• コロカル商店でのお取り扱いのお知らせ_"feature" colocal x RING BELL

    Information of handling by colocal market_”feature” colocal x RING BELL

    Yamamo received coverage of colocal before. It serves as a cause and you can purchase from “colocalmarket.” There are three items, a gift set with a tote bag, a gift set with a towel, and an apron. The apron is a sales schedule from April. The digest board of former coverage is written on the page of goods introduction. It is combination of “a seasoning and tableware”, and we are pleased if you try our products. @feature

    colocal market在的处理的告知_”feature” colocal x RING BELL


    colocal market

    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company 3 items + tenugui set
    Yamamo醤醤油釀造商 3份+手擦(掉)組套

    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company 6 items + totebag set
    Yamamo醤醤油釀造商 6份+大手提袋組套

  • 3331×10 でのお取り扱いのお知らせ_"feature" 3331 Arts Chiyoda

    3331 Arts Chiyodaの一角にあるショップ、3331×10にてヤマモの商品の取り扱いが始まりました。従来の販売方法も勿論大切に思うのですが、共有する意志からくる新たな販売形式には心躍るところがあります。芸術空間の中に日常の商品がある景色は、人々に新しい価値観をもたらすのでしょう。新たな価値を築く試みに参加できること、同時代性を共有できること、非常に感謝しております。そんなワクワクが詰まった店舗を、ぜひ、体験してみてください。

    Information of handling by 3331x10_”feature” 3331 Arts Chiyoda

    Handling of the goods of Yamamo started in 3331×10 in one corner of 3331 Arts Chiyoda. I consider the conventional sales method carefully. And I further expect a new sales form which comes from the will to share. The scene which has everyday goods in art space builds a new sense of values to people. I am happy that it can participate in building new value. Moreover, I appreciate that contemporaneity is sharable. Please experience a store with expectation of such many. @feature
    3331×10在的处理的告知_”feature” 3331 Arts Chiyoda

    3331 Arts Chiyoda一角有的3331×10Yamamo的商品的处理开始了。我重要地考虑以前的销售方法。又我更加期待着来自(源于)共享的意志的新的销售形式。艺术空间中有日常的商品的景色,形成向(到)人们新的价值观。我对能参加为制作新的价值的感到高兴。还有,对能共享同时代性的表示感谢。请试着体验有那样的多的期待的店铺。

  • 47 GIFT 2013 -お中元- での販売のお知らせ_"feature" D&DEPARTMENT

    会期 2013年7月19日 – 2013年9月29日

    時間 11:00 – 20:00(入場は19:30まで)※9月17日、18日は休館となります

    場所 d47 MUSEUM



    Information of sales of 47 GIFT 2013 – summer gift- _”feature” D&DEPARTMENT

    Date   July 19 – September 29, 2013
    Time   11:00 – 20:00 (Entrance is to 19:30)  *It will be closed on September 17,  18. 
    Place  d47 MUSEUM

    < Extract > 

    Japan divided into 47 has a mountain and the sea, and has rich nature. A historied traditional dainty. The famous sweets produced because the tourist industry is prosperous. Alcohol, rice, dried noodles, etc. We did boxing of the vessel which eats them as unique GIFT together. We exhibited the assortment of 47 kinds of such food. You need to feel individuality of Japan and need to present GIFT to the person who was indebted. Please realize Japan.

    在47 GIFT 2013-中元節節禮物品-的銷售的告知 _”feature” D&DEPARTMENT

    會期 2013年7月19日-2013年9月29日

    時間 11:00 -20:00(入場連19:30)※9月17日,18日成為閉館

    地方 d47 MUSEUM

    < 摘錄 >


    渋谷ヒカリエ8階、47 GIFT 2013 -お中元- で「あじ自慢 300ml」が販売されます。稲庭うどん、つゆ、いぶりがっこ、曲げ輪っぱという秋田のお中元の中に選んでいただきました。木桶で一定期間熟成させ、まるみと熟成感のある「あじ自慢」を、秋田の食材で味わうことができます。また、各県にちなんだキャッチコピーとディスプレイの展示も見応えがあります。弊社パンフレットもディスプレイの一部に組み込んでいただいております。合わせてお楽しみいただければと思います。ぜひ、足を運んでみてください。

