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    メルセデスオーナーのためのライフスタイルマガジン「Mercedes me Magazine」のShe’s Mercedesにて5ページに渡りヤマモの取り組みがご紹介されております。特許申請微生物”Viamver”や研究チームやラボの”ASTRONOMICA”についても取り上げていただき、菌や製法の発見までの経緯やそれらを使用したサーヴィスについても記事にしていただきました。早速、この記事を見たオーナーの皆様がご来店され、取り組み内容が十分に伝わっているのだと思いました。

    記事の掲載依頼が来た時には特別な感情になりました。2016年に中北米の旅をし、弊社ヤマモが行うアート活動“I.L.A.(Industry Loves Art 産業は芸術に恋をする)”の取り組みを始めるきっかけとなったのは、産業には芸術活動が必要であると理解したことからでした。そのような視点で産業界をみると、既にそれを理解し、体現していたブランドとしてMercedes Bentzがあり、彼らは自動車産業でありながら他分野の文化芸術を支援し、そこに強力なイニシアチブを取り、キュレーションを行っていました。
    当時、TOKYO FASHION WEEKのメインスポンサーであったMercedes Bentzをベンチマークとし、彼らと同じ感覚と思想を持ちながら、ブランドの歩を進めていくことができればと考えておりました。彼らからの声掛けは、財政破綻から産業再生に至ったデトロイトの知見を独自に解読し、帰国後にアート活動として事業化したことの検証のひとつになりました。いかなる環境や状況でも思想を打ち出し、不確実な未来に事業をつくりながら挑んでいくことは長く続く産業の営みには不可欠なものです。今回の記事掲載のお話は、仕事を通じた多くの出来事の中でも、非常に喜ばしい事と思っています。ぜひ、記事をご覧いただきたいと思います。


    Notice of article publication_Mercedes me Magazine

    On the 5th page of She’s Mercedes of the “Mercedes me Magazine” lifestyle magazine for Mercedes owners, Yamamo’s efforts are introduced. We also covered the patent application microorganism “Viamver” and the research team and laboratory “ASTRONOMICA”, and wrote about the history of discovering bacteria and manufacturing methods and the services using them. Immediately, I thought that the owners who read this article came to the store and the contents of the efforts are fully conveyed.

    Creating a business from ideas
    It was a special feeling when I was asked to publish an article. In 2016, when I traveled to Central and North America and started to work on the art activity “I.L.A. (Industry Loves Art)” conducted by our company Yamamo, the industry needed art activity. It was because I understood that there was. Looking at the industry from such a perspective, Mercedes Bentz is a brand that has already understood and embodied it, and they are supporting the cultural arts of other fields even though they are the automobile industry, and there are strong initiatives there. I was collecting and curating.
    At that time, using Mercedes Bentz, who was the main sponsor of TOKYO FASHION WEEK as a benchmark, I thought that I would like to advance the brand’s steps while having the same feelings and thoughts as them. What they said was one of the verifications that Detroit’s knowledge that led to industrial revival due to financial failure was uniquely decoded and commercialized as an art activity after returning to Japan. It is indispensable for a long-lasting industrial operation to put forth ideas in any environment and situation and to challenge while creating businesses in an uncertain future. I think that the story of this article is very pleasing, even among the many things that happened during my work. I would like you to read the article._mediainfo._magazine


    文章發表通知_Mercedes me Magazine

    在“ Mercedes me Magazine”生活方式雜誌的梅賽德斯車主的梅賽德斯·奔馳的第5頁上,介紹了Yamamo的努力。 我們還介紹了專利申請微生物“ Viamver”,研究團隊和實驗室“ ASTRONOMICA”,並介紹了發現細菌的歷史,製造方法以及使用細菌的服務。 立刻,我以為閱讀這篇文章的所有者來到了商店,並且努力的內容得到了充分的傳達。

