• コロカル商店でのお取り扱いのお知らせ_"feature" colocal x RING BELL

    Information of handling by colocal market_”feature” colocal x RING BELL

    Yamamo received coverage of colocal before. It serves as a cause and you can purchase from “colocalmarket.” There are three items, a gift set with a tote bag, a gift set with a towel, and an apron. The apron is a sales schedule from April. The digest board of former coverage is written on the page of goods introduction. It is combination of “a seasoning and tableware”, and we are pleased if you try our products. @feature

    colocal market在的处理的告知_”feature” colocal x RING BELL


    colocal market

    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company 3 items + tenugui set
    Yamamo醤醤油釀造商 3份+手擦(掉)組套

    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company 6 items + totebag set
    Yamamo醤醤油釀造商 6份+大手提袋組套

  • 3331×10 でのお取り扱いのお知らせ_"feature" 3331 Arts Chiyoda

    3331 Arts Chiyodaの一角にあるショップ、3331×10にてヤマモの商品の取り扱いが始まりました。従来の販売方法も勿論大切に思うのですが、共有する意志からくる新たな販売形式には心躍るところがあります。芸術空間の中に日常の商品がある景色は、人々に新しい価値観をもたらすのでしょう。新たな価値を築く試みに参加できること、同時代性を共有できること、非常に感謝しております。そんなワクワクが詰まった店舗を、ぜひ、体験してみてください。

    Information of handling by 3331x10_”feature” 3331 Arts Chiyoda

    Handling of the goods of Yamamo started in 3331×10 in one corner of 3331 Arts Chiyoda. I consider the conventional sales method carefully. And I further expect a new sales form which comes from the will to share. The scene which has everyday goods in art space builds a new sense of values to people. I am happy that it can participate in building new value. Moreover, I appreciate that contemporaneity is sharable. Please experience a store with expectation of such many. @feature
    3331×10在的处理的告知_”feature” 3331 Arts Chiyoda

    3331 Arts Chiyoda一角有的3331×10Yamamo的商品的处理开始了。我重要地考虑以前的销售方法。又我更加期待着来自(源于)共享的意志的新的销售形式。艺术空间中有日常的商品的景色,形成向(到)人们新的价值观。我对能参加为制作新的价值的感到高兴。还有,对能共享同时代性的表示感谢。请试着体验有那样的多的期待的店铺。

  • 47 GIFT 2013 -お中元- での販売のお知らせ_"feature" D&DEPARTMENT

    会期 2013年7月19日 – 2013年9月29日

    時間 11:00 – 20:00(入場は19:30まで)※9月17日、18日は休館となります

    場所 d47 MUSEUM



    Information of sales of 47 GIFT 2013 – summer gift- _”feature” D&DEPARTMENT

    Date   July 19 – September 29, 2013
    Time   11:00 – 20:00 (Entrance is to 19:30)  *It will be closed on September 17,  18. 
    Place  d47 MUSEUM

    < Extract > 

    Japan divided into 47 has a mountain and the sea, and has rich nature. A historied traditional dainty. The famous sweets produced because the tourist industry is prosperous. Alcohol, rice, dried noodles, etc. We did boxing of the vessel which eats them as unique GIFT together. We exhibited the assortment of 47 kinds of such food. You need to feel individuality of Japan and need to present GIFT to the person who was indebted. Please realize Japan.

    在47 GIFT 2013-中元節節禮物品-的銷售的告知 _”feature” D&DEPARTMENT

    會期 2013年7月19日-2013年9月29日

    時間 11:00 -20:00(入場連19:30)※9月17日,18日成為閉館

    地方 d47 MUSEUM

    < 摘錄 >


    渋谷ヒカリエ8階、47 GIFT 2013 -お中元- で「あじ自慢 300ml」が販売されます。稲庭うどん、つゆ、いぶりがっこ、曲げ輪っぱという秋田のお中元の中に選んでいただきました。木桶で一定期間熟成させ、まるみと熟成感のある「あじ自慢」を、秋田の食材で味わうことができます。また、各県にちなんだキャッチコピーとディスプレイの展示も見応えがあります。弊社パンフレットもディスプレイの一部に組み込んでいただいております。合わせてお楽しみいただければと思います。ぜひ、足を運んでみてください。