    “Ajijiman 300ml” is sold in the event of the eighth floor of Shibuya Hikarie. The gifts of Akita are Inaniwaudon, Tsuyu, Iburigakko, and Magewappa. Our products were chosen into this gift. “Ajijiman” carries out certain fixed period maturing with wooden barrels, and becomes a taste with balance and a feeling of maturing. This can be tasted with the foods of Akita. Moreover, the catch copy of each prefecture and exhibition of a display are also wonderful. Our pamphlet is also exhibited as a display. I think if you can enjoy also here. Please visit. @feature


    The purchase of “Ajijiman” is from here. 


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_BRUTUS®_November Issue





    News of Article Publication_BRUTUS®_November Issue

    The November issue of BRUTUS® features an article on Yamamo. Under the theme of “A delicious overnight trip that will change your life,” eight destinations from across Japan are featured in the article, “Visit the New Star of Fermentation, Innovation in the Northern Tohoku Region. Our new service is featured under the title “Visit the New Star of Fermentation, Innovating in the Northern Tohoku Region.

    The “Dinner Tour,” which allows guests to experience the effects of Viamver®︎ yeast, the core of innovative fermentation, will feature 9 dishes and 9 pairings served in 5 different locations, including a Moromi warehouse with over 100 year old wooden barrels and a tea house associated with architect Chenichi Shirai. The event will be held at five different locations, including a Moromi warehouse with over 100-year-old wooden barrels and a tea house related to the architect Chenichi Shirai. By pairing not only the same yeast but also various architectural spaces, visitors will be able to experience the environment and background that led to the discovery of the special yeast, as well as the culture and climate that has been spun out through the interaction between the Takahashi family and cultural figures.

    The article also touches on Chef Sato and researcher Mr. Kimura from the outside team, and captures the efforts that have been made with experts and on an evidence basis. Everyone on the team is delighted that what started as a simple café menu has become a full-fledged restaurant in three years. We hope that this media outlet will be an opportunity for you to experience the new world of fermentation._mediainfo._magazine


    報紙出版_BRUTUS®_November Issue

    一篇關於 Yamamo 的文章發表在 11 月號的 BRUTUS® 上。 以“改變生活的美味過夜旅行”為主題,挑選了來自全國的8個旅遊目的地,以及以“探訪為北東北帶來創新的發酵新星”為主題的新服務。 ”是特色。






    髙橋 泰



    Visit to the New Star of Fermentation, an Innovator in the Northern Tohoku Region.

    Yasushi Takahashi
    Born in Akita Prefecture in 1979.
    <He is the seventh generation of the Yamamo Brewery. In 2020, he discovered the yeast “Vianver” and presented it to the Japanese Society of Brewing Science. Obtained patent for microorganism.

    A brewery that innovates the basic technology of traditional miso and soy sauce and produces dishes unimaginable from a traditional brewery. And a brewery that pioneers a new genre of sake in the world of sake, which is said to be impossible for newcomers to enter. From Yuzawa to Oga, a trip to visit innovative Akita breweries.



    高橋 泰
    <山茂味噌醬油釀造商> 第7代。 我們通過向海外出口產品和接待入境游客來擴大業務。 2020年,他發現了酵母“Vienver”,並將其贈送給日本釀酒協會。 獲得微生物專利。

    創新傳統味噌和醬油的基本技術,生產傳統啤酒廠無法想像的菜餚的啤酒廠。 以及在清酒世界中開闢新酒類的釀酒廠,據說這對新進入者來說是不可能的。 從湯澤前往男鹿,參觀秋田的創新啤酒廠。









    Pursuing a new world of food from a unique yeast.

    In Akita Prefecture, where miso, soy sauce, sake, and other fermented foods have long been popular, there are two people whose unique approaches are attracting attention in the food world. To meet these two new stars of publishing, we first visited the Yamamo Miso Soy Sauce Brewery in Yuzawa City.