    當我被要求發表文章時,這是一種特殊的感覺。 2016年,當我前往中美洲和北美洲開始從事由Yamamo公司舉辦的藝術活動“ I.L.A.(Industry Loves Art 工業愛上了藝術)”時,該行業需要進行藝術活動。 這是因為我知道有。 從這種角度看待汽車行業,梅賽德斯·本茨(Mercedes Bentz)是一個已經理解並具體體現出來的品牌,儘管它們是汽車工業,但它們仍在支持其他領域的文化藝術,並且在那裡有很強的創舉。 我正在收集和策展。
    當時,我們決定使用TOKYO FASHION WEEK的主要贊助商梅賽德斯·本茨(Mercedes Bentz)作為基準,並擁有與他們相同的感受和想法,我們希望提升該品牌。 他們所說的就是核實之一,證明了底特律由於金融失敗而導致工業復興的知識在返回日本後被獨特地解碼並商業化為藝術品活動。 長期的工業運營必不可少,可以在任何環境和情況下提出想法,並在不確定的未來中發展業務時挑戰。 我認為,即使在我工作期間發生的許多事件中,本文的故事也非常令人愉悅。 我希望您閱讀這篇文章。


    Mercedes me Magazine_No.009_2020 summer issue


    味噌と醤油 味もデザインされた調味料のハッ!とするおいしさ

    飛鳥時代には醤油の原形が作られていたといわれる日本のみならず、世界中に広く存在する発酵食品。ワインやチーズ、もちろん日本酒や漬け物もそう。10年くらい前には塩麹、ここ最近はぬか床が話題になっているなか、ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元は、独自のスタンスとアプローチで発酵食品の未来を描いていた。羽州街道の宿場町で城下町だった秋田県湯沢市岩崎。創業者の初代・髙橋茂助が皆瀬川の水運と伏流水を活かして味噌作りを始めたのは、江戸幕府が閉じた1867年(慶応3年)のこと。7代目にあたる髙橋泰さんは、建築工学を専攻した大学を卒業後、東京農大短大で醸造学、大手醤油メーカーで商品開発に携わり2006年、岩崎の地に帰ってくる。水の希釈で旨味も薄まってしまう濃縮タイプのめんつゆを、出汁で薄めたらどうか-。メーカー時代のアイデアをもとに味噌の塩分を半分に減らし、減らしたぶんを旨味に置き換えようと試みる。塩分が減って活発になった微生物が作るアルコールで、保存性も担保。華やかな香りや肉質の改善といった特性をもつ新しい酵母の働きが、「YUKIDOKE MISO」独特の風味を作り出した。


    Miso and soy sauce, a seasoning with a taste designed! Delicious

    It is a fermented food that exists not only in Japan where the original form of soy sauce was made in the Asuka era, but also around the world. Wine, cheese, and of course sake and pickles. Around 10 years ago, salt koji, and recently bran floor, became a hot topic, and the yamamoto miso soy sauce brewer drew the future of fermented foods with its own stance and approach. Iwasaki, Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture, which was a castle town and a post town on the Hashu Kaido. It was in 1867 (Keio 3) when the Edo Shogunate closed that the first founder, Mosuke Takahashi, started making miso using the water transportation and underground water of the Minase River. Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, who is the 7th generation, returned to Iwasaki in 2006 after graduating from a university majoring in architectural engineering, brewing studies at Tokyo University of Agriculture and college, and product development at a major soy sauce maker. Why don’t you dilute the concentrated type Mentsuyu that dilutes with water and dilute it with soup stock? Based on the idea of ​​the maker era, I tried to reduce the salt content of miso by half and replace the reduced salt content with umami. Preservation is guaranteed by alcohol made by microorganisms that have become active due to reduced salt content. The action of the new yeast, which has characteristics such as a gorgeous aroma and improved meat quality, created a unique flavor of “YUKIDOKE MISO”.



    它是一種發酵食品,不僅存在於明日香時代最初製成醬油的日本,而且遍布世界各地。葡萄酒,奶酪,當然還有清酒和鹹菜。大約10年前,鹽曲和最近的麩皮成為熱門話題,山本味o醬油釀造商以自己的立場和方法吸引了發酵食品的未來。秋田縣湯澤市的岩崎市,是八戶海道的一個城堡鎮和一個驛站鎮。江戶幕府在1867年(京王3年)關閉,第一位創始人高橋茂助開始利用皆瀬河的水運和地下水製作味mis。第7代高橋泰先生從一所建築工程大學,東京農業大學和學院的釀造研究專業以及一家主要醬油製造商的產品開發專業畢業後,於2006年回到岩崎。您為什麼不稀釋用湯稀釋水的濃縮型麵條湯?基於製造商時代的想法,我試圖將味噌的鹽含量減少一半,並用鮮味代替降低的鹽含量。由鹽含量降低而變得活躍的微生物所製得的醇可確保保存。具有豐富香氣和改善肉質等特徵的新酵母的作用產生了獨特的“ YUKIDOKE MISO”風味。


