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    2017年の春、旅の最中でI.L.A.(Industry Loves Art)構想を思い立ち、翌年の春にギャラリー改築を事業化します。その夏にアーティストの滝澤氏とレジデンスにより制作を行い、秋にI.L.A.GALLERYを開廊しました。弊社ギャラリー初の展示は“TETSUYA TAKIZAWA EXHIBITION”とし、その様子をアートページにてご紹介しております。ページを進みますと、最初に滝澤氏と私の展示に対する想いを綴り、その先に6つの作品をご紹介しております。各作品にはお問い合わせ(INQUIRIES)フォームが付いており、作品に対するご質問やご購入の希望を申し込むことができます。すでに「黄麹胞子を培養し、そのミクロなイメージを黄麹胞子で浮かび上がらせる | Cultivate Huang Koji Spores and Let the Microscopic Image Emerge with Koji-spores」は買い手の方がおられ、納品は会期終了後となります。また、ご希望のサイズやニュアンスがありましたら、会期後にオリジナル制作を行うなど、各種ご相談に応じることができます。ぜひアートページをご覧いただきたいと思います。


    About the ART (I.L.A.) Page

    In the spring of 2017, I will consider the I.L.A. (Industry Loves Art) concept during the trip and commercialize the gallery in the spring of the following year. In the summer, I worked with Mr. Takizawa, an artist, to create a residence and opened I.L.A. GALLERY in the fall. The first exhibition of our gallery is “TETSUYA TAKIZAWA EXHIBITION” and we introduce the situation on the art page. As I go through the page, I first spell out my thoughts on Mr. Takizawa and my exhibition and I will introduce six works ahead. Each work has an inquiries form, so you can apply for questions or purchase wish to the work. The buyer is already “Cultivate Huang Koji Sports and Let the Microscopic Image Emerge with Koji-spores”, delivery will be after the end of the exhibition. Also, if you have the desired size and nuance, you can respond to various consultations, such as doing original production after the exhibition. I’d like to see the art page by all means.



    在2017年春天,我將在旅行期間考慮I.L.A.(行業愛藝術)概念,並在第二年春季將畫廊商業化。夏天使生產的瀧澤和他的藝術家的住宅,陽台是在秋季I.L.A.GALLERY。我們畫廊的第一個展覽是“TETSUYA TAKIZAWA EXHIBITION”,介紹在藝術頁面的狀態。當我瀏覽頁面時,我首先闡述了我對瀧澤先生和我的展覽的想法,我將提前介紹六件作品。每一塊帶有一個聯繫(INQUIRIES)的形式,您可以將所需的疑問或購買工作。已經“培育黃曲孢子,讓顯微圖像的制曲孢子冒出 | Cultivate Huang Koji Spores and Let the Microscopic Image Emerge with Koji-spores”是他更多的是買家,交付將在展覽結束後。此外,如果你有大小和您選擇的細微差別,如在會議結束後執行原有的生產,你可以到各種商量應對。我想通過各種方式看藝術頁面。




    3.Nov.2018 – 3.Sep.2019



    “Industry Loves Art” 「産業は芸術に恋をする」。ここから産業と美術の新しい関係が生まれることを期待して。

    ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 七代目 高橋泰
    アーティスト 滝澤徹也



    3.Nov.2018 – 3.Sep.2019

    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company is the founder · Mosuke Takahashi starts brewing in the era of great regime of Keio three years (1867). Tradition has been handed over to the seventh generation, and this year marks the 15th year. However, no documents were found at the time of foundation. We understand the era background, history and climate, and regain time at founding by using soybean, rice, koji molds which are raw materials of miso soy sauce. Emperor Meiji visited Iwasaki and was functioning as the prefectural office’s residence because the living culture became rich by modifying the town administration of Takahashi Shichinosuke, the headquarters, especially land premises in Akita prefecture earliest, I will lay the foundation. That achievement has been told today that our company’s fourth generation left it on a stone monument. I took this bold reform and the actions that passed the generations that convey it to future generations as art and asked Mr. Takizawa of the artist to make it as a residence and reached this exhibition. I think that you can feel the installation which reworked silk screen which printed seed koji mold or rewritings of the sixth generation of calligraphers in Minagasegawa.

