• コロカル商店でのお取り扱いのお知らせ_"feature" colocal x RING BELL

    Information of handling by colocal market_”feature” colocal x RING BELL

    Yamamo received coverage of colocal before. It serves as a cause and you can purchase from “colocalmarket.” There are three items, a gift set with a tote bag, a gift set with a towel, and an apron. The apron is a sales schedule from April. The digest board of former coverage is written on the page of goods introduction. It is combination of “a seasoning and tableware”, and we are pleased if you try our products. @feature

    colocal market在的处理的告知_”feature” colocal x RING BELL


    colocal market

    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company 3 items + tenugui set
    Yamamo醤醤油釀造商 3份+手擦(掉)組套

    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company 6 items + totebag set
    Yamamo醤醤油釀造商 6份+大手提袋組套

  • 3331×10 でのお取り扱いのお知らせ_"feature" 3331 Arts Chiyoda

    3331 Arts Chiyodaの一角にあるショップ、3331×10にてヤマモの商品の取り扱いが始まりました。従来の販売方法も勿論大切に思うのですが、共有する意志からくる新たな販売形式には心躍るところがあります。芸術空間の中に日常の商品がある景色は、人々に新しい価値観をもたらすのでしょう。新たな価値を築く試みに参加できること、同時代性を共有できること、非常に感謝しております。そんなワクワクが詰まった店舗を、ぜひ、体験してみてください。

    Information of handling by 3331x10_”feature” 3331 Arts Chiyoda

    Handling of the goods of Yamamo started in 3331×10 in one corner of 3331 Arts Chiyoda. I consider the conventional sales method carefully. And I further expect a new sales form which comes from the will to share. The scene which has everyday goods in art space builds a new sense of values to people. I am happy that it can participate in building new value. Moreover, I appreciate that contemporaneity is sharable. Please experience a store with expectation of such many. @feature
    3331×10在的处理的告知_”feature” 3331 Arts Chiyoda

    3331 Arts Chiyoda一角有的3331×10Yamamo的商品的处理开始了。我重要地考虑以前的销售方法。又我更加期待着来自(源于)共享的意志的新的销售形式。艺术空间中有日常的商品的景色,形成向(到)人们新的价值观。我对能参加为制作新的价值的感到高兴。还有,对能共享同时代性的表示感谢。请试着体验有那样的多的期待的店铺。

  • 47 GIFT 2013 -お中元- での販売のお知らせ_"feature" D&DEPARTMENT

    会期 2013年7月19日 – 2013年9月29日

    時間 11:00 – 20:00(入場は19:30まで)※9月17日、18日は休館となります

    場所 d47 MUSEUM



    Information of sales of 47 GIFT 2013 – summer gift- _”feature” D&DEPARTMENT

    Date   July 19 – September 29, 2013
    Time   11:00 – 20:00 (Entrance is to 19:30)  *It will be closed on September 17,  18. 
    Place  d47 MUSEUM

    < Extract > 

    Japan divided into 47 has a mountain and the sea, and has rich nature. A historied traditional dainty. The famous sweets produced because the tourist industry is prosperous. Alcohol, rice, dried noodles, etc. We did boxing of the vessel which eats them as unique GIFT together. We exhibited the assortment of 47 kinds of such food. You need to feel individuality of Japan and need to present GIFT to the person who was indebted. Please realize Japan.

    在47 GIFT 2013-中元節節禮物品-的銷售的告知 _”feature” D&DEPARTMENT

    會期 2013年7月19日-2013年9月29日

    時間 11:00 -20:00(入場連19:30)※9月17日,18日成為閉館

    地方 d47 MUSEUM

    < 摘錄 >


    渋谷ヒカリエ8階、47 GIFT 2013 -お中元- で「あじ自慢 300ml」が販売されます。稲庭うどん、つゆ、いぶりがっこ、曲げ輪っぱという秋田のお中元の中に選んでいただきました。木桶で一定期間熟成させ、まるみと熟成感のある「あじ自慢」を、秋田の食材で味わうことができます。また、各県にちなんだキャッチコピーとディスプレイの展示も見応えがあります。弊社パンフレットもディスプレイの一部に組み込んでいただいております。合わせてお楽しみいただければと思います。ぜひ、足を運んでみてください。

    “Ajijiman 300ml” is sold in the event of the eighth floor of Shibuya Hikarie. The gifts of Akita are Inaniwaudon, Tsuyu, Iburigakko, and Magewappa. Our products were chosen into this gift. “Ajijiman” carries out certain fixed period maturing with wooden barrels, and becomes a taste with balance and a feeling of maturing. This can be tasted with the foods of Akita. Moreover, the catch copy of each prefecture and exhibition of a display are also wonderful. Our pamphlet is also exhibited as a display. I think if you can enjoy also here. Please visit. @feature


    The purchase of “Ajijiman” is from here. 