    Mercedes me Magazine_No.009_2020 summer issue




    “The traditional manufacturing cycle does not allow us to make innovative products. So we cultivated with existing yeast that no one has tried and fungi other than miso and soy sauce, or from new breeding of yeast to new species. We repeated the test to make the bacteria appear.”
    Of the approximately 3 million species on earth, the world of microorganisms is known to account for only about 5%. The research team and products are named ASTRONOMICA, the new yeast is named after Viamver yeast and the universe and stars.


    “在傳統的生產週期中,我們無法生產創新產品。因此,我們用沒有人嘗試過的現有酵母和味噌和醬油,或者從酵母的新品種到新品種進行種植。 我們重複了測試以使細菌出現。”
    在地球上大約300萬個物種中,已知微生物世界僅佔5%。 研究團隊和產品命名為ASTRONOMICA,新酵母以Viamver酵母以及宇宙和恆星命名。


    Mercedes me Magazine_No.009_2020 summer issue





    The world of deep publishing is like a universe

    “Small and medium-sized breweries are planning to make an unusual conference presentation about Viamver yeast that has a special umami taste. It should bring a new twist to the industry.” Miamium-derived Viamver yeast and new soy sauce-derived fresh yeast work without salt, so they are expected to be applied to fields other than fermented foods.
    The only way to take action against something that does not have the correct answer is to design the framework yourself. Mr. Takahashi, who says so, is to redefine the culture of miso and soy sauce to enhance business and culture. The unique attitude of “traditional industry venture” fills the space like an antique shop, while at the same time protecting the history and local taste. “I think we can stay in tradition because of innovation, so let’s do everything we want to do with the accelerator fully open (laughs).”
    Familiar miso and soy sauce are essential to our diet. While chewing on the delicious gelato, I was reminded of the value of the reassuring taste, and I was very surprised at the possibilities that spread from there.


    “中小型啤酒廠正計劃就鮮味獨特的Viamver酵母進行不尋常的會議介紹。這將給行業帶來新的變化。” 味噌衍生的Viamver酵母和新的醬油衍生的新鮮酵母在不加鹽的情況下也能正常工作,因此有望將其應用於發酵食品以外的其他領域。
    對沒有正確答案的問題採取行動的唯一方法是自己設計框架。高橋先生這樣說,是為了重新定義味噌和醬油的文化,以促進商業和文化。 “傳統產業冒險”的獨特態度像古董店一樣充滿了空間,同時又保護了歷史和當地風情。 “我認為由於創新我們可以保留傳統,所以讓我們在加速器完全開放的情況下做我們想做的一切(笑)。”


    Mercedes me Magazine_No.009_2020 summer issue




    Mr. Yamada, the editor and writer, told us that he was checking with another medium when the seventh generation Takahashi continued his family business. After 10 years or more, I will be working together, and I feel the mysterious and dramatic interest that the accumulated work will create new matches and chemical changes over a long period of time. Thank you for your energetic work.


    編輯和作家山田先生告訴我們,當第七代高橋繼續其家族業務時,他正在與另一種媒體進行核實。 我在一起工作已經有10多年了,我感到自己的神秘和戲劇性的興趣是,長期積累的工作創造了新的比賽和化學變化。 謝謝您的辛勤工作。





    大切な方のお誕生日のお祝いにYAMAMO FERMENTATION LUNCH COURSEをご利用いただきました。ささやかながら、NON-ALCOHOLIC CHAMPAGNE(脱アルコールスパークリングワイン)をご用意させていただき、発酵中心の食事による豊かな食環境を整えるようにいたしました。新たな生活様式を模索するNew Normalとなり、これまで家族や親しい方々と夜の食事に重きを置いていたものから昼の食事に華やかさを持たせることが、変容する価値観の中でヤマモが貢献できるサーヴィスのひとつと捉えています。



    YAMAMO FERMENTATION LUNCH COURSE was used to celebrate the birthday of an important person. Although modest, we prepared NON-ALCOHOLIC CHAMPAGNE (dealcoholized sparkling wine) to prepare a rich dietary environment based on fermentation-based meals. It became New Normal, which seeks a new lifestyle, and Yamamo contributes to the changing sense of values by making the evening meals more lively than what has been focused on evening meals with family and close friends. We regard it as one of the services we can do.