    Mr. Takizawa heard the history of the Iwasaki region and the Takahashi family from the seventh generation of the family and started production from the point of imaging the Noehime legend which is the origin of the water of this place and the microscopic universe under the water of Tamago well . As a result, I devised a method to make spores of Aspergillus oryzae as a paint and to float on a milky white rice flour panel with a silk screen. This makes it possible to use the image of the yellow Aspergillus oryzae used in the warehouse with a microscope to make it a work and the work of the town government of Shichinosuke Takahashi, especially the photograph of the cultivated landscape and the picture of Iwasaki which is the early childhood emerging paintings We are exhibiting works. Also, since the sixth generation of the family is a calligrapher and the gallery was also the production and the classroom of the area, dissolve the paper in the writings, soaked paper in the Minasegawa, paste it into the floor of the gallery I am keeping it in memory as an installation work. I think if it can become a trigger to be conscious of the town-municipality of Shichinosuke which brought about modernization as the legacy of the land, which is indispensable for Miso soy sauce that flourished as an Iwasaki industry long ago.

    “Industry Loves Art” ” Hoping for a new relationship between industries and art from here.

    Yasushi Takahashi Seventh Generation YAMAMO / TAKAMO & Corp.
    Tetsuya Takizawa Artist



    3.Nov.2018 – 3.Sep.2019




    Yamamo味噌醬釀造商 第七代 高橋泰
    藝術家 滝澤徹也







    1977年東京都生まれ。2005年、東京造形大学造形学部美術学科絵画専攻版表現卒業。美術家、和紙職人。2009年「小川和紙」の技術継承者育成事業を修了後、東京都無形文化財「軍道紙」の再生に関わる。伝統的な手漉和紙の研究、製造を行う一方、場の歴史や自然と人間の物づくりの営みの関係をテーマに日本のみならずインドやノルウェー、リトアニア、ハワイなど各地に滞在しながらや絵画や紙を媒介とした制作、展示を行う。近年の主な展覧会として、2011 International paper art exhibition(台湾)、2013 個展GANGA・PAPER(インド)、AOMORI PRINTトリエンナーレ2014、2017森の箱舟アートプロジェクト森を漉く(西会津)などがある。



    Born in Tokyo in 1977. In 2005, graduated from Tokyo Zokei University School of Art and Design Department of Painting Department of Painting Major. Artist, Washi craftsman. After completing the project for cultivating technologically successor of ‘Ogawa Washi’ in 2009, he is involved in the reproduction of the Tokyo Metropolitan Intangible Cultural Heritage ‘Military Paper’. While researching and manufacturing traditional hand-painted paper, while focusing on the relationship between the history of the scene and the activities of nature and human beings making activities, while staying in India, Norway, Lithuania, Hawaii and other places as well as painting in paintings And paper-based production and exhibition. As the main exhibitions in recent years, there are 2011 International paper art exhibition (Taiwan), 2013 piece exhibition GANGA · PAPER (India), AOMORI PRINT Triennale 2014, 2017 Forest Ark Art Project Projecting Forest (Nishiaizu).



    1977年出生於東京。 2005年,畢業於東京Zokei大學藝術設計系繪畫系主修。 藝術家,和紙工匠。 在完成了2009年“小川外郎”的技術繼承者項目之後,他參與了東京都市非物質文化遺產“軍事報紙”的複制。 在研究和製造傳統手繪紙的同時,重點關注現場歷史與自然和人類活動的活動之間的關係,同時留在印度,挪威,立陶宛,夏威夷等地以及繪畫作品 以紙為基礎的製作和展覽。 作為近年來的主要展覽,有2011年國際紙藝展(台灣),2013年GANGA·PAPER(印度),AOMORI PRINT三年展,2017年森林方藝術項目投影林(西阿蘇)。



