• Zoe, A Sommelier, at Restaurant Kabi_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

    東京、中目黒にあるRestaurant Kabiでソムリエを務めるZoeにお越しいただきました。Kabiのスタッフの皆さんは、若くして新しい食の領域を開拓するチームであり、彼女も本国のキャリアのみならず、日本の名だたるレストランで経験を積んだ人物。前日から食事をご一緒し、お話を伺うと、彼女はソムリエに留まらず、DJなどの多文化に精通しているからこそ、個性的で気の利いたサーヴィスや接客が可能なのだと理解ができました。


    Zoe, a sommelier, at Restaurant Kabi_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

    I visited Zoe, a sommelier, at Restaurant Kabi in Nakameguro, Tokyo. Kabi’s staff are a team who are pioneering new food areas at a young age, and she is not only a career in her home country, but also an experienced person at a famous Japanese restaurant. From the day before when I had a meal together and talked to me, she was not only staying in the sommelier, but because she is familiar with DJs and other cultures, she understands that it is possible to have unique and thoughtful services and customer service. It was possible.


    Zoe, a sommelier, at Restaurant Kabi_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

    我在東京中目黑的Restaurant Kabi餐廳拜訪了Zoe,一位侍酒師。 Kabi的員工是一個年輕時開拓新食品領域的團隊,她不僅是自己祖國的事業,也是著名日本餐廳的經驗豐富的人。 從我和朋友一起吃飯的前一天起,她不僅留在侍酒師,而且因為她熟悉DJ和其他文化,她明白可以提供獨特而周到的服務和客戶服務。 有可能。




    YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR当日の各製品の試食や、GARDEN CAFEでのフォーとジェラートにも満足していただき、非常に嬉しく思いました。Zoeが提供する多文化を背景にした新しい感覚のサーヴィスがKabiの中で価値を創造していることは、弊社が積層させた文化体験をツアーにより混ぜ合わせることで総合的な理解を得ることと似ているのではないかという話になりました。これからの時代に価値を共有することができれば幸いです。ありがとうございました。


    I was very happy to be satisfied with the tasting of each product on the day of YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR and the pho and gelato at GARDEN CAFE. Creating a new sense of service based on the multicultural background provided by Zoe creating value in Kabi means to gain a comprehensive understanding by combining cultural experiences we have layered together through tours. It was told that they might be similar. I hope you can share the value in the coming era.Thank you very much.


    我非常高興能夠在YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR和GARDEN CAFE的pho和gelato當天品嚐每種產品。 基於Zoe提供的多元文化背景創造新的服務意識,在Kabi創造價值意味著通過結合我們通過旅行分層的文化體驗來獲得全面的理解。 有人告訴他們可能是相似的。 我希望你能在即將到來的時代分享價值。非常感謝你。




    Restaurant Kabi


  • 課題解決型インターンシップについて


    このチームでヒアリングをした岩崎地域の各世代の方々をお招きし交流会を開催したり、弊社社員に向けて石川さんにFACTORY TOURを行っていただくことで社内組織の課題意識を醸成させることなど、多くの試みを行い、多方面から課題解決に向けて取り組みを進めて参りました。今回、このように大学側から評価を受けたことで、一般的なインターンシップだけではなく、地域や世代を巻き込んだ取り組みも一般的な手法となる事や、それに自ら飛び込み、参加する意識ができていくことに期待したいと思います。地域や社内の活動において、石川さんのコミュニケーションやパーソナリティが大きく貢献したのだと考えております。石川さん、豊留さん、本当にありがとうございました。


    About Problem Solving Type Internship

    In June of last year I received a direct contact from Ishikawa of AIU, and told me that I would like to do an internship at our company. Therefore, we proposed a long-term problem-solving internship from our company, and decided to work on appropriate inheritance of historical culture due to the decline in recognition of Nobe legend transmitted to Iwasaki area and lack of intergenerational interaction. There was a strong team that could mutually complement each other’s three issues of students, businesses, and administration with the cooperation of a mentor etc. by Ms. Toyodome of the Yuzawa area community revitalization cooperation team.