    “Ajijiman 300ml” is sold in the event of the eighth floor of Shibuya Hikarie. The gifts of Akita are Inaniwaudon, Tsuyu, Iburigakko, and Magewappa. Our products were chosen into this gift. “Ajijiman” carries out certain fixed period maturing with wooden barrels, and becomes a taste with balance and a feeling of maturing. This can be tasted with the foods of Akita. Moreover, the catch copy of each prefecture and exhibition of a display are also wonderful. Our pamphlet is also exhibited as a display. I think if you can enjoy also here. Please visit. @feature


    The purchase of “Ajijiman” is from here. 


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_Kappo



    Kappo1月号「東北の発酵」でYAMAMO GARDEN CAFEのディナーコースを取り上げていただいております。表紙と6ページに渡る掲載は、編集部の方々の熱意を感じています。ぜひ記事をご覧いただきたいと思います。


    News of Article Publication_Kappo

    How can we move forward with the ancient technology of fermentation? Since I took over the family business, I have been working to find the answer to that question. If we can add the essence of new discoveries to the accumulation of long years, it will lead to evolution. The existence of Viamver®︎ yeast, which we discovered from the brewer’s yeast that has coexisted in our brewery for a long time, may be able to provide an answer to that question.

    Our attempt to find a way to express the efficacy of this new fungus, Viamver®︎ yeast, is first demonstrated in cooking. The umami taste of succinic acid can underpin almost any dish, giving it a taste like the addition of seafood broth. For example, it can be added to soy sauce to make it taste like dashi soy sauce, or to milk to make it taste like cheese. We compose our menus using Viamver®︎ yeast in all of our dishes.

    YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE’s dinner course is featured in the January issue of Kappo, “Fermentation in Tohoku”. The cover and the six pages of the article are a testament to the enthusiasm of the editorial staff. We hope you will enjoy the article.




    關於如何表達一種名為 Viamver®︎ 酵母的新細菌的功效的嘗試首先在烹飪中得到證實。琥珀酸的鮮味幾乎支持所有菜餚,可以賦予海鮮湯湯的味道。例如,當它對醬油有效時,它會產生類似醬油的細微差別,當它對牛奶有效時,它會產生類似奶酪的細微差別。我們製作的菜單在所有菜餚中都使用了 Viamver®︎ 酵母。

    YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE的晚餐套餐登上了Kappo“東北發酵”1月號。 封面和6頁的刊物感受到了編輯人員的熱情。 我希望你閱讀這篇文章。


    Kappo January issue “Fermentation in Tohoku”





    江戸末期創業、皆瀬川の伏流水を源に味噌・醬油の醸造を続ける老舗蔵元『ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元』。地元の人々に愛され続ける伝統の味噌や醤油、だし醤油などを作り続けるとともに、世界の食文化と和の調味料との融合・進化を目指して “Life is Voyage”という理念を掲げ、海外展開とともに新たな価値創造を行なっている。老舗の急激な変革は、7代目当主である高橋泰さんの人物像を色濃く映すもの。と、いうより、高橋さんの思想、思考、哲学が、老舗に新たな未来をもたらしたと言っても過言ではない。



    Fermentation, a daily journey into its wide and deep interior.

    Innovation of a long-established company by the 7th generation

    After 154 years of history, everything that exists at Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewery has a certain meaning.

    Founded in the late Edo period, Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company is a long-established brewery that has been brewing miso and shoyu using subterranean water from the Minase River as its source. While continuing to produce traditional miso, soy sauce, dashi soy sauce, and other products that are loved by local people, the company is also creating new value as it expands overseas under the concept of “Life is Voyage,” which aims to fuse and evolve Japanese seasonings with the world’s food culture. The rapid transformation of long-established companies has been a major factor. The rapid transformation of this long-established company is a reflection of the personality of Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, the seventh generation head of the company. Rather, it is no exaggeration to say that Mr. Takahashi’s thoughts, ideas, and philosophy have brought about a new future for the old store.