    The Iwasaki area of Yuzawa City has long been a popular area for miso and shoyu brewing, and Yasushi Takahashi, the seventh-generation owner of the brewery, has been putting his new ideas into practice one after another. The café-restaurant he has opened in the brewery serves dishes made with a special yeast discovered in the brewery and named “Viamver®. The yeast was analyzed with the help of a microbiologist specializing in microbiology and fermentation, and its characteristics were extracted from the food. We marinate meat and fish in Viamver® yeast solution to soften them, and season them with the flavor and salt necessary for the yeast to ferment,” says Takahashi.

    Furthermore, research has shown that Viamver® produces more alcohol than other yeasts. This is surprising because it has been applied to sake brewing.

    In the wine world, yeast such as Viamver® is considered a spoilage fungus and is frowned upon, but we have developed an original wine using Viamver®,” says Takahashi. This “Proslogion” wine made with Niagara grapes has no peculiarities and goes well with food. Thus, a single yeast full-pairing course was completed, using Viamver® for all dishes and wines.




    湯澤市的岩崎地區長期以來一直是味噌醬油生產的繁榮地區。第七代高橋泰,一個又一個的新想法成型。倉庫中開設的咖啡餐廳使用倉庫中發現的一種名為“Viamver®”的特殊酵母供應菜餚。在專門研究微生物和發酵的千鶴研究員的合作下,分析了這種酵母,並提出了菜餚的特點。 “當我研究它時,我發現它產生的琥珀酸是一種鮮味成分,與味噌衍生的酵母相比,它的產量大約高出 1.5 倍。我們用鮮味和酵母發酵所需的鹽對其進行調味,”高橋說。

    此外,研究表明 Viamver®比其他酵母產生更多的酒精。我很驚訝地發現這被應用於清酒釀造。

    “在葡萄酒的世界裡,像 Viamver®這樣的酵母被認為是腐敗真菌並受到憎恨,但我們使用 Viamver®開發了一種原創葡萄酒。” Proslogion 是一種由尼亞加拉葡萄釀製的葡萄酒,沒有特色,與食物搭配得很好。這樣,一個完整的使用 Viamver®的單一酵母搭配所有菜餚和葡萄酒的課程就完成了。



    1 湯沢市から車で10分ほどの<ヤマモ味噌醬油醸造元>。老舗の佇まいだが、内装はスタイリッシュに改装されている。
    2 店頭のショップには、ヤマモの主力商品である醤油などが並ぶ。パッケージがリデザインされていても昔から変わらぬ味。
    3 ヴィアンヴァー酵母や発酵についてもレクチャーしてくれる。
    4 醤油より旨味の強い「ヴィアンヴァーソイソース」(1,836円)と「ヴィアンヴァーヴェジタブルソルト」(2,052円)。
    5 ヴィアンヴァーを発酵させて造ったオリジナルワイン「プロスロギオン」。これをペアリングのベースにし、アレンジ。


    1 Yamamo Brewery is a 10-minute drive from Yuzawa City. It has the appearance of a long-established business, but the interior has been stylishly renovated.
    2 Yamamo’s mainstay products, including soy sauce, are displayed in the storefront store. The packaging may have been redesigned, but the taste is the same as it has always been.
    3 Viamver® also gives lectures on yeast and fermentation.
    4 “Viamver® Soy Sauce” (1,836 yen) and “Viamver® Vegetable Salt” (2,052 yen) have a stronger flavor than soy sauce.
    5 “Proslogion,” an original wine made by fermenting Viamver®. This was used as the base for the pairing and arranged.


    1 從湯澤市<Yamamo味噌醬油釀酒醸造商>開車約10分鐘。 看似老字號的店鋪,內部裝修時尚。
    2 店麵店裡,排列著醬油等山茂的主打商品。 即使包裝已經重新設計,味道還是一樣的。
    3 他還將講授 Viamver®酵母和發酵。
    4 比醬油味道更濃郁的“Viamver®醬油”(1,836日元)和“Viamver®蔬菜鹽”(2,052日元)。
    5 Viamver®發酵釀製的原酒“Proslogion”。 將此用作配對和排列的基礎。









    An interactive dinner tour of five locations

    Finally, we were served the full course. Although the photos do not show all of the dishes, the dinner will be held at five different locations, using not only the regular restaurant space but also the entire warehouse space. It is designed as a culinary experience that allows visitors to enjoy the factory tour and dinner at the same time.