    To invite people from each generation in the Iwasaki area who conducted interviews with this team to hold exchange meetings, and to have Ms. Ishikawa perform FACTORY TOUR for our employees to foster a sense of issues in the in-house organization, etc. We have made many attempts, and we have been working on solving problems from various fields. In this way, having received such evaluations from the university side in this way, not only general internships, but also efforts involving areas and generations become general methods, and it is possible to become aware of participating in and participating in oneself. I would like to look forward to We believe that Mr. Ishikawa’s communication and personalities have greatly contributed to local and in-house activities. Thank you very much, Ms. Ishikawa and Ms. Toyodome. _mediainfo



    去年6月,我收到了國際文理大學石川的直接聯繫,並告訴我,我想在我們公司實習。 因此,我們提出了一個長期解決問題的實習機制,並且由於對岩崎地區傳播的能恵姫說的認知度下降和缺乏代際互動,決定對歷史文化進行適當的繼承。湯沢地區社區振興合作團隊的豊留先生與導師等合作,有一個強大的團隊,可以相互補充學生,企業和行政三個問題。

    邀請岩崎地區的每一代人進行交流會,並讓石川先生為員工進行FACTORY TOUR,以培養內部組織的問題,等等。 我們做了很多嘗試,我們一直致力於解決各個領域的問題。 通過這種方式,以這種方式從大學方面接受了這樣的評價,不僅是一般的實習,而且涉及地區和世代的努力成為一般方法,並且可以意識到參與和參與自己。 我很期待 我們相信石川先生的溝通和個性對本地和內部活動有很大貢獻。 非常感謝,石川先生和豊留先生。






    Challenge to Yuzawa City’s Uptown Internship

    At AIU, we regard internship as an opportunity to learn the way of organization and the way of thinking of working people by actually working students and thinking about their career, and granting credits according to the length of the internship period, etc. Support the positive activities of There are also some internships mediated by universities, but in many cases students themselves find internship destinations.
    One such ambitious student, Hyuga Ishikawa (second year), is said to make a regional contribution at the Takamo Joint Name Company (Brand name: Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company) from Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture, from June to October 2018. I worked as an intern from the cut end. Students introduce their internships in a proactive manner as an example of their activities through the story of Mr. Ishikawa.



    一位雄心勃勃的學生,即Hyuga Ishikawa(第二年),據說將於2018年6月至10月在秋田縣湯澤市的高茂合名会社(屋号:Yamamo味噌醤油醸造商)做地區捐款。我從切入端做實習生。通過石川先生的故事,學生們以積極的方式介紹他們的實習,作為他們活動的一個例子。


    Aug. 2018_Normal Work @YAMAMO FACTORY


    Q : このインターンシップに参加したきっかけは何ですか?

    A : 人口減少や景気低迷が続く秋田県で生まれ育った私は、中高生の時から「まちおこし」などの活動に興味があり、留学前のタイミングで「まちおこしインターンシップ」に挑戦したいと考えていました。大学のキャリア開発センターに相談したところ、秋田県湯沢市で面白い活動をしている経営者がいるとのことで、さっそく連絡を取りました。その後は予想以上に話がスムーズに進み、最初の連絡から1ヵ月もしないうちに、インターンシップに参加させていただきました。


    Q: What led you to take part in this internship?

    A: Born and raised in Akita Prefecture, where population decline and economic downturn continue, I have been interested in activities such as “Machi Okoshi” since I was in junior high school, and I want to try “Machi Okoshi internship” at the timing before studying abroad. It was When I consulted with the university’s career development center, I immediately got in touch with the fact that there is a manager who has an interesting activity in Yuzawa, Akita Prefecture. After that, the talk went more smoothly than I expected, and I participated in the internship within one month from the first contact.



    答:在秋田縣出生和長大,人口下降和經濟衰退持續,我從初中開始就對“鎮振興”這樣的活動感興趣,我想在出國留學前嘗試“鎮振興實習”。 是的 當我諮詢大學的職業發展中心時,我立即聯繫到了一位經理在秋田縣湯澤市開展了一項有趣活動的事實。 之後,談話比我預期的更順利,我在第一次接觸後的一個月內參加了實習。


    Aug. 2018_Meeting @YAMAMO


    Q : どのような活動をしましたか?

