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“Life is Voyage”

From the end of Edo period the founder of the company, Mosuke Takahashi, founded Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company which has, to this day, brewed fundamental condiments that are essential ingredients for people’s daily lives. The tradition of our company had been passed down through generations, when the 4th generation of the company, Hikoshiro Takahashi, served as mayor of the Iwasaki town. He also travelled all over Japan in his later years to pursue a meaningful life, by reflecting back to his own life.

Life is Voyage

No matter what age you live in everyone looks for a new world. They live their life strongly with pioneer spirit in their hearts. We, as prosumer, also believe that living life through sincerity will enrich our life’s voyage. Many Yamamo products can be used beside you as a great source of your life. Our company will continuously seek for ways to create products that are healthy and simple to use from now till generations ahead.