    He says that he had no intention of taking over the business. At university, he studied design engineering and architecture, and naturally thought of becoming an architect. However, when he questioned his inner self about his vision, he realized that it was not to build new buildings, but to create something that fuses historical culture with new culture. Looking back, I saw the family business that had been in existence for six generations.



    由第 7 代引起的長期創新


    創業於江戶時代末期的老字號“Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商”,繼續從禦瀨川的地下水中釀造味噌和醬油。在繼續製作深受當地人喜愛的傳統味噌、醬油和高湯醬油的同時,我們以“Life is Voyage”的理念向海外擴張,旨在通過日本調味料融合和發展世界飲食文化。也在創造新的價值。老字號店的快速轉型,是第七代老闆高橋太的性格的強烈體現。可以毫不誇張地說,高橋先生的思想、思想和哲學為這家歷史悠久的商店帶來了新的未來。



    Kappo January issue “Fermentation in Tohoku”



    蔵の150年と高橋さんが起こした革新、そして描く未来について知るならば、迷わず「YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR」に参加するのがいい。単なる蔵見学のプログラムに留まらず、発酵という世界の現在、世界における発酵と『ヤマモ』の位置づけ、そして岩崎というこの地と『ヤマモ』の未来など、マクロとミクロを横断するナレッジが得られるだろう。



    It was like discovering a new celestial body

    If you want to learn more about the 150 years of the brewery, the innovations Takahashi-san has made, and the future he envisions, don’t hesitate to join the “YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR. It is not just a program to visit the brewery, but you will gain knowledge that crosses the macro and micro levels, such as the current state of the world of fermentation, the position of fermentation and Yamamo in the world, and the future of Yamamo and this place called Iwasaki.

    The laboratory, which is equivalent to a sake cellar in a sake brewery, used to be a pickles warehouse. It was here that the revolutionary yeast Viamver®︎ was discovered. The yeast in ordinary miso and soy sauce breweries is halophilic (salt-tolerant), which allows for moderate fermentation and high shelf life, but it performs extremely poorly in the absence of salt. In contrast, the yeast used in wine and sake is suppressed by salt, and many of them are unable to ferment. However, Viamver®︎ is an extraordinary yeast that can grow in a wide range of salt concentrations, from 0% to 18%, and is capable of producing alcohol, despite being a fermentation yeast for miso. Discovering a new yeast is said to be more difficult than discovering a new celestial body in the world of fermentation. The Viamver®︎, which can brew both miso and sake, was greeted with a great deal of surprise.



    如果您想了解倉庫的150年,高橋先生帶來的創新,以及他所設想的未來,請不要猶豫參加“YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR”。除了啤酒廠參觀項目之外,您還可以獲得跨越宏觀和微觀的知識,例如發酵世界的現狀,發酵和“Yamamo”在世界上的地位,以及這個地方的未來。岩崎和“山毛”。

    實驗室,對應於清酒釀造廠的清酒母室,是一個前泡菜釀造廠。考慮到這一點,革命性酵母“Viamver®︎”的發現就完成了。一般味噌和醬油釀造的酵母都具有嗜鹽性(耐鹽性)的特性,並因此保持適度的發酵和較高的儲存穩定性,但極端無鹽性能較差。另一方面,一般的葡萄酒和清酒的酵母活性受到鹽分的抑制,很多都不能發酵。因此,據說清酒釀酒廠和味噌釀酒廠不相容,但“Viamver ® ︎”是味噌發酵酵母,但它可以在0%至18%的鹽濃度範圍內生長,並且還可以生產酒精。這是一種具有發酵能力的可笑酵母。發酵的世界,即使發現新的酵母也比發現新的天體更難。可以看到味噌和清酒都可以釀造的“Viamver®︎”是多麼的驚訝。


    Kappo January issue “Fermentation in Tohoku”