    製品を海外に輸出するだけではなく、お客様を招き入れ、その背景を直接体感していただくことで味噌醤油産業の文化的価値をお伝えできるという考えのもと、YAMAMO FACTORY TOURを進めて参りました。本年度はそこにI.L.A. GALLERYを設け、地域に残る価値をアートで次世代に伝える機能を拡充しました。海外の方や地元の方、様々な活動をされていらっしゃる方にお越しいただき、食品業界だけではなく、多くのジャンルの方と交わることができています。非常に感謝しております。
    大人のためのプレミアムマガジンKappo1月号にてYAMAMO FACTORY TOURを記事にしていただきました。弊社ヤマモのホームページでツアーの予約ページができあがりました。ページ下部の”Book a FACTORY TOUR”ボタンからご予約ができます。広く皆様にお越しいただき、150年続く営みを実感していただければと思います。


    Notice of Article Posting_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

    We have promoted YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR with the idea that not only exporting products to overseas but also inviting customers and directly experiencing the background can convey the cultural value of the miso soy sauce industry. This fiscal year, I. L. A. GALLERY was set up there, and expanded the function to convey the value remaining in the area to the next generation with art. Those who are overseas, local people, people who are engaged in various activities, have been able to interact with many genres, not just food industry. I am very grateful.
    Premium magazine for adults Kappo The monthly issue of YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR was posted. A tour reservation page has been completed on our Yamamo website. You can make a reservation from “Book a FACTORY TOUR” button at the bottom of the page. I hope you will come to all of us and realize the business that will last for 150 years. _mediainfo



    我們推廣YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR的理念是,不僅向海外出口產品,而且邀請客戶並直接體驗背景,可以傳達味噌醬油行業的文化價值。 本財政年度,I. L. A. GALLERY在那裡成立,並擴大了功能,將藝術領域的剩餘價值傳達給下一代。 那些在海外的人,當地人,從事各種活動的人,已經能夠與許多類型相互作用,而不僅僅是食品工業。 我很感激。
    成人高級雜誌Kappo發布了YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR的月刊。 我們的Yamamo網站上已完成旅遊預訂頁面。 您可以從頁面底部的”Book a FACTORY TOUR”按鈕進行預訂。 我希望你能來到我們所有人,並實現將持續150年的業務。



    Kappo_January 2019 Issue


    ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 / 高茂合名会社

    江戸末期の慶応3(1867)年から、七代・150余年にわたって続く蔵元。世界の食文化と和の調味料が融合し、進化していくことを「Life is Voyage」という理念として掲げている。100年を越す庭園と創業からある家屋を体感し、蔵人そのものと蔵元の行う営みに価値を見出すファクトリーツアーを開始。醸造専用の「仕込蔵」や「諸見蔵」等の土蔵を活かし、数世代にわたり増改築を繰り返しながら現在に至る工場を体験できる。


    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company / TAKAMO & Corp.

    From Keio 3 (1867) at the end of the Edo period, the warehouse which lasts for seven generations and over 150 years. Life is Voyage “as a philosophy that the world’s food culture and Japanese seasoning blend together and evolve. After experiencing over 100 years of gardens and foundations from a foundation, we started a factory tour to find value in craftsmen’s and Takahashi’s activities. You can experience the factory which reaches the present while repeating increase and remodeling for several generations by making use of the warehouse such as “warehouse” dedicated to brewing and “various warehouses”.


    YAMAMO味噌醬釀造源 / 高茂合名会社

    从江户时代结束的京王3(1867年)开始,这个仓库持续了七代,超过150年。”Life is Voyage“作为一种哲学,世界的饮食文化和日本调味料融合在一起并发展。 在经历了100多年的基金会花园和基础之后,我们开始了工厂之旅,寻找工匠和高桥的活动。 您可以通过利用专用于酿造的“仓库”和“各种仓库”等仓库,重复增加和改造几代,来体验到达现在的工厂。




    OPEN 10: 00 ~ 15: 00
    Closed holiday indefinite
    Parking lot available


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE

    昨年11月のI.L.A. GALLERYのお披露目に合わせてYAMAMO GARDEN CAFEもオープンさせ、これまで会社が休みとしていた日曜祝祭日も原則開店できる状態となりました。カフェをオープンさせたことは、飲食事業を行いたいということが最も大きな動機付けではなく、弊社に他地域から流入する活動家の方々や地元地域で持続可能性を追求する方々の出入りが多くなる中で、様々なマッチングやプロジェクトでのシナジーがあれば、より多くの動きを地域に出現させることができるからです。そのような想いをカフェの形とし、ギャラリーと共に運営を開始したのでした。
    あきたタウン情報1月号にてYAMAMO GARDEN CAFEを記事にしていただきました。地元情報誌を通じて多くのお問い合わせをいただき、その効果に驚いております。こちらでヤマモのカフェメニューも合わせてお伝えしたいと思います。


