check your name at the time of admission.) ※ Target is limited to the person who received your support



    嘉賓:小野裕之(greenz.jp/O&G)/高橋泰(第七代Yamamo味噌醬油醸造商)/ 本村拓人(reblue Co.,Ltd。代表,Granma Co.,Ltd。代表)

    今年的交談將是通過發酵的“商業”和“創意”,與將作為主辦方的“Fermentation Tourism Nippon”展覽的商業製作人小野裕之!


    此外,還將邀請那些在Cloudfunding支持返回“活動護照框架”的人,所以請購買免費門票。 (我們將在入學時檢查您的姓名。)※目標僅限於獲得您支持的人


    Join us here



    蔵の片付けや改築を進めていくうちに古い器や建具が見つかったり、海外渡航の中で骨董品に出逢うことが多くありました。また、ギャラリストとしてアート作品をキュレーションするだけでなく、古いものの目利きをする必要があると考えておりました。I.L.A. GALLERYに向かう一室を「YAMAMO RE:VINTAGE CORNER(ヤマモリヴィンテージコーナー)」としてオープンし、古物とそれに合う世界観のクラフト作品の扱いを始めたいと思います。「RE:VINTAGE」のRE:の言葉にはREPLAYやRESPONCEを当てはめ、名品を再び評価したり、反応したりする意味を込めた造語にしました。この取り組みから、モノの目利きとして、古くて新しい価値をお届けすることができればと思います。



    As we proceeded with cleaning up the storehouse and rebuilding, we often found old fixtures and fixtures and found antiques while traveling abroad. In addition to curating works of art as a galleryist, I also thought that it was necessary to look for old things. I would like to open a room for I.L.A. GALLERY as “YAMAMO RE: VINTAGE CORNER”, and start to treat ancient works and crafts of worldviews that fit it. The words “RE: VINTAGE” ‘s RE: applied REPLAY and RESPONCE, and made it a coined word with the meaning of re-evaluating or reacting to a masterpiece. I hope that through this initiative, we can deliver old and new value as an eye-catching item.



    当我们继续清理仓库和重建时,我们经常在国外旅行时发现旧的固定装置和固定装置并发现了古董。 除了策划作为画家的艺术作品外,我还认为有必要寻找旧事物。 我想为I.L.A. GALLERY打开一个房间作为“YAMAMO RE:VINTAGE CORNER”,并开始处理适合它的世界观的古代作品和工艺品。 单词“RE:VINTAGE”的RE:应用REPLAY和RESPONCE,并使其成为一个创造性词语,具有重新评估或对杰作作出反应的意义。 我希望通过这一举措,我们可以提供新的和新的价值作为一个引人注目的项目。













  • 経済産業省Brandland JAPAN、「YAMAMO “I.L.A.” PROJECT 産業は芸術に恋をする」を終えて

    昨年度、経済産業省Brandland JAPANに選定され蔵元にアートを実装するプロジェクト「YAMAMO “I.L.A.” PROJECT 産業は芸術に恋をする」を進めて参りました。ベルリン出店やワークショップ、ファーメンテーターズウィークの開催、ギャラリー開廊、カフェオープン、ファムツアー開始と短い期間の中で国内外で展開し、3月の最終報告会に至りました。プロジェクトマネージャー本村拓人氏をはじめ、イベントプロデューサーの京野健幸氏、アーティストの滝澤徹也氏のご協力により、プロジェクトを遂行することができました。本当にありがとうございました。

    月ごとの進捗や海外向けの記事がBrandland JAPANもホームページに記載されております。各種事務局の方々や取材班の皆様のお陰と思っております。本プロジェクトの歩みをアーカイヴで知ることができます。ぜひ、ご覧いただければと思います。


    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Brandland JAPAN, After “YAMAMO I.L.A. PROJECT Industry loves Art “

    Last year, we have been promoting the project “YAMAMO“ I.L.A. ”PROJECT Industry Loves to Art”, which is selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Brandland JAPAN, and implements art in a storehouse. With the opening of a store, a workshop, holding of a farmer’s week, opening of a gallery, opening of a café, opening of a fam tour and a short period of time, it has been developed in Japan and abroad, and reached the final debriefing session in March. We were able to carry out the project with the cooperation of project manager Takuto Motomura, event producer Takeyuki Kyono and artist Tetsuya Takizawa. I’m really thankful to you.