    A : 秋田県湯沢市の岩崎地域では、長年、地域を流れる皆瀬川を中心に住民が生活を営んできました。地域には、川にまつわる伝説や祭りなどの伝統行事があるにもかかわらず、川での遊泳が禁止され、さらに人口減少も進んだ現在は、伝説やそれにかかわる行事も廃れていく一方でした。そんな中、岩崎にあるヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元七代目の高橋泰さんが、地域の歴史や文化を後世に残そうと立ち上がります。高橋さんは海外渡航経験を通じて、アートによってコミュニティが再生・復興した光景を目の当たりにし、その事例をモデルに、自身が生まれ育った町も同じようにして、文化や習慣を残していきたいと考えたそうです。今回、彼が活動を開始するタイミングと、私がインターンシップに挑戦するタイミングが偶然合致したことで、この機会に恵まれました。そこで私は高橋さんの補佐として、岩崎の歴史や文化に関する情報を集めることになりました。最初は、地域の歴史や文化を表すアートギャラリーを創るということが第一の目的でしたが、様々な人々との出会いを通じ、活動のゴールが多様化していきました。


    Q: What kind of activities did you do?

    A: In the Iwasaki area in Yuzawa, Akita Prefecture, residents have lived for many years, with the Minase River flowing through the area. Despite having traditional events such as river legends and festivals in the area, swimming in the river was banned, and as the population declined further, now the legends and related events are becoming obsolete. Meanwhile, Yamamoto miso soy sauce brewery former seventh Taisho Takahashi in Iwasaki stands up to leave the history and culture of the region for future generations. Mr. Takahashi saw the scene where the community was revived and restored by art through the experience of traveling abroad, and using that case as a model, he thought that he wanted to leave the culture and customs in the same way in the town where he was born and raised. This time I was blessed by the fact that when he started his activities and when I challenged the internship happened to coincide. So, as an assistant to Mr. Takahashi, I came to collect information on Iwasaki’s history and culture. At first, the primary purpose was to create an art gallery that represents the history and culture of the area, but through the encounters with various people, the goals of the activities diversified.
    It was an organic internship in which students focused on finding and solving new issues, regardless of their purpose or conventional internship type.



    答:在秋田縣湯澤的岩崎地區,居民已經生活了很多年,Minase河流經該地區。儘管該地區有傳說中的河流傳說和節日等活動,但禁止在河裡游泳,隨著人口的進一步下降,現在傳說和相關事件已經過時。與此同時,岩崎味噌醬油啤酒廠在岩崎的前第7次大正高橋站起來為後代留下該地區的歷史和文化。高橋先生看到了社區通過出國旅遊經歷復興和恢復的場景,並以此案為模型,他認為他想在他出生的城鎮以同樣的方式離開文化和習俗。這一次,我很幸運,當他開始他的活動,當我挑戰實習時恰好是重合的。 因此,作為高橋先生的助手,我來收集有關岩崎歷史和文化的信息。 起初,主要目的是創建一個代表該地區歷史和文化的藝術畫廊,但通過與各種人的相遇,活動的目標多樣化。


    Aug. 2018_Hearing @Yuzawa North Junior High School


    Q : 特に印象に残ったことはありますか?

    A : この活動の印象深い点は、学生である私が主体となって客観的に地域の現状を見つめ、課題とそれに伴う具体的な解決策を考えることができたということです。通常のインターンシップと比べ、様々な挑戦をさせてもらえました。


    Q: Have you had any particular impressions?

    A: The impressive point of this activity is that I, as a student, was able to objectively look at the current situation in the area, and to consider issues and concrete solutions that accompany it. Compared to regular internships, I was given a variety of challenges.
    About two months after I started my activities, I discovered a new issue: connecting management and employees. It was more difficult than expected to have many employees understand the innovative and creative activities of the management. However, when I was in charge of planning and managing information sessions for employees and creating materials, I was able to realize that the company was well-understood.
    Being able to experience an internship that requires a flexible response in a timely manner as such, and being able to lead to a solution to a problem discovered by myself, have a major impact on my future work style.





    Sep. 2018_Meeting with People in Iwasaki Area @ YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE


    Q : 活動を通じて実感したことや伝えたいことがあれば教えてください。

    A : 当初の目標だったアートギャラリーの立ち上げ以外に、組織開発という課題も交えながら行ったインターンシップは、中高生の時に思い描いていた単なる「まちおこし」とは大きく異なり、そのギャップに戸惑うことも多々ありました。地域や町に活力を吹き込むという活動は、外部の人材による単発の取組では持続しません。外から新たな発想やアイデアをその土地に持ち込むことも大切ですが、同時に、地元に根付く価値観や習慣を尊重することも必要だと感じました。今回のインターンシップを通して、行動を起こす人間が地域住民と目線を合わせ、地域全体を巻き込んでいく重要性に気づくことができました。



    Q: Please let us know what you realized or wanted to convey through your activities.