    旨みのもととなる有機酸の中でもコハク酸の生成能力を持ち、アルコールの醸成に長け、果実や吟醸香に似た華やかな芳香その他複数の特長を持つ「Viamver®︎」。この酵母を新たなオールに、高橋さんはさらなる航海を続ける。もろみ蔵の中に設えられた、小さなテーブル。「Gustation is Micro Journey(味覚は主観の旅である)」をテーマに展開されるコース料理のスターターとして位置づけられたこのテーブルでは、「Viamver®︎」によって醸されたワイン「PROSLOGION」とアミューズを、味噌の芳香の中で楽しむことができる。この日は鯛の昆布締めと発酵させた柿とクリームチーズのソフリット。添えられているのは、やはり「Viamver®︎」で香味野菜を調味したベジタブルソルトだ。鼻から入る香り、鼻へと抜ける香り、同じ酵母から生まれた複数の味わいが、鮮やかに出合って一体となってゆく官能。このひと皿に続く料理もすべて、「Viamver®︎」の恩恵と高橋さんやシェフたちの実験精神から生まれた。味わうごとに、「Viamver®︎」に翻弄されているような、侵食されてゆくような、不思議な感覚に身震いが起きた。



    A completely new food experience

    Viamver®︎ has the ability to produce succinic acid, which is one of the organic acids that give flavor, and is excellent at brewing alcohol. With this yeast as his new oar, Takahashi-san continues his voyage. A small table set up in the moromi storehouse. At this table, which is positioned as a starter for a course based on the theme “Gustation is a Micro Journey,” you can enjoy “PROSLOGION,” a wine brewed with Viamver®︎, and an amuse in the aroma of miso. On this day, we had sea bream with kombu shime. On this day, we had kombujime sea bream with fermented persimmon and cream cheese sofrito. It was accompanied by vegetable salt seasoned with “Viamver®︎”. The aroma that enters through the nose, the aroma that exits through the nose, and the sensation of multiple flavors born from the same yeast vividly meeting and becoming one. All the dishes that followed this one were born from the benefits of Viamver®︎ and the experimental spirit of Takahashi-san and the chefs. As I tasted each dish, I shuddered at the strange sensation of being at the mercy of Viamver®︎, of being invaded by it.

    In the majestic storehouse, I found a space, thoughts, and food that I had never experienced before. The future of fermentation, as envisioned by Yamamo, is still full of possibilities, and it has its sights set on the whole world.



    在作為鮮味來源的有機酸中,“Viamver®︎”具有產生琥珀酸的能力,善於培養酒精,具有類似於水果和吟釀香的華麗香氣。以這種酵母為新槳,高橋先生將繼續他的航程。莫羅米倉庫裡擺著的一張小桌子。定位為“Gustation is Micro Journey”主題套餐的開胃菜,“Viamver®︎”生產的葡萄酒“PROSLOGION”和amuse搭配味噌,您可以在香氣中享用。這一天,我們吃了海帶緊實的鯛魚和發酵的柿子和奶油芝士索菲托。附上用蔬菜調味的植物鹽,還有“Viamver®︎”。入鼻的香,出入鼻的香,同一種酵母產生的多種風味生動地融合在一起的感性。這道菜之後的所有菜品都是從“Viamver®︎”的好處和高橋先生和廚師們的實驗精神中誕生的。每次品嚐,都會有一種被“Viamver®︎”擺佈,被侵蝕的神秘感覺。

    從未體驗過的空間與思緒,對食物的發現與喜悅,在雄偉的倉庫中蔓延開來。 “Yamamo”認為的發酵的未來仍然充滿可能性,它的弓適合全世界。


    Kappo January issue “Fermentation in Tohoku”







    「発酵ラムレッグのグリエ ベリーの発酵ソース」。酵母によって極上の柔らかさを得たラム肉は、ラムらしさを丸く磨き上げたような風味。湯沢市のブドウとさくらんぼを使ったノンアルコールナチュラルワイン・赤。渋みや苦みを繊細に活かしたその味わいは、アルコールは0%だというのにまるで酔ったかのような満足感を与える。





    The amuse-bouche, “Sea bream kombu-jime, fermented persimmon and cream cheese sofrito” and “PROSLOGION” are the starters of the course. It is served with vegetable salt seasoned with Viamver®︎. Non-alcoholic champagne from France is served for those who do not drink alcohol.