    Monthly progress and articles for foreign countries are also listed on Brandland JAPAN website. I think thanks to the people of the various secretariat and the members of the coverage team. You can know the history of this project in archive. I hope you can see it. _mediainfo.


    經濟產業省Brandland JAPAN,經過“YAMAMO”I.L.A. PROJECT行業愛上藝術“

    去年,我們一直在推動由經濟產業省Brandland JAPAN選中的“YAMAMO”I.L.A.“PROJECT Industry Loves Art”項目,並在倉庫中實施藝術。 隨著商店的開業,工作室的舉辦,農民周的開放,咖啡館的開業,家庭旅遊的開放和短時間的開放,它已經在日本和國外發展,並在3月份進入最後的匯報會議。 我們能夠在項目經理本村拓人,活動製作人京野健幸和藝術家滝澤徹也的合作下開展這個項目。 非常感謝你。

    國外的月度進展和文章也列在Brandland JAPAN網站上。 我要感謝各秘書處的人員和報導小組的成員。 您可以在歸檔中了解此項目的歷史記錄。 我希望你能看到它。




    ツアーでは、味噌づくりの現場を巡る蔵見学に加え、室町時代から伝わる岩崎の竜神伝説を背景とした日本庭園、過去と未来を表現するアートギャラリー、カフェなどを回る。アートギャラリーのコンセプトは、“Industry Loves Art”「産業は芸術に恋をする」。ギャラリーでは、書家でもある六代目の高橋嘉彦氏が書き損じた半紙を、和紙アーティストが皆瀬川で漉きなおしてアートギャラリーの床に使用するなど、独自の融合手法がとられている。


    Realize a new “kura tour” where industry and art are fused

    Iwasaki, Yuzawa, Akita Prefecture, which once flourished as a castle town and post town. Yamamoto miso soy sauce is the source of confusion in the end of the Edo period, and the creation of miso using the blessings of the clear stream and Minasegawa.
    And now, the seventh generation of Yamamo miso soy sauce brewers, Taisho Takahashi has started “The factory tour. The purpose of this tour is the history of the warehouse and brewing process with a history of about 150 years, and further, the history of Iwasaki To disseminate culture not only domestically but also overseas, making use of its own experience, the “factory tour” also adds an essence of art.
    In the tour, in addition to the storage tour around the site of making miso, I will go to the Japanese garden against the backdrop of the dragon legend of Iwasaki from the Muromachi era, an art gallery expressing the past and the future, and a cafe. The concept of the art gallery is “Industry Loves Art”. In the gallery, a unique fusion method is taken, in which a Japanese paper artist re-writes the half paper written by Mr. Yoshihiko Takahashi, who is also a calligrapher, in Minasegawa to use it for the floor of the art gallery.
    The fusion of industry and art leads to the attraction of creators who are active in and outside Japan. In addition, Yamamoto miso soy sauce brewer is trying to carry out the branding of Iwasaki area and the role as a source of local activity.



    秋田縣湯澤市的岩崎,曾經作為城鎮和郵政城鎮而繁榮發展。 Yamamo味噌醬油是江戶時代末期混亂的源頭,以及使用清流和皆瀬川的祝福創造味噌。
    而現在,第七代Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商大正高橋已經開始了“工廠之旅”。 為了傳播不僅在國內而且在海外的文化,利用自身的經驗,“工廠之旅”也增添了藝術的精髓。
    在巡迴演出中,除了製作味噌的存儲之旅外,我還將前往日本花園,背景是室町時代的岩崎傳說,一個表達過去和未來的藝術畫廊,以及一個咖啡館。 藝術畫廊的概念是“工業愛藝術”“工業熱愛藝術”。 在畫廊中,採用了獨特的融合方法,日本紙藝人重新編寫了由皆瀬川的書法家高橋嘉彦先生撰寫的半張紙,用於藝術畫廊的地板。
    工業與藝術的融合導致了在日本國內外活躍的創作者的吸引力。 另外,山本味噌醬油釀酒商正試圖實施岩崎地區的品牌以及作為當地活動的來源的角色。