    The dinner begins at the Moromi-Gura. In a space lined with wooden barrels that are more than 100 years old and bearing the target year and have a strong Moromi aroma, you will be served “Proslogion” wine along with finger foods. Next, we moved on to the “first storehouse”. After the second appetizer, we moved to the restaurant space, where three kinds of fresh seafood were served with doburoku. We used doburoku as a rice to make it look like sushi,” said Mr. Takahashi. The doburoku was made from the up-and-coming brewery Ina to Agave Brewery in Oga, which was to be visited the next day, and doburoku from Tonoya, an auberge in Tono City, Iwate Prefecture. Mr. Takahashi commissioned both of these unique brewers to brew doburoku with Viamver®, and it was a success. The product is scheduled to be commercialized in the near future. After the salad and main dish of fish, we were shown to a tea ceremony room called “Yugen-seki,” which was designed by an architect with close ties to Akita. The next stop was a tea room called “Yugen-seki,” named after the calligraphy “Yugen” by architect Seiichi Shirai, who has close ties to Akita Prefecture. The fact that the tea room was set up between the fish and meat entrees, where soup and tea were served, was quite unique. Then it was back to the restaurant for the meat main course. This lamb was again superb. It was juicy without any smell, and the two kinds of sauce made from fermented grapes and mandarin oranges added a complex sweet and sour flavor. The meal ends with dessert and dessert cocktails in the tatami room overlooking the garden. It was an intense experience for all five senses, not just the palate.

    By working with a variety of people across barriers, including sake breweries, we can do innovative things.

    Mr. Takahashi plans to purchase an old house near this site and turn it into an auberge. His innovation has not yet stopped.




    晚餐從森村開始。在裝滿 100 多年曆史的木桶並散發著濃郁的醪香的空間中,您可以享用手抓食物和葡萄酒“Proslogion”。接下來,我們搬到了一個叫做“第一倉庫”的倉庫。在這個歷史悠久的倉庫裡吃了兩道開胃菜後,我們去了餐廳空間。 3個項目是3種新鮮海鮮,每種都配有濁酒。 “我用濁酒作為壽司飯,讓它看起來像壽司,”高橋說。 濁酒的水源來自男鹿的新銳釀酒廠和岩手縣遠野市的Auberge的濁酒。高橋先生委託兩位獨特的釀酒師使用Viamver®釀造濁酒並成功。計劃於近期投入生產。之後,我們繼續在餐廳享用沙拉和魚主菜,然後我們被引導到名為幽玄席的茶室。這是一間以與秋田有深厚淵源的建築師白井晟一的書法“幽玄”命名的茶室。在魚肉主菜之間設置茶室,供應湯品和茶水,頗具特色。然後我們回到餐廳享用肉類主菜。這款朗姆酒也很棒。兩種類型的發酵葡萄和橘子醬增加了複雜的甜味和酸味。晚上在俯瞰花園的榻榻米房間里以甜點和甜點雞尾酒結束。這是一種強烈的體驗,不僅可以品嚐,還可以用所有五種感官感受。















    Dinner tour starts!

    The starter is a space filled with the aroma of Moromi.
    Finger food of pork marinated in Viamver® sommelier (marinade), served on a pie with grapes and blue cheese. The meat is soft and tender.

    The first storehouse
    Gibier is also an elegant dish with improved meat quality.
    At the Hatsudai no Kura, Yamamo’s oldest restaurant. Mushrooms are served with pork, sweet potatoes, maitake mushrooms, and other ingredients. The meat has no odor and melts in the mouth, making it hard to believe it is venison.

    Fresh seafood and doburoku are used as a sushi appetizer.
    Octopus, bonito, and flatfish are served with a mixture of mizumoto and lime, mizumoto and red wine, and mizumoto and doburoku, respectively. The glass is a Gali-style chandigafu.