    Seasonal Vegetarian Salad. Tofu mousse and ankimo mousse, vegetable and animal goodness side by side, combined with fresh greens and fermented carrot flakes, nuts and yogurt sauce. Served with fermented butter, fermented kiwi confiture and two kinds of bread.

    Hors d’oeuvres
    Fermented Caviar and Seared Sturgeon. When the decision was made to brew “PROSLOGION”, Takahashi-san already had the idea of this fermented caviar in mind.

    Warm Vichyssoise with yeast-soaked potatoes. Porcini flavor and fermented butter are added along the way.

    Fermented menouche rotisserie. Menoukeh marinated in a yeast solution is sautéed and then steamed into a rotisserie. It is served with a sauce of fermented tomatoes, basil and herb oil. The fibrous flesh with its concentrated flavor unravels quickly and pleasantly. This is a non-alcoholic natural white wine brewed with oranges as the main ingredient. After alcoholic fermentation, only the alcohol content was extracted.

    Fermented lamb leg grill with fermented berry sauce. The lamb meat, made extra tender by the yeast, has a rounded and polished lamb-like flavor. Non-alcoholic natural wine red made from grapes and cherries in Yuzawa City. The astringency and bitterness of the wine are delicately brought out to give a satisfying sensation as if you were drunk, even though it has 0% alcohol.

    Fermented risotto with minor grains. This risotto is cooked with vegetables and fermented mushroom bouillon. The richness and thickness are achieved without using dairy products, and the succinic acid of Viamver®︎ is utilized.

    Dessert 1
    Crème Brûlée”: Brûlée made with miso aged for 20 years, served with a brightly acidic raspberry sauce. It can be enjoyed alone or as a set with a drink.

    Dessert 2
    YAMAMO Soy Gelade: Four kinds of nuts and pralines are kneaded into a marble with Viamver®︎ fermented liquid and miso-soy sauce. Topped with vegetable salt and olive oil. This item can be ordered separately or as part of a drink set.


    Amuse 的“鯛魚海帶收緊和發酵柿子奶油奶酪 sofrito”和“PROSLOGION”是課程的開端。在“Viamver®︎”中加入用調味蔬菜調味的植物鹽。對於那些不能喝酒的人,提供法國無酒精香檳。

    “時令素食沙拉”。豆腐慕斯和 ankimo 慕斯,蔬菜和動物的味道排列在一起,並結合新鮮的綠色和發酵胡蘿蔔片、堅果和酸奶醬。有發酵黃油、發酵獼猴桃和兩種麵包。


    “用酵母浸泡土豆的溫暖 Vichyssoise”。沿途加入牛肝菌味和發酵黃油。

    “發酵菜單旋轉”。將浸泡在酵母液中的menuke 炒熟後,蒸成rotille。搭配發酵番茄、羅勒和草本油醬。令人高興的是,帶有濃縮鮮味的纖維體鬆動了。白葡萄酒,一種以橙子為主的不含酒精的天然葡萄酒。酒精發酵後,只取出酒精含量。


    “小米發酵燴飯”。用蔬菜湯和發酵蘑菇烹製的燴飯。 “Viamver®︎”的琥珀酸被用來增加豐富度和厚度,而無需使用乳製品。

    甜點 1
    “焦糖布丁” 20 年陳年味噌,配以酸亮的覆盆子醬。您也可以單獨享用或與飲品搭配享用。

    甜點 2
    “YAMAMO Soi Gerrard”。將4種堅果和果仁糖揉成團,將“Viamver®︎”發酵液和味噌醬油調成大理石狀。撒上植物鹽和橄欖油。這也可以單獨訂購或作為飲料套裝訂購。




    『Kappo 仙台闊歩』は、2002年8月に「大人のためのプレミアムマガジン」として創刊しました。知的好奇心にあふれた、ゆとりのある大人世代をターゲットに、歴史、文化、美術、グルメ、温泉、旅、エンターテインメントなどを紹介しています。


    ○About “Kappo”
    Kappo was first published in August 2002 as a “premium magazine for adults. Targeting the intellectually curious and relaxed adult generation, Kappo introduces history, culture, art, gourmet food, hot springs, travel, and entertainment.
    The magazine features in-depth articles and bold visuals that present carefully selected information about Sendai, Miyagi and Tohoku. Based on the information obtained by the staff of the editorial department, we try to convey the information with a sense of realism by including various things that we felt on the spot. It is our hope that through this magazine, you will learn about the activities of the diverse and unique people associated with the local area and rediscover the charm of the land.