    A: In addition to the initial goal of the art gallery, the internship conducted with the issue of organizational development is very different from the simple “machishining” I had in mind when I was in middle school, and I often got confused by the gap. was. The activity to bring vitality to the area and the town is not sustained by single-person efforts by external personnel. It is also important to bring new ideas and ideas from the outside into the area, but at the same time I felt that it is also necessary to respect the values and customs rooted in the local community. Through this internship, we were able to realize the importance of engaging in action with the local residents and involving the entire area.

    There are many students who want to take the lead in internship at AIU, but I think the first problem they face is that they can not find an ideal internship destination in Akita Prefecture. Certainly, compared to urban areas, there may be less companies doing advanced activities and companies that frequently accept interns. However, according to the words “You can do the job you want, you can make it locally”, which is the key word in this internship, the scope and goals of the activity can be expanded to any extent, depending on the student’s own motivation.



    答:除了藝術畫廊的最初目標之外,在組織發展問題上進行的實習與我在中學時想到的簡單“機械化”非常不同,我經常對這個差距感到困惑。 有。 外部人員的單人努力不能維持為該地區和城鎮帶來活力的活動。 將新的想法和想法從外部帶入該地區也很重要,但與此同時,我覺得有必要尊重植根於當地社區的價值觀和習俗。 通過這次實習,我們能夠認識到與當地居民一起參與行動並涉及整個地區的重要性。

    有許多學生想要在AIU實習帶頭,但我認為他們面臨的第一個問題是他們在秋田縣找不到理想的實習目的地。 當然,與城市地區相比,可能會有較少的公司從事高級活動,而公司經常接受實習生。 然而,根據“你可以做你想做的工作,你可以在當地做”,這是實習的關鍵詞,活動的範圍和目標可以擴展到任何程度,取決於學生自己的動機。


    Oct. 2018_Tour for YAMAMO Employees @YAMAMO




    While there are many problems in rural areas, there are also many undiscovered local charms and potential human resources. Looking at them from an objective point of view and taking action to improve the current situation in the area is a very interesting and challenging thing. I would like to convey that I can make a job depending on my own actions without grasping the point that I live in Akita Prefecture.


    雖然農村地區存在許多問題,但也有許多未被發現的當地魅力和潛在的人力資源。 從客觀的角度看待它們並採取行動改善該地區的現狀是一件非常有趣和具有挑戰性的事情。 我想說的是,我可以根據自己的行為找到一份工作,而不必理解我住在秋田縣的觀點。


    Oct. 2018_Intergenerational Exchange @ Town Interior Hall


    2019.03.18 AIU 生 Watch_本学学生が湯沢市のまちおこしインターンシップに挑戦
    2010.03.18 AIU student Watch_ Student of The University Takes A Challenge in Town in Yuzawa City Internship
    2010.03.18 AIU 學生觀察_大學的學生在湯澤市實習在市鎮挑戰


  • 新納平太様、遠藤千恵様_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

    料理家であり、様々な社会活動を行う新納平太さん、遠藤千恵さんのお二人にお越しいただきました。Fermentators Weekの会場では共にディスカッションをする場面もあり、頭を使いながらも、美味しく楽しく、時間を過ごすことができました。ツアーの中では、お二人のお料理に向かう哲学的思考と発酵に対する深いご興味に感動しました。弊社工場での製造工程の説明と庭園の説明が「発酵」という関係性を新しく構築する工程とお二人との質疑応答がリンクし、食を取り巻く社会環境やその意義についてお話することができました。また、イヴェントでは弊社製品を使った華やかなお料理をご提供いただき、新しい可能性を感じました。是非また、お会いすることができればと思います。再会を楽しみにしております。


    Heita Niiro, Chie Endo_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

    They are a cook and has various social activities, including Mr. Heita Niiro and Ms. Chie Endo. At the Fermentators Week, there was also a discussion with me, so I was able to spend some delicious time enjoying myself while using my head. During the tour, I was impressed by the philosophical thinking and the deep interest in fermentation towards going to your dish. The process of creating a new relationship of “fermentation” by the explanation of the manufacturing process in our factory and the explanation of the garden, and the question and answer session between the two people, we can talk about the social environment surrounding food and its significance. The In addition, event provided us with colorful dishes using our products, and we were able to sense new possibilities. I hope I can see you again. We look forward to seeing you again.