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_秋田県公式観光サイト [アキタファン]

    秋田県の公式観光サイト“アキタファン”にてYAMAMO FACTORY TOURとコースランチを取材していただきました。記事は岩崎地域の取材になっており、石孫本店さんとmomotoseさんに立ち寄り、ヤマモにお越しいただく内容となっております。個性ある店舗や事業所が際立つことによって、地域が認識され、地域ブランドに成長していく。地元に根ざした伝統産業としては、地域に対してそのような発展の仕方をイメージし、取り組みを続けてきました。地域全体として、広く伝えていただきながらも、弊社でなければならないコンテンツや取り組みに磨きをかけ、歩みを進めていきたいと思います。


    Notice of Newspaper Publication_Official Akita Prefecture Tourism Site [Akita Fun]

    The official tourism site of Akita Prefecture, “Akita Fun,” covered our YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR and course lunch. The article covered the Iwasaki area, stopping by Ishimago Honten and momotose, and asking visitors to visit Yamamo. By making unique stores and establishments stand out, the region will be recognized and grow into a regional brand. As a traditional industry rooted in the local community, we have imagined such a process for the region and have been working on it. We would like to continue to refine and promote the contents and initiatives that are unique to our company, while having them conveyed to the region as a whole.


    報紙出版_秋田縣官方觀光網站[Akita Fun]

    在秋田縣的官方觀光網站”Akita fan”採訪YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR和套餐午餐了。 文章涵蓋了岩崎地區,內容是您將順便拜訪石孫本店先生和momotose先生訪問Yamamo。 通過讓獨特的商店和商業機構脫穎而出,該地區將得到認可,並將成長為一個地區品牌。 作為植根於當地的傳統產業,我們一直在為該地區打造這樣一個過程的形象。 我想完善和推進必須是我們公司的內容和舉措,同時讓我們了解整個地區。






    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company is a long-established brewery established in 1867, but it might be more accurate to describe it as an innovative brewery. Before reading the text, please take a peek at the following link.
    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company official website: https://yamamo1867.com

    Did you get the idea? From the text, photos, and product packaging design, you can see that the brewer is trying to go beyond the stereotypes. I feel inspired just by looking at it.


    Yamamo味噌醤油醸造商是一家歷史悠久的啤酒廠,成立於 1867 年,但將其描述為創新啤酒廠可能更正確。 在閱讀正文之前,請先看一下下面的鏈接。
    山毛味噌醬油釀造官方主頁 https://yamamo1867.com

    你明白嗎。 從發布的文字、照片和產品包裝設計,你可以看到試圖跳過啤酒商先入為主的觀念的態度。 光是看就會給你靈感。






    However, what I thought was even more wonderful was the will to create change from the local level that was expressed by Mr. Takahashi the 7th, who is in charge of creative direction, and Mr. Sawaguchi of the Social Transformation Division.

    Customers want the same taste, but if we don’t change, the industry will end. We have to evolve with the changing world and our subjective view of why we do what we do. Therefore, we are attempting to reconstruct traditional Japanese industry with creativity and aesthetics, utilizing our personal subjectivity and the heritage that lies in the land. I believe that this will lead to becoming a singularity in the world and attracting people from both inside and outside Japan” – these sincere words touched my heart.


    然而,我認為更美妙的是,正如負責創意先鋒的第 7 代高橋先生和社會變革部的澤口先生所說的那樣,打算在當地帶來變革。







    A laboratory was set up in the brewery to conduct experiments on yeast culture and fermentation, as well as research on unique bacteria derived from test brewing. The knowledge gained here is used in the brewing of miso and soy sauce, as well as in the dishes served at the brewery’s cafe. They are also in the final stages of making wine using their own yeast, which started as a result of the research in the lab, and were preparing to set up a cellar and sales space on the premises.

    There are other noteworthy topics as well. The construction of a new tea ceremony room, which will be a new feature of the brewery tour, is underway, as is the construction of a new koji room for challenging brewing. There are also plans to develop the starter (food served before an appetizer) in the malt cellar, which is currently offered as a full course dinner, and to serve experimental dishes in front of the koji room. The next time you visit, the scenery you see will surely have changed dramatically.








    After being shown around the warehouse, it was time to have some fun. All the dishes are supervised by chefs from Japan and abroad, and the appetizer is a salad that utilizes vegetarian cooking methods. The appetizer was a salad using vegetarian cooking methods, with fried, steamed, and sauteed vegetables, tofu mousse fermented with yeast, and sea foie gras mousse fermented with yeast, accompanied by nuts roasted with Yamamo brand soy sauce, and a dressing made by fermenting yogurt with their own yeast. The level of care and attention to detail is unbelievable. It was a dish that allowed me to feel the enthusiasm of its creators and to realize the depth of yeast.


    在被引導穿過啤酒廠後,這是一段有趣的時光。 所有菜餚均由國內外廚師監督,開胃菜是使用素食食譜的沙拉。 將炒菜、蒸菜、炒菜與酵母發酵豆腐慕斯和海膽酵母發酵慕斯混合,搭配Yamamo牌醬油烤製的配菜堅果,或者用我們自己的酵母發酵酸奶製成的調料,不尋常的精細程度。 這是一道足以讓您真正感受到酵母深度的同時感受到製造商熱情的菜餚。






    The main course was a confit of fermented Ezo deer fillet. Yeast is also used here to tenderize the meat, cover the odor peculiar to gibier, and increase the umami flavor. The combination of high protein, low fat, and healthy venison with yeast was so delicious that I felt as if my body was rejoicing every time I put it in my mouth.

    The dessert was gelato. The sauce made from the family’s own miso and soy sauce accented the gelato well, and the chocolate and nuts kneaded into the gelato gave it a different taste and texture. I would also like to add that all three dishes went wonderfully well with non-alcoholic champagne.


    主菜是發酵梅花鹿肉片。 在這裡,酵母也用來軟化肉,掩蓋雞別特有的氣味,改善鮮味。 高蛋白、低脂肪、健康的鹿肉和酵母的美味組合,讓我每次放進嘴裡都感覺很開心。

    甜點是冰淇淋。 使用家傳的味噌和醬油的醬汁作為調料效果很好,巧克力和堅果的揉捏使味道和質地的變化令人愉悅。一次,兩次或三次都是美味的甜點。 我還要補充一點,這三種產品都與不含酒精的香檳完美兼容。


    〜半径200メートルの小宇宙〜 ノンアル女子の発酵ひとり旅
    〜Microcosm of a 200-meter radius – A non-alcoholic woman’s solo journey through fermentation


  • 新聞掲載のお知らせ_河北新報



    Notice of Newspaper Publication_Kahoku Shimpo

    Yamamo’s efforts were featured in the Kahoku Shimpo on May 8. From researching the yeast used in miso and soy sauce production to brewing wine, we are delighted to create unknown products that are tied to our company while working across industries. Especially in winemaking, Z. rouxii, to which Viamver yeast belongs, is considered a spoilage organism in wine. This is the world’s first wine made with rouxii, which was created by continuing to explore the yeast without being bound by conventional values. This article was also featured on Yahoo! News. We hope you will take a look at it. _mediainfo._newspaper



    Yamamo的努力於5月8日發表在河北新報上。 從味噌醬油釀造酵母的研究到釀酒,我們很高興在跨行業的同時創造與我們公司相關的未知產品。 特別是在釀酒中,Viamver酵母所屬的Z.rouxii被認為是葡萄酒中的腐敗細菌。 可以說,酵母是世界上第一個rouxii釀造葡萄酒,它是通過不斷探索而誕生的,不受傳統價值的束縛。 在Yahoo!新聞中也有此文章。 我希望你閱讀它。


    Kahoku Shimpo, May 8, 2021



    新酵母 みそから発見 湯沢の醸造元と県の研究センター


    うま味成分約2倍、果実似の香り ワインなど新商品を開発



    New Yeast Discovered in Miso Brewing Company and Prefectural Research Center

    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company, which has been brewing miso and soy sauce in Yuzawa City for over 150 years, and the Akita Prefectural Food Research Center (Akita City) have succeeded in collecting new yeast from the company’s miso and developed a fermented liquid of the new yeast. New products such as wine made with the new yeast have been completed, and expectations are high for the spread of fermented foods.
    The new yeast contains 1.5 to 2 times more succinic acid, a component of umami, than other yeasts. It is characterized by an aroma similar to that of fruit or ginjo, and is also effective in tenderizing meat.

    Development of new products, including wine, with about twice the umami ingredients and fruit-like aroma

    The company and the center began joint research in 2018, and discovered a new yeast in the company’s miso in 2007. In 2007, they discovered a new yeast in the company’s miso, completed a fermentation solution for cultivating the yeast, and applied for a patent in February 2008. The new products include wine and bread made with the new yeast, soy sauce, Hinai Jidori chicken paste, salt made by drying the fermentation liquid, and caviar marinated in soy sauce made with the new yeast. The wine is a pale orange color with a distinctly mellow, fruit-like aroma. The caviar’s fishy smell has been removed by the yeast.
    The company plans to make 300 bottles of wine and sell 750ml bottles for 5,000 yen (tax not included) after the summer. The Yamamo Garden Cafe, which is attached to the company, offers a course meal using caviar and other ingredients.
    Yasushi Takahashi, 41, the seventh generation of the company, said, “It has potential as a new seasoning and can be used in a variety of dishes. I hope it will lead the fermented food culture in the prefecture.





    我們將生產300瓶葡萄酒,併計劃在夏季後以5000日元(不含稅)的價格出售一瓶750毫升的酒。該公司附帶的“ Yamamo Garden Cafe”提供使用魚子醬和其他食材的套餐。


    May 16, 2021, 19:22 distributed by KAHOKU SHIMPO ONLINE NEWS