    Kappo於2002年8月作為“成人高級雜誌”首次出版。 介紹歷史、文化、藝術、美食、溫泉、旅遊、娛樂等,面向求知欲強、輕鬆自在的成人一代。
    它的特色是一本雜誌,以更深入的文章和大膽的視覺效果展示了精心挑選的仙台、宮城和東北信息。 根據編輯人員用腳獲得的信息,以真實感傳達他們在現場感受到的各種事物是很重要的。 我們希望您通過這本雜誌了解與當地有關的各種獨特的人的活動,重新發現這片土地的魅力。


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_月間事業構想




    Notice of Newspaper Publication_PROJECT DESIGN

    The monthly magazine “PROJECT DESIGN” wrote an article about Yamamo’s efforts under the title of “Legacy-Based Social Change from a Brewery”. It was also featured in the gravure at the beginning of the magazine, and I believe it provided a comprehensive understanding of our efforts to date.

    In addition to brushing up on the company’s philosophy, I would like to continue with these initiatives, such as organizational development to reorganize teams, product development based on innovative basic research, development of inbound and outbound services, and regional development to regenerate from the local level, in order to create the ideal environment and situation. I hope to continue these efforts to create an ideal environment and situation. I hope you will read this article. _mediainfo._magazine




    除了梳理公司理念外,我們還將繼續努力,例如組織發展以重組團隊,基於創新基礎研究的產品開發,進出發展,區域發展以在本地再生等,我想採取創造理想環境和情境的步驟。 我希望你閱讀這篇文章。




    秋田県 Project Nippon
    ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 150年の伝統をリブランディング



    高橋 泰(たかはし やすし)
    高茂合名会社 常務取締役/ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 7代目


    Akita Prefecture Project Nippon
    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company : Rebranding 150 Years of Tradition

    Legacy-based Social Change from a Brewery

    In Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture, there is the Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company, which has been in business for over 150 years since its founding in the late Edo period. Although it is a long-established brewery, Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce is also making efforts to disseminate its culture not only domestically but also to the rest of the world by building a gallery and a cafe. We interviewed Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, the seventh generation head of the brewery, who aims to fuse tradition and innovation, about his thoughts and future business plans.

    Yasushi Takahashi
    Managing Director, TAKAMO & Corp. / Seventh generation of Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company
    Rebranding the brewery and starting overseas expansion. He discovered Viamver® yeast in the 10th year of test brewing. Formed a team ASTRONOMICA® with researchers, chefs, architects, and artists, and applied it to menu development. With fermentation as “coexistence with the ecosystem,” the team reconstructs tradition with a creative aesthetic sense, incorporating the context of urban development and social change at home and abroad.


    秋田縣 Project Nippon
    Yamamo 味噌醬油釀造商重塑品牌 150 年的傳統


    在秋田縣湯澤市,有一家自江戶時代末期創業至今已有 150 多年曆史的“Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商”。雖然是老字號的釀酒廠,但擁有畫廊和咖啡廳,不僅在日本而且在向世界傳播文化。我們向旨在融合傳統與創新的第七代老闆高橋泰先生詢問了他的想法和未來的商業計劃。

    高橋 泰
    高茂合名会社 常務董事 / Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商 7代目
    更名啤酒廠並開始海外擴張。捕捉遺留在倉庫中的遺產,通過工業旅遊實施入境。從 10 年的試釀中發現了 Viamver® 酵母。與研究人員、廚師、建築師、藝術家等組成了一個團隊 ASTRONOMICA®,並將其應用於菜單開發。發酵被視為“與生態共存”,融入國內外城市發展和社會變遷的脈絡,以創造性的審美意識重構傳統。