    Heita Niiro, Chie Endo_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

    他是一名炊具,受到各種社交活動的新納平太先生和遠藤千恵先生的邀請。 在Fermentators Week,我也和我進行了討論,所以我可以在用腦袋的時候享受美好的時光。 在旅行期間,我對哲學思想和對發酵的興趣深深印象深刻。 通過對我廠製造過程的解釋和園林的解釋,以及兩個人之間的問答環節,創造一種新的“發酵”關係的過程,我們可以談論圍繞食物的社會環境及其意義。這是。 此外,活動使用我們的產品為我們提供了豐富多彩的菜餚,我們能夠感受到新的可能性。 我希望我能再見到你。 我們期待再次見到你。




    新納 平太 | Heita Niiro

    75年鹿児島生まれ。2000年よりBeGood CafeカフェイベントにDJとして参加。その後フードチームリーダーとなり愛知万博、各種環境型イベント等でのキッチン運営を担当。国分寺CafeSlowフードディレクタを務める。2011年よりアースデイ東京ニコルズフォレストキッチンやフジロックフェスティバルNGOビレッジでのThe ATOMIC CAFÉ 等でフードディレクションを手がける。現在は国分寺カフェスローコミュニティ内でオーガニックフードケータリングPEACEDELI、REBIRTH PROJECT CATERING、PRBAR『美味しい水曜日』主宰。


    Heita Niiro

    Born in Kagoshima in 1995. Joined BeGood Cafe as a DJ in 2000. After that he became food team leader and was in charge of kitchen management at various events such as the Aichi Expo. Served as Kofokuji CafeSlow Food Director. Since 2011, he has been working on food direction for Earth Day Tokyo Nichols Forest Kitchen and The ATOMIC CAFÉ at Fuji Rock Festival NGO Village. Currently, organic food catering PEACEDEL, REBIRTH PROJECT CATERING, PRBAR “Delicious Wednesday” in the Kokubunji Cafe Slow Community.


    新納 平太 | Heita Niiro

    1995年出生於鹿兒島。 2000年加入BeGood Cafe擔任DJ。 之後,他成為食品團隊負責人,並在愛知世博會等各種活動中負責廚房管理。 擔任Kofokuji CafeSlow Food Director。 自2011年以來,他一直致力於地球日東京尼科爾斯森林廚房和富士搖滾音樂節非政府組織的ATOMICCAFÉ的食品方向。 目前,有機食品餐飲PEACEDEL,REBIRTH PROJECT CATERING,PRBAR“美味星期三”在國分寺咖啡館慢社區。





    Fermentators Summit


    遠藤 千恵 | Chie Endo

    料理家 / ties代表
    雑誌ELLE gourmet(エル・グルメ)で人気の料理家、「ties」代表。大学卒業後、国際線乗務員として勤務したのち、 料理学校アシスタント、レストラン勤務を経て独立。 谷戸の自然豊かな神奈川・中山を拠点に、 四季折々の素材が持つ本質的な美味しさと美しさを活かしたケータリング、 出張料理、メニュー制作を「ties」として行っている。 2016年より二十四節気に沿った台所の手仕事を共に行う「手しごとの会」を主宰。


    Chie Endo

    Cooker / ties representative
    Popular cook in the magazine ELLE gourmet, “ties” representative. After graduating from university, he worked as an international flight attendant, then worked as a cooking school assistant and working at a restaurant before becoming independent. Based in Kanagawa and Nakayama, which are rich in the nature of the valley, catering, business trip cooking, and menu production are performed as “ties” that make use of the intrinsic taste and beauty of seasonal materials. Since 2016, he presides over the “Hands of Meetings” where he hand-crafts the kitchen along with the 24th season.