    Notice of Article Posting_YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE

    YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE in accordance with the unveiling of I.L.A. GALLERY of November last year also allowed to open, the company became a state in which the Sunday national holiday that was the rest can be in principle open to this. Opening the cafe is not a main motivation to do business of eating and drinking but while many people going to our company to enter society in sustainability in local areas and active people who flow in from other areas So, if there are synergies in various matching and projects, more movement can be made to appear in the area. We had such a feeling in the form of a business, and started operating with the gallery.
    I posted YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE at the Akita Town Information January issue. We received many inquiries through the local information magazine, and I am surprised at the effect. I’d like to tell you the cafe menu of Yamamo here as well. _mediainfo



    YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE廳按照與11月I.L.A.GALLERY揭幕,去年也被允許打開,使公司成為在週日國定假日,這是其餘的可以在原則上開放這一狀態。開設咖啡館並不是開展飲食業務的主要動力,而是許多人前往我們公司進入社會,在當地可持續發展,以及從其他地區流入的活躍人士因此,如果在各種匹配和項目中存在協同作用,則可以在該區域中出現更多的移動。我們有一種商業形式的感覺,並開始與畫廊合作。
    我在秋田市信息1月號刊登了YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE。我們通過當地的信息雜誌收到了很多詢問,我對這個效果感到驚訝。我想在這裡告訴你Yamamo的咖啡館菜單。


    Akita Town Joho_January 2019 Issue


    歴史ある味噌醤油醸造元に 伝統×現代を融合した空間が



    History of traditional Miso sauce brewing source combines modern and contemporary space

    Founded 150 years ago, a long-established brewer “Yamamo” who performs miso and soy sauce making. It is a taste that traditional techniques can make, such as koji to adjust taste and sweetness from thorough temperature control, and also overseas expansion. In recent years seven generations are also talking about inventing packaged goods with a reasonable capacity and high designability, while keeping the taste of tradition. Self-renovation of the Japanese style room where the maid lived once, and further refurbished the interior of Kuramoto’s premises that had developed a select shop. I started a cafe around November last year. I feel unbelievable in the atmosphere of classical and modern fusion, such as thick antique furniture and stylish bio ethanol fireplace. The menu sticks to non-additive, offering Fo and Gelato and 2 drinks. Various events will be held in the same store, which has been exhibiting art, etc. until now. We also accept factory tours (collection tours). Together, please come and visit.







    1930年代のイギリス製アンティーク家具を配した空間。海外出張の際、7代目・髙橋泰さんの目に止まったインテリアなどをセレクトしている。調味料を販売するほか、屋号がデザインされた前掛けやトートバッグなどの生活用品もラインアップ。商品にも用いている天日塩を使用した、飽きのこない無添加スープで味わえる「YAMAMO PHO NOODLES」。4種のナッツとプラリネに、味噌醤油のソースを合わせた新感覚の「YAMAMO SOY GELATO」と、深煎り・浅煎りが選べ、果実味や甘い香りが楽しめる「YAMAMO WORLDTRADE COFFEE」はテイクアウト可。すべてのメニューにヤマモの仕込み水を使用している。


    A space that arranged British antique furniture of the 1930s. When I travel overseas, I have selected interiors and other objects that have stopped in the eyes of Yasushi Takahashi, 7th generation. In addition to selling seasonings, we also offer line-up items such as front-ends and tote bags designed for shops. “YAMAMO PHO NOODLES” that you can taste with sunless soup that does not get tired using solar salt that is also used for products. YAMAMO SOY GELATO, a new sense of sauce made from miso and soy sauce, can be selected for 4 kinds of nuts and pralines, and “YAMAMO WORLDTRADE COFFEE” which can enjoy frozen and sweet scents can be selected for take-out. All the menus are using water of Yamamo.