    事業継承後は、「“Life is Voyage” 世界の食文化と和の調味料が融合し、進化していくこと」を新たな企業理念に掲げ、2012年に初の海外輸出に成功。また、「土地や建物に宿るレガシーを見出し、新たなコンテンツとして発信する」ことを目指し、100年以上前に4代目が作庭した庭に融雪装置を整備し、本来の形を維持しながらも持続可能にしたり、蔵の一部を改装してアートギャラリーとカフェを新設したりした。2017年からは、蔵や醸造工程を見学できるインバウンド向けのファクトリーツアーも開始している。



    Carrying on a traditional industry while pursuing our own style

    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company was established in 1867 in Iwasaki, Yuzawa City in southeastern Akita Prefecture, and has been brewing miso and soy sauce for over 150 years. The area, where the tranquil Minase River flows, was an important center for waterborne trade and prospered as a castle town and post town. Seeing a need for miso and soy sauce, the founder, Takahashi Mosuke, began making miso using the beautiful water and richly flavored rice of Iwasaki. That was the beginning of Yamamo.

    Today, Yamamo is led by the seventh generation, Mr. Yasushi Takahashi. He originally wanted to be an architect and “had no intention of taking over the family business,” says Yasushi, who majored in architecture at university. However, as he was about to graduate, he questioned his own values and decided to return to his hometown, saying, “If I don’t take over the family business, I will regret it.

    After taking over the business, he set up a new corporate philosophy, “‘Life is Voyage’: the fusion and evolution of the world’s food culture and Japanese seasonings,” and succeeded in exporting his products overseas for the first time in 2012. The company also aims to “discover the legacy of the land and buildings and transmit it as new content. In 2017, the company began offering factory tours for inbound visitors to see the brewery and the brewing process.

    In 2017, the company began offering factory tours for inbound visitors, where they can tour the brewery and the brewing process. “We aim to become the final destination by digging deep into the history and culture of our company and the region, and layering the contents in the brewery. Traditional industries connect the thoughts of our predecessors and lead to the present day. We believe that it is the role of traditional industries to convey messages that transcend time through industry, culture, and art, and to allow visitors and local residents to experience them with a sense of beauty.



    1867 年創業於秋田縣東南部湯澤市岩崎市的“Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商”已有 150 多年的歷史。平靜的水瀨川流過的地區是重要的水貿易據點,曾作為城下町和驛站繁榮發展。發現對味噌和醬油的需求的創始人高橋茂輔開始使用岩崎的美麗水和豐富的大米製作味噌。這就是山毛的開始。


    繼事業繼承後,2012年,以“融合、進化世界飲食文化和日本調味料”的新企業理念“Life is Voyage”,首次成功出口海外。此外,以“發現土地和建築物中的遺產,並將其作為新內容傳播”為目的,我們在 100 多年前第 4 代創建的花園中安裝了融雪裝置,同時保持其原始形狀。它已經變得可持續,部分倉庫已經翻新,開設了一個藝術畫廊和咖啡館。從2017年開始,我們還為入境游客開始了工廠參觀活動,可以觀察釀酒廠和釀造過程。





    ” Viamver®”酵母の発見





    Discovery of “Viamver®” yeast

    One of his challenges is to research new yeasts and develop products using them. One of his challenges is to research new yeasts and develop products using them. While conducting test brewing at the brewery, Tai discovered a new yeast and presented it at the Japanese Society of Brewing Research.

    “The yeast, which he named Viamver®, could be used to brew miso, soy sauce, and wine, and also had the unusual property of improving the meat quality of meat and fish.

    “Typically, yeast used for brewing sake is killed by salt, so it cannot be used for cooking. However, Viamver was a rare yeast that could be used for both sake and cooking. The probability of discovering such a yeast would be as astronomical as discovering a new planet. For this reason, we combined the words for planet and amber and named it Viamver®, and the research and development team ASTRONOMICA®, meaning the ancient universe.