    YAMAMO FERMENTATION LUNCH COURSE被用來慶祝重要人物的生日。 儘管適度,但我們還是準備了無酒精起泡酒(無酒精起泡酒),以基於發酵的膳食為基礎準備了豐富的飲食環境。 成為尋求新生活方式的新常態,Yamamo通過使晚餐變得比過去專注於與家人和密友的晚餐更加生動,為改變價值觀提供了幫助。 我們將其視為我們可以提供的服務之一。




    ランチコース以外にも発酵を活かしたメニュー開発を進めており、豚肉にViamver酵母を作用させた”FERMENTED PORK POELER | 発酵豚肉のポワレ”と”NON-ALCOHOLIC CHAMPAGNE | 脱アルコールスパークリングワイン”を以下にご紹介したいと思います。発酵作用を十二分に発揮したお料理とノンアルコールドリンクのペアリングは免疫力を低下させることなく上質な体験をすることができ、また、庭園の整備された自然環境と自然素材で構築される経年経過した建築環境で過ごす時間は、新しい豊かさを実感していただくことができます。ぜひこの空間と食事体験を多くの方にご提供していきたいと思います。


    In addition to the lunch course, we are proceeding with the development of a menu that makes use of fermentation. “FERMENTED PORK POELER” and “NON-ALCOHOLIC CHAMPAGNE | Dealcoholized Sparkling Wine”. I would like to introduce. Pairing a non-alcoholic meal with fully fermented effects can provide a high-quality experience without compromising immunity. I think that you will be able to experience a new richness as you spend time in the natural environment where the garden is maintained and the aged building environment that is constructed with natural materials. By all means, I would like many people to experience this space and dining experience.


    除午餐課程外,我們還著手開發利用發酵的菜單:“FERMENTED PORK POELER | 發酵豬肉粉”和“NON-ALCOHOLIC CHAMPAGNE | 脫醇起泡酒”我想介紹一下。 將完全發酵的餐食與不含酒精的飲料搭配使用,可以在不損害免疫力的情況下為您提供優質的體驗。 我認為,您可以通過在維護花園的古老自然環境和使用天然材料建造的自然環境中度過時光,來體驗新的財富。 無論如何,我希望許多人能體驗這種空間和用餐體驗。


    FERMENTED PORK POELER_Viamver Yeast used|発酵豚肉のポワレ_Viamver使用

    Viamver Yeast ermented pork is roasted and steamed into poire. With fermented butter and herb sauce. Grilled Abalone mushrooms. Limited to 5 meals per day.
    將Viamver酵母發酵的豬肉烤製並蒸成鵝腸。 加上發酵黃油和香草醬。 烤鮑魚蘑菇。 每天僅限五餐。


    NON-ALCOHOLIC CHAMPAGNE(WHITE or ROSE) | 脱アルコールスパークリングワイン

    The alcohol-free sparkling wine, which is a special technique that removes alcohol from the brewed wine, has a luxurious and rich taste like champagne. WHITE (French), ROSE (Belgium).
    不含酒精的起泡酒是一種從釀造酒中去除酒精的特殊技術,具有像香檳一樣的奢華而濃郁的味道。 白(法文),羅斯(比利時)。


  • “ASTRONOMICA Cultivator(培養発酵室)”について

    微生物に香りや風味などの目的の物質を醸成させるためには、一定の温度条件を満たさなければなりません。味噌醤油の醸造に安定的な環境をつくり出すために、先人たちが土蔵を利用して低温の環境をつくり出していたことも、同様のことと思います。特許出願微生物”Viamver酵母”発見のように、新しい効果を発揮する菌自体やその特性を詳細に経過観察していくためには、丁寧な温度管理が必要であり、それを専用に研究していくのが”ASTRONOMICA Cultivator(アストロノミカ カルティヴェーター:培養発酵室)”になります。