    Yamamo Factory Tour 4 Points to Watch

    Point 1: “Moromi-kura” with large barrels
    The start of the tour is “Moromi-kura”. It is located on the north side of the site to promote low temperature fermentation and ripening. The cedar barrels that ferment and age about 6000 liters of miso are lined up, and the old ones are engraved about 100 years ago. The inside of the storehouse is enveloped in the unique smell of storehouse yeast. You can also see how the craftsmen work.

    Point 2: “Shikomi-kura” where a new kite is born
    The “Shikomi-kura” that uses the Kurikoma Mountain’s underflowing water to make a pot. In this feed storage, experimental miso making which adopted not only existing yeast but new yeast is also performed. The tour will introduce “Shikomi-kura” and “Moromi-kura” fermented and ripened, and you can experience the action of the yeast by separating two barrels with individual differences that were produced by yearly trial brewing. The market demands unchanging taste, but the seventh generation says it is important to discover new yeast.

    Point 3: New Communication Space “Gallery”
    An art gallery is set up on the second floor. We adopt art as a new method to convey the charm of the store, and build a communication space that resonates with creators who are active overseas. Currently, he displays a photo of Miso Tsubaki, a microphotograph of miso made with Yamamo, expressed by Japanese artist Tetsuya Takizawa. Washi uses the half-paper that Takahashi Takahiko’s father used as a calligrapher in the Minasegawa.

    Point 4: Experience the taste of miso and soy sauce at “Cafe”
    In addition to the Kuramoto’s functions of producing and selling miso soy sauce, we have opened a cafe that can be used casually. At the end of the tour, enjoy a meal such as pho, gelato and coffee while looking out at the garden created by the fourth generation. Yamamo’s miso and soy sauce are also used for the menu provided there, and it is designed to be easily accepted by overseas customers who are not familiar with Japanese seasonings.






    除了蔵元生產和銷售味噌醬油的功能外,我們還開設了一家可以隨便使用的咖啡館。在遊覽結束時,您可以一邊享用pho,gelato和coffee等美食,一邊欣賞第四代的花園。 Yamamo的味噌和醬油也用於那裡提供的菜單,它的設計很容易被不熟悉日本調味料的海外顧客所接受。






    Inspiring the will of our ancestors and our desire for founding, we sublime to the present day

    Taking over the industry that has continued for over 150 years, it has been active to blow new winds into the Kuramoto, by joining the family business of the family about 12 years ago by Yasushi Takahashi of the seventh generation, and from 2015 on the brewing industry We are working on the fusion of industry and art to deliver from a new perspective.
    Founder, Mr. Shigeharu Takahashi, who started making miso in this area, put his thoughts into a new form of expression, art work.
    In addition, we formed hands with next-generation leaders who inherited industry in other areas and started activation of town. “I would like to thank you for knowing what your ancestors have inherited, and thanking you for connecting Baton without hesitation. Entering an unexplored land of foreign countries is a new” founding “as a Yamamo. I mean, I would like to contribute to the city and society by transmitting the land of Iwasaki from a new side. It is trying to make the modern version revival appear the intention of the area reform that the ancestors worked on in the modern version.