    “一般來說,用來釀造清酒的酵母不能用於烹飪,因為如果它含有鹽,它就會死亡。但是,Viamver 是一種稀有的酵母,既可以用於清酒,也可以用於烹飪。發現這種酵母有一個天文數字的可能性。新行星。由此,將行星和琥珀這兩個詞結合起來,創造了遠古宇宙的研發團隊“Viamver®”。我將其命名為“ASTRONOMICA®”,意思是“






    今後手掛けたいと考えているのは、ビールづくりだ。すでにワインは、秋田県の研究センターとの共同研究を通して、新酵母を生かした醸造に着手している。伝統と革新的技術でベルリンの都市開発チーム「NION」やコペンハーゲンの研究開発チーム「SPACE10」などの国際的開発組織でワークショップやプレゼンテーションを展開してきた。この秋にはアムステルダムの「MONO JAPAN」と取り組みを共にしていく。ビールづくりでは、ぜひ海外メーカーとも組んだ取り組みにしたいのだという。



    Development of a full course using the same yeast for the entire menu

    After the discovery of the yeast, Mr. Yasushi worked with chefs from Japan and abroad who supervise the café, as well as researchers who had conducted joint research on the yeast, to develop a menu using the yeast, and created a full course using the yeast in all dishes. It is said that no other course in the world uses the same yeast for all the dishes.

    “There are three stages of yeast fermentation: the growth stage, the steady state stage, and the convergence stage, and the best time to use yeast is different for each dish. The best time to use yeast fermentation liquid differs from dish to dish, so we repeatedly experiment with each dish to find out which time of the year is best. The taste and aroma of the yeast fungus changes when the wine is fresh and when it is aged, so the chef decides the taste of each dish accordingly and chooses the wine to go with it.

    What he would like to do in the future is to make beer. The company has already started brewing wine using a new yeast through joint research with a research center in Akita Prefecture. With its traditional and innovative technology, the company has conducted workshops and presentations at international development organizations such as NION, an urban development team in Berlin, and SPACE10, a research and development team in Copenhagen. This fall, they will share their efforts with “MONO JAPAN” in Amsterdam. They would like to collaborate with overseas manufacturers in the creation of beer.

    “We want to develop a beer that combines yeast from Japanese seasonings with the food culture of the continent, and market it both in Japan and overseas. We are living in an age where various experiments are being conducted to see how Japanese and Western cultures can be fused together. I believe that Japan’s traditional industries will be able to demonstrate their strength in such an era.



    發現Viamver®後,泰先生與監督咖啡廳的國內外廚師和共同研究細菌的研究人員合作,使用Viamver®進行菜單開發,所有菜單都使用相同的酵母進行全餐. 我補了課程。據說,在所有菜餚中只使用相同酵母的套餐在世界上是獨一無二的。


    我將來想從事的是啤酒製作。通過與秋田縣的研究中心的聯合研究,葡萄酒已經開始使用新酵母釀造。憑藉傳統和創新技術,他曾在柏林的城市開發團隊“NION”和哥本哈根的研發團隊“SPACE10”等國際開發組織舉辦研討會和演講。今年秋天,我們將與阿姆斯特丹的“MONO JAPAN”合作。在啤酒釀造方面,他說他想與海外製造商合作。












    Fusing Japanese and Western Food Cultures for Legacy-Based Social Change

    The brewing industry itself is about cultivating the region,” says Mr. Yasushi.

    “By turning the grains grown in the region into miso, soy sauce, sake, etc., the value of agricultural products can be increased tenfold or even a hundredfold. This will enrich the producers and support the entire region. If we can brush up on this kind of industry and successfully incorporate it into the modern world, we can reweave our history and climate and redefine our regional identity.

    Furthermore, it is the mission of those involved in traditional industries to act as the standard-bearers.

    “I want to transform Yamamo into a place that pursues regional sustainability while maintaining the foundation of the miso and soy sauce industries. I call it ‘legacy-based social change.

    At the same time as protecting and nurturing traditional industries, I want to discover what only I can do and create new innovations. In order to pursue both