    遠藤 千恵 | Chie Endo

    廚師 / ties代表
    熱門廚師在雜誌ELLE gourmet,“領帶”代表。 大學畢業後,他擔任國際空乘人員,然後擔任烹飪學校助理,在餐廳工作,然後獨立。 餐廳,商務旅行烹飪和菜單製作以神奈川和中山為基礎,以餐飲,商務旅行烹飪和菜單製作為基礎,利用季節性材料的內在味道和美感。 自2016年以來,他主持了“會議之手”,在那裡他與第24季一起手工製作廚房。


    ELLE gourmet


    Fermentators Summit


    Fermentators Week






    Media Posting Announcement_YAMAMO LOCATION RENTAL

    Yuzawa-shi and Higashisease village became the subject, and I made animation of Short Movie of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter with the title “Come to find important things” as a promotion for foreign countries in these two areas. Yamamo was used as one of the winter-deviated locations. Currently summer bias and autumn bias are published on the web.

    Unlike the promotion so far, the scene where the stage actors perform acting was a special one, and I was able to feel professionalism in the whole air, expressions after the signal of starting shooting, the sense of tension of the staff. After taking a picture, we asked the performers and staff members to go through the tasting of Yamamo’s products, use cafes, take pictures, etc. I felt that the next development will be born from the edge of this time. I am looking forward to the completion of the work. Mr. Ohdaira, Ms. Ogata, thank you for the director of Yamato and the performers, thank you very much.



    湯澤市東成瀨村主要是,給了視頻製作的標題下的春,夏,秋,冬的短片的“來找到一些重要的東西”作為海外推廣的兩個區域。 Yamamo被用作冬季偏離的地點之一。目前,夏季偏見和秋季偏見在網上公佈。

    不同於以往的促銷活動,該網站是一個特殊的舞台劇演員的人的作用下,面部表情和工作人員拍攝開始的信號後的緊張,我們能夠敬業精神感覺整個空氣。在大家還表演和拍攝後的工作人員品嚐你和咖啡館使用Yamamo的產品,將進行,如攝影,我覺得從這個時間後緣將誕生下列部署。我期待著完成這項工作。 大平,緒方先生,非常感謝大和表演者的導演。







    Come to Find the Most Important Thing



  • Cordelia Polinna_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

    ベルリンの都市開発者Cordelia Polinnaにお越しいただきました。彼女とはベルリンのイヴェントの打ち上げでご一緒し、岩崎地域からレガシーを踏襲し社会の持続可能性を追求するプロジェクトに興味を持っていただき、今回の参加が実現しました。




    Cordelia Polinna_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

    I came to Cordelia Polinna, a city developer in Berlin. We joined with her at the launch of the event in Berlin, I was interested in a project pursuing the sustainability of society following the legacy from the Iwasaki area, this time participation has been realized.

    A year ago, the values changed from encounters with the urban developers of Brooklyn, and I have been deeply thinking about sustainability of the city and its role in society and its involvement as an industry. It is exhausted to work with Cordelia which embodies it in Europe.

    We were able to deeply understand our work Yamamo ‘s efforts even at the site and exchange many opinions. I am grateful. I would like to join you again.


    Cordelia Polinna_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

    我來到柏林的城市開發商Cordelia Polinna。 我們在柏林舉辦的活動中與她一起參與,我對岩崎地區的遺產追求社會可持續性的項目感興趣,這次參與已經實現。

    一年前,這些價值觀與布魯克林城市開發商的遭遇發生了變化,我一直在思考城市的可持續性及其在社會中的作用以及作為一個行業的參與。 與在歐洲體現它的Cordelia合作已經筋疲力盡。

    我們能夠深刻理解我們的工作Yamamo甚至在現場的工作並交換了許多意見。 我很感激。 我想再次加入你們。






    ©︎ fermentators week / reblue inc.


    Cordelia Polinna



    TU Completed doctoral course at Berlin University. Engaged in the London Renaissance paradigm shift city development, citizen participatory urban development plan. Afterwards Visiting Professor, New York University. Established URBANCATALYST specialized in civic participatory urban development in 2014. Many projects in Japan and overseas. Currently the urban development plan to Berlin City is the largest project.


    TU在柏林大學完成博士課程。 從事倫敦文藝復興範式轉變城市發展,公民參與城市發展計劃。 之後是紐約大學客座教授。 2014年成立了URBANCATALYST,專門從事城市參與式城市發展。 日本和海外的許多項目。 目前柏林市的城市發展計劃是最大的項目。