    這個空間佈置著20世紀30年代的英國古董家具。在海外出差,並選擇和內飾,引起了大的7日至高橋的眼睛。除了銷售的調味料,也就行了日常用品,如圍裙或手提袋是商品名設計。使用太陽能的鹽也被用於產品,口感無添加劑湯永恆“YAMAMO PHO NOODLES”。YAMAMO SOY GELATO是一種由味噌和醬油製成的新醬汁,可以選擇4種堅果和果仁糖,並且可以選擇可以享受冷凍和甜味的“YAMAMO WORLDTRADE COFFEE”外賣。 所有菜單都使用Yamamo的水。










    OPEN 10: 00 ~ 17: 00 (LO / 16: 30)
    Closed holiday indefinite
    Number of seats 16 seats
    Parking lot available


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ

    Tokyo Weekender12月号にヤマモ の取り組みがご紹介されました。「CREATIVE CUISINE」の記事でYAMAMO GARDEN CAFEについて触れていただいております。Tokyo Weekenderは1970に創刊された日本初の英字ライフスタイル誌であり、取材したチームはフランスとスウェーデン出身の方々で庭園や蔵など随所で楽しんでいただきました。誌面に関わるスタッフは全員外国人ということで、ディテールや表現に日本では見られない美しさやこだわりが感じることができます。彼らは最後に「ここにまた来たい」と言って去っていきました。コンテンツを磨き上げ、再び訪れた時も魅力を増していくことができるように心がけたいと思います。弊社への取材と訪問、ありがとうございました。


    Notice of Article Posting

    Tokyo Weekender The monthly effort of Yamamo was introduced to the December issue. I touched on YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE in the article of “CREATIVE CUISINE”. Tokyo Weekender was the first Japanese letter lifestyle magazine launched in 1970, and the teams he covered were from France and Sweden and enjoyed them all over the garden and warehouse. The staff involved in the magazine is all foreigners, so you can feel the beauty and attention that can not be seen in Japan in detail and expression. They lasted saying “I want to come here again” and left. I will polish the contents and I will try to be able to increase the appeal even when I visit again. Thank you for your coverage and visit. _mediainfo.



    東京周刊Yamamo的每月努力被引入12月號。 我在“創意美食”一文中談到了YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE。 東京周刊是1970年推出的第一本日本信生活雜誌,他所涵蓋的團隊來自法國和瑞典,在花園和倉庫中享受著它們。 參與該雜誌的工作人員都是外國人,因此您可以感受到日本在細節和表達方面無法看到的美麗和關注。 他們持續說“我想再次來到這裡”並離開。 我會打磨內容,即使我再次訪問,我也會嘗試增加吸引力。 感謝您的報導和訪問。


    Tokyo Weekender_December 2018 Issue


    Tokyo Weekender_POETRY IN NATURE


    Tokyo Weekender_CREATINE CUISINE








    The Japanese expression to”eat with your eyes” inspires visually appealing dishes that are a feast for all the senses.

    Founded in 1867 by Mosuke Takahashi and taken over just over a decade ago by descendent Yasushi Takahashi, Yamamo Miso Soy Sauce Brewing Company has a long history of innovation and dedication to the arts. Although the owners’ideas have changed over the course of 150years in business,the dedication to the craft and company remains the same.Making miso and soy sauce involves a sensitive fermentation process that requires the care and intense concentration of skilled craftspeaple to make it come out just right. Yamamo uses only Akita Komachi rice,soy beans and salt in its recipe and uses about two to three times the amount of rice normally used to make miso.The attention to detail is visible throughout Yamamo. Whether it’s the award-winning label designs of the traditional garden designed by the fouth generation owner, every item and every process is carefully considered before being implemented. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the brewery followed by a tasting session as well as serving of soup. Those who wish to stay longer can explore the art gallary on the second floor and finish off with a cup of coffee and the brewery’s latest concoction a decadent soymilk gelato with praline,nuts,miso,and soy souce.