    About “ASTRONOMICA Cultivator”

    Certain temperature conditions must be met in order for microorganisms to produce the desired substances such as aroma and flavor. I think that the same was true when the ancestors used soil to create a low-temperature environment in order to create a stable environment for brewing miso soy sauce. As with the discovery of the patent application microorganism “Viamver yeast”, careful temperature control is necessary for the detailed observation of the bacteria and their properties that exhibit new effects. Go to “ASTRONOMICA Cultivator”. _Microbiology


    關於”ASTRONOMICA Cultivator(培養發酵室)”

    為了使微生物產生所需的物質,例如香氣和風味,必須滿足某些溫度條件。 我認為這與祖先利用倉庫創建低溫環境以創造釀造味噌醬油的穩定環境的事實是一樣的。 如同發現專利申請微生物“ Viamver酵母”一樣,為仔細觀察細菌及其發揮新作用的特性,必須小心控制溫度。 轉到“ ASTRONOMICA Cultivator(培養發酵室)”。





    Conventional research was conducted at Moromi-Gura, which performs innovative fermentation inside the factory, but in parallel with this, the Cultivator was installed in front of the built-in facility to conduct research and development of delicate bacteria. We made it widely accessible to customers. The doors are made in the 1930s made in England, and the three sides except the back shelf are made of insulating glass. The antique materials are used to make the ritual a reminder of ASTRONOMICA, which has been named after the research and development of fungi as a dream or romance that was likened to the operation of celestial bodies, the discovery of planets and underground minerals.


    傳統的研究是在諸味蔵進行的,該工廠在工廠內部進行創新的發酵,但與此同時,Cultivator安裝在內置設施的前面,用於研究和開發脆弱細菌。 我們使其廣泛地為客戶所用。 所使用的門是1930年代在英格蘭製造的,除後架以外的三側均由中空玻璃製成。 古董材料使該儀式讓人聯想起ASTRONOMICA以真菌的研發而命名,就像夢或浪漫,類似於天體的運轉,行星和地下礦物的發現。






    Currently, in addition to culturing and fermentation of Viamver, we are isolating and cultivating five types of specific bacteria derived from last year’s test brewing, and we are continuing to observe the flavor and film formation that brew. Here, a gorgeous fragrance like fruit, which cannot be obtained with conventional brewed products, has been confirmed, and we are researching the fungus responsible for this and its characteristics. I would like to continue the pursuit of a profound world of fungi with a pioneering spirit that advances into unknown areas in the traditional industry that has been continuously conducted.


    目前,除了Viamver的培養和發酵外,我們還分離和培養從去年的試驗釀造中衍生的五種特定細菌,並且我們將繼續觀察釀造的風味和薄膜形成。 在這裡,已經確認了傳統的釀造產品無法獲得的像水果一樣的華麗香氣,並且我們正在研究引起這種現象及其特徵的真菌。 我們希望以不斷開拓傳統產業中未知領域的開拓精神,繼續探索真菌世界。


  • 湯沢市ふるさと納税プロモーション動画について



    About Yuzawa City Hometown Tax Payment Promotion Video

    We have received a call from Yuzawa City and are cooperating with the promotion of hometown tax payments. When I was told, the problem of the spread of the new coronavirus infection was not yet reported in Japan, but the release came at this time, and this time the video promotion will be carried out while thinking again about the era of new online transmission.
    Our Yamamo’s efforts are not limited to the production of miso soy sauce due to the accumulation of years, but also include community development, art activities, research of new fungi, and so on. Therefore, I realized that it would be difficult to convey the contents and charms only with the composition of photos and sentences. In particular, the area of ​​new fungi is not visible, and it is important to be able to carefully explain innovative content. First of all, in an interview like the one in the video, I would like to tell you about the medium- to long-term vision and the services we can provide. We would appreciate it if you could see it in the people of the same country who are thinking about Yuzawa and many people who think of their hometown.