    另外,我們與繼承了其他地區的產業的下一代領導者合作,開始了市鎮的活力化。 “我想感謝你了解你的祖先繼承了什麼,並感謝你毫不猶豫地連接巴頓。進入一個未開發的外國土地是一個新的”創始“作為Yamamo。我的意思是,我想通過從新的一面傳播岩崎的土地,為城市和社會做出貢獻。它試圖使現代版本複興出現在現代版本中祖先所進行的區域改革的意圖。





    The product package has also been completely redesigned to the innovative design that the seventh generation worked to promote overseas development. It uses a material that has both heat insulation and sealability that can withstand overseas transportation. At Garden Cafe, works by Mr. Yoshihiko Takahashi of the sixth generation are presented as a calligrapher, and communication that brings the power of art into industry from the past to the present has been passed on.
    Yuzawa City, the gateway to the south of Akita Prefecture, which once flourished as a castle town. Along with the prosperity along the Minase River, a first-class river that stores beautiful water, it is also known as a famous rice production area such as Akitakomachi. Rice and water, which are essential for making miso, are the roots that support Yamamo.


    產品包也完全重新設計了第七代促進海外發展的創新設計。 它使用具有隔熱和密封性的材料,可以承受海外運輸。 在Garden Cafe,第六代的高橋嘉彦先生的作品被作為書法家呈現,從過去到現在,將藝術的力量帶入工業的傳播已經傳承下去。
    湯澤市,通往秋田縣南部的門戶,曾經作為城鎮而繁榮發展。 隨著皆瀬川的繁榮,一條儲存美麗水源的一流河流,它也被稱為Akitakomachi等著名的水稻生產區。 米飯和水是製作味噌必不可少的,是支持Yamamo的根源。




    ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 / 高茂合名会社


    Yasushi Takahashi
    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company seventh generation. Takamo & Corp., Managing Director. Studied engineering architecture at university and inherited his family’s family business. Taking advantage of the knowledge gained overseas, he incorporated culture, art, fashion and other cultures into the management of Kuramoto, and is engaged in revitalizing traditional industries and areas.

    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company / Takamo & Corp.
    Miso sauce brewed origin founded in 1867. In the late Edo period, founder Mosuke Takahashi started a brewing business using the natural rich water source of Iwasaki, and started manufacturing business mainly for seasoning. In addition to the industry that inherits the taste of tradition, in 2017 we started a tour of Kuramoto with a view to expanding overseas. We are sending out to the world.


    Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商第七代。高茂合名会社,常務董事。 在大學學習工程建築,繼承了他家的家族企業。 利用在海外獲得的知識,他將文化,藝術,時尚和其他文化融入到蔵元的管理中,並致力於振興傳統產業和地區。

    Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商 / 高茂合名会社
    味噌醬釀造起源於1867年。 在江戶時代晚期,創始人高橋茂助開始使用岩崎的天然豐富水源開展釀造業務,並開始主要為調味品製造業務。 除了繼承傳統品味的行業外,2017年我們開始了蔵元之旅,以期向海外擴張。 我們正在向世界發送信息。


    Brandland JAPAN story



    Brandland JAPANの取り組みがシニアプロデューサーの遠山正道さんと横川正紀さんの対談形式でNews Picksで記事にされております。海外で事業を行うことに対する助言がなされております。お二人を含むシニアプロデューサーの方々とはBrandland JAPANの立ち上がりの時から関係を持ち、ツアーにご参加いただいたりとヤマモの取り組みにご理解をいただいております。こちらも合わせてご覧いただきたいと思います。


    Brandland JAPAN’s efforts are reported in News Picks in a talk form with senior producer Masamichi Toyama and Masaki Yokokawa. Advice is given for doing business overseas. The relationship with senior producers, including two, has been at Brandland JAPAN since its inception, and we have been able to participate in tours and understand Yamamo’s efforts. I would like to see this as well.


    Brandland JAPAN的努力在新聞精選中與高級製片人遠山正道和横川正紀進行了交談。 給予在海外做生意的建議。 自成立以來,與Brandland JAPAN在內的高級製作人(包括兩人)的關係一直存在,我們已經能夠參加巡迴演出並了解Yamamo的努力。 我也希望看到這一點。




    News Picks | 【遠山正道✕横川正紀】強い「ブランド」の作り方