    Salad representing the Iwasaki area.
    The leafy vegetables are hydroponically grown using geothermal heat from Yuzawa City. Fermented sweetfish liver and tofu, spinach mousse and edible cricket powder are also available. A cup of fermented cherries and prothlogion.

    Tea Room
    Tea and soup at the tea room to refresh the palate before the main course.
    A small amount of iburigakko was added to hojicha tea from in Shizuoka. The tea has a slight smoky flavor, and the addition of Viamver® salt gives it a dashi-like taste. The soup is Shadow Queen Vichyssoise.

    The main dish is the essence of Viamver®.
    The main meat dish is lamb from Shirakami, Akita Prefecture. The lamb is marinated in a yeast sommelier solution, so it is very tender and has none of the characteristic odor. The drink is “Nama-Hashiroshi,” a doburoku made by Toonoya.

    Zashiki (tatami room)
    Finish off your meal with a dessert in the living room-like tatami room.
    Soy gelato and crème brûlée made with 20-year-aged miso. For the first time, dessert tastes like miso soy sauce. Served with Proslogion, which is arranged like a noble rot wine.

    Yamamo Brewery
    Established in 1867. Products such as Amashio soy sauce, Ajijman (men-tsuyu), and low-temperature-aged miso “Yukikaze” are also popular.
    Lunch 11:00 – 15:00, Dinner 18:00 – 22:00 (reservation required). Cafe 10:00-17:00. Closed irregularly. Full-pairing dinner tour 33,000 yen.



    用 Viamver® Saumur 液體(醃製液體)醃製的豬肉手指食品,放在帶有葡萄和藍紋奶酪的餡餅上。肉又軟又嫩。


    章魚、鰹魚和比目魚混合米飯和龍舌蘭水本和酸橙,水本和紅酒,以及水本和遠野屋濁酒。玻璃是 Gari 風格的 Shandy Gaff。


    靜岡縣的焙茶中添加了少量的iburi gakko。一種帶有輕微煙熏味的茶。添加 Viamver® 鹽可增加鮮味,使其嘗起來像湯料。湯是影子女王維希索絲。

    Viamver® 真正超值的主菜。
    主要的肉是秋田縣白神產的羊肉。在酵母 Saumur 液體中醃製,沒有獨特的氣味,非常柔軟。飲料是濁酒“生酛”。

    用大豆冰淇淋和 20 年陳釀味噌製成的焦糖布丁。甜點第一次嘗起來像味噌醬油。像貴腐酒一樣排列著序號。

    成立於 1867 年(京王 3 年)。 其他受歡迎的產品包括 甘塩醬油、味自慢、和低溫陳年味噌“雪解”。
    秋田縣湯澤市岩崎124☎0183-73-2902。 午餐 11:00-15:00,晚餐 18:00-22:00(需預約)。 咖啡廳從 10:00 到 17:00。 不定期的假期。 全配對晚餐之旅 33,000 日元。







    ○About “BRUTUS®︎”

    BRUTUS®︎ is a comprehensive pop culture magazine published bi-weekly on the 1st and 15th of every month by Magazine House, Inc.



    BRUTUS®︎ 是由 Magazine House Co., Ltd. 於每月 1 日和 15 日每隔一周出版的綜合流行文化雜誌。


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_Forbs Japan_September Issue

    Forbs Japan9月号の“POSITIVE IMPACT GUIDE / 「新しい主役たち」が世界に実装するインパクト100”の特集号でヤマモの取り組みが掲載されております。地域にある文化を拾い上げ、価値に変えてきた「CULTUREPRENEURS」の観点で弊社が選定されております。




    News of Article Publication_Forbs Japan_September Issue

    Yamamo is featured in the “POSITIVE IMPACT GUIDE” in the September issue of Forbs Japan. Yamamo was selected as one of the “CULTUREPRENEURS” that have picked up local culture and turned it into value.

    Local cultures are formed in accordance with the local climate. Because we live in an area with heavy snowfall, brewers have long lived and worked collectively at the brewery. They lived together for food, clothing, and shelter, and the boundary between public and private life was blurred, so the tools and daily necessities for the kurain remain in the warehouses, giving visitors a sense of the unique culture. In addition, there remains the wisdom and systems to maintain and manage the fungal ecosystem of brewing in the heavy snow and the seasonal flora and fauna in the gardens.