  • YAMAMO GARDEN CAFEの営業とオンラインでの発信について

    感染症対策が日常となったNew Normal時代に適応すべく、YAMAMO GARDEN CAFEでは入場制限など適正密度や換気などの環境づくりを進めて参りました。ウイルスとの共存には多様な微生物が存在する表土のある環境が最もよく、庭園に隣接するカフェは通気や感染症の観点から非常に良好な環境と考えることができます。また、移動や場面転換のないリモートワークでは「集中」が重要な要素となり、より深く集中するためには自然(グリーン)が目に入る環境と自然音、他に集中する人の存在など、こちらも条件が整っていると分かりました。弊社ヤマモは生活必需品である味噌醤油の販売に加え、人間らしい交流の場としてカフェを利用していただけるような、New Normal時代の変化する社会環境合わせて複数の価値を提供できればと考えております。


    About YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE Sales and Online Transmission

    In order to adapt to the New Normal era when infection control has become a daily routine, YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE has promoted the creation of an environment such as proper density and ventilation such as entrance restrictions. The best environment for coexistence with viruses is the environment with topsoil where various microorganisms exist, and the cafe adjacent to the garden can be considered a very favorable environment from the viewpoint of ventilation and infectious diseases. Also, “concentration” is an important factor in remote work that does not involve movements or scene changes. To concentrate more deeply, the environment and natural sounds in which nature (plants)) is visible, and the presence of people who concentrate on other things. I also found that the conditions are in place. In addition to selling miso soy sauce, which is a daily necessities, our company Yamamo would like to offer multiple values ​​according to the changing social environment of the New Normal era, such as using a cafe as a place for human interaction.


    關於YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE的銷售和在線傳輸

    為了適應新常態,在應對傳染病的對策變得司空見慣的時候,山本花園咖啡廳促進了環境的創建,例如適當的密度和通風,例如入口限制。 與病毒共存的最佳環境是存在各種微生物的表土環境,從通風和傳染病的角度來看,花園附近的咖啡館可以說是非常有利的環境。 在沒有移動或場景變化的遠程工作中,“專注”是一個重要因素,要更深入地專注於自然(植物)可以看到的環境和自然聲音,其他人的存在等。 我還發現條件已經到位。 除了銷售日用品味噌醬油之外,我們的Yamamo公司還希望根據新常態時代不斷變化的社會環境提供多種價值,例如將咖啡館用作與人互動的地方。



    New Normalでは、感染拡大フェーズの閉じた社会環境下ではオンラインを使った活動に注力し、感染抑制フェーズの開いた社会環境下ではオフラインの活動に切り替えていくことが必須となります。オンラインでの活動は会社のブログのみならず、カフェのInstagramを中心に各種メニューや家具・古物などの室礼、蔵や庭、スタッフの近況などを日常的にお伝えできればと思います。一方、オフラインの経済活動は、感染症対策がなされた環境で皆様の対面での社会活動の場を提供することに貢献できればと思います。
    会社のInstagramは七代目の高橋が中心に発信し、カフェアカウントは社会変革事業部の澤口が中心となり発信していきます。双方をチェックしていただき、ヤマモの取り組みや日常の些細な出来事、岩崎地域やコミュニティへの関わりなどをお伝えできればと思います。引き続き、YAMAMO GARDEN CAFEをどうぞよろしくお願いします。


    In New Normal, it is essential to focus on online activities in the social environment where the infection spread phase is closed, and to switch to offline activities in the social environment where the infection control phase is open. Online activities are not limited to company blogs, but I would like to be able to tell you daily about the menu, furniture, antiques, rituals, warehouses, gardens, staff status, etc., centered on the cafe Instagram. On the other hand, offline economic activities would like to contribute to providing a face-to-face social activity place for everyone in an infectious disease control environment.
    The company’s Instagram will be sent mainly by the seventh generation Takahashi, and the cafe account will be sent mainly by Sawaguchi of the Social Change Division. I would like you to check both sides and tell us about Yamamo’s efforts, daily trivial events, and involvement in the Iwasaki region and the community. Thank you for your continued support of YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE.


    該公司的Instagram將主要由第七代高橋公司發送,而咖啡館帳戶將主要由社會變革部的澤口發送。我想請您雙方檢查一下,並向我們介紹Yamamo的努力,日常瑣事以及對岩崎地區和社區的參與。感謝您一直以來對YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE的支持。




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