    Yamamo味噌醬油釀造公司由高橋茂助於1867年創立,並在十多年前由後代高橋泰接管,擁有悠久的創新歷史和對藝術的奉獻精神。雖然業主們在150年的經營過程中已經發生了變化,但對工藝和公司的奉獻仍然是一樣的。製作味噌和醬油需要一個敏感的發酵過程,需要關心和高度集中熟練的工藝品來使它來恰到好處。 Yamamo在其配方中僅使用秋田小町米,大豆和鹽,並且使用通常用於製作味噌的米飯量的大約兩到三倍。在整個Yamamo中可以看到對細節的關注。無論是由第四代所有者設計的傳統園林的屢獲殊榮的標籤設計,每個項目和每個過程在實施之前都要經過仔細考慮。遊客可以參觀啤酒廠,然後品嚐美食,品嚐湯。那些希望逗留更長時間的人可以在二樓探索藝術品,最後喝一杯咖啡,啤酒廠最新的混合物是一種含有果仁糖,堅果,味噌和大豆原料的頹廢豆漿冰淇淋。


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ

    昨年12月14日の日本経済新聞にて「発酵テーマに観光客誘致 高茂はギャラリーを開設」が記事になりました。当日は県内外の旅行代理店の方を対象にした20名規模のファムツアーを行っており、お越しいただいた方からもギャラリーに理解を示していただきました。県のご担当で数年前から弊社を見ていただいている方からは「ギャラリーができたことで説得力と理解の度合いが深まった」と意見を頂戴しました。かつて土地の名士達が行ったアート活動やレジデンスの手法が現代でも生活文化の向上や創造活動に効果を発揮するのだと実感しています。多くの方にレガシーを踏襲したアート活動をご覧いただければと思います。


    Notice of Article Posting

    At the Nikkei last December 14, “TAKAMO Inviting Tourists to Fermentation Theme Opened the Gallery” became an article. On the day of the event, we had a group tour of 20 people for travel agencies inside and outside the prefecture, and also got an understanding from those who visited us. From the person who was in charge of the prefecture in charge of our company for several years ago, we received an opinion that “the gallery was able to comprehend the degree of persuasive power and understanding.” I realize that art activities and residence methods that land celebrities have carried out in the past demonstrate their effect on improving living culture and creative activities even in modern times. I hope many people will see art activities that followed the legacy. _mediainfo.



    在去年12月14日的日本經濟新聞中,“高茂邀請遊客以發酵主題開設畫廊”成為一篇文章。 活動當天,我們為縣內外的旅行社組織了20人的團體旅遊,並得到了訪問我們的人的了解。 幾年前,從負責本公司的縣負責人那裡得到了“畫廊能夠理解說服力和理解程度”的意見。 我意識到,過去名人所進行的藝術活動和居住方式,即使在現代也證明了它們對改善生活文化和創造活動的影響。 我希望很多人會看到傳統的藝術活動。


    The Nikkei_14 Dec. 2018





    TAKAMO Opened a Gallery Maintenance

    In the end of November, Takamo (Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture), the brewing source of “Yamamo Miso Soy Sauce”, refurbished a part of the second floor of the main office (32 square meters) and opened an art gallery. Displayed silk screen printed with seed koji produced by Mr. Tetsuya Takizawa, an artist living in Nishi-Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture.
    We also prepared a space for visitors to create original labels of soy sauce bottles. Takamori carried out a collection tour “Factory Tour” from August 16th. There is a charge of 1500 yen by advance reservation system, but 250 people visit each year. Mr. Yasushi Takahashi says there is an inquiry from travel agencies overseas for wealthy people.
    The prefecture launched a public and private organization “Akita Fermentation Tourism Promotion Council” in February. Analysis that it is not utilized as tourism resources despite the abundance of attractive resources of “Akita original” of fermented food culture. Focusing on individual travel that emphasizes “experience” based on history and culture, in fiscal 2006, subsidies were issued to three locations, and it was maintained as an attraction base.
    Katsuaki Kawata, Deputy Sales Planning Department, Akita Alcohol Production, said, “Following the 20-year Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Osaka World Expo (International Expo) in 25 years will be decided and the wave of foreigners coming to Japan will continue.” The prefecture will promote multilingual correspondence, etc. and intend to include not only Japanese customers but also increasing number of Japanese visitors.



    我們還為參觀者準備了一個空間,以創建醬油瓶的原始標籤。 高茂從8月16日起開始了“工廠之旅”的巡迴演出。提前預約系統收費1500日元,但每年有250人參觀。 高橋泰先生表示,海外旅行社對有錢人進行了調查。