    We are considering how we can incorporate the values and ideas derived from these wisdoms into our industries and services. Starting with our current project of making products with new yeast, we are thinking of restructuring and touring the culture that remains in the warehouses, such as creating tea houses, tending the gardens, and managing the fields, to keep the old and new attractive values alive for the future while turning the economy around. We hope you will take a look at the article.


    報紙出版_Forbs Japan_September Issue

    Yamamo的文章發表在日本福布斯9月刊的“POSITIVE IMPACT GUIDE / 世界新主角”實施的“積極影響指南100”特刊上。我公司是從“CULTUREPRENEURS”的角度選擇的。








    「文化的成熟度」と「経済的インパクト」/ カルチャープレナーが生む「新価値」






    Impact of the “New Protagonists” on the World
    Cultural Maturity and Economic Impact / New Value” Created by Cultural Planners

    We believe that culture planners who are attached to their culture and region and create added value will play an important role in Japan. There will be a greater need for players who can add new value to national and regional cultural resources and commercialize them. Furthermore, rediscovery and reinterpretation of attractive cultural resources that have not yet been given value will become more important. The role will be to build new circuits of culture and consumption in the “everyday” lives of people around the world, as well as to people around the world who are interested in Japanese culture, such as Japanese food and Zen.

    People who have successfully picked up the culture of a country or region and turned it into value have existed throughout Japan for some time. However, it is necessary to redefine them as important, naming them “culture planners” rather than “people who are doing something revolutionary in the community. If the national government, local governments, and private sector can create an environment that facilitates the sharing of know-how and the dissemination of information to the world, their appeal and value will grow, and Japan’s cultural maturity will likewise increase. (Article excerpt)

    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Co.
    Founded in 1867. Yasushi Takahashi, the seventh generation, rebranded the company and began exporting miso and soy sauce products overseas in 2012. He organized inbound tours and set up his own cafe-restaurant and art gallery. In recent years, he has formed a yeast research and development team.



    “文化成熟度”與“經濟影響力” / 文化策劃者創造的“新價值


    成功地接受並重視一個國家或地區的文化的人遍布日本。但是,有必要將他們命名為“文化規劃者”而不是“在該地區做革命事情的人”,並將他們重新定義為重要的存在。如果國家政府、地方政府和私營部門創造一個易於向世界分享知識和傳播信息的環境,它的吸引力和價值就會增加,日本的文化成熟度也會隨著時間的推移而增加。出色地。 (文章節選)

    1867 一般業務。 2012年第七代高橋泰更名並開始向海外出口味噌和醬油產品。 他計劃了一次入境旅遊,並自己開設了一家咖啡館餐廳和藝術畫廊。 近年來,他組建了酵母研發團隊。


    Forbs Japan


    ○”Forbs Japan”とは



    ○About “Forbs Japan”

    Newly launched in June 2014 as the Japanese edition of Forbes, a global business magazine that operates in 47 countries around the world. For readers with a global perspective, Forbes curates articles from Forbes’ home country editions and editions from around the world, and presents the world’s most cutting-edge information along with original articles from Japan. Forbes’ mission is to bring the people, ideas, and technologies that are changing the world to the business executive community. Forbes Japan is building on Forbes’ 100-year history, trust, and network of influential and powerful people to deliver the world’s most cutting-edge information in a variety of formats through the magazine, the Web, events, and other platforms.


    ○什麼是“Forbs Japan

    2014 年 6 月作為全球商業雜誌《Forbs》的日文版新推出,該雜誌在全球 47 個國家/地區開展業務。 對於具有全球視野的讀者,我們為福布斯的祖國和每個國家策劃文章,並將世界上最先進的信息與來自日本的原創文章一起發送。 Forbs的使命是將有關改變世界的人、思想和技術的信息帶給企業高管社區。 Forbs Japan基於“Forbs”100年的歷史和信任以及具有影響力的權勢人物網絡等資產,通過雜誌、網絡和活動等平台,以各種形式提供世界上最先進的信息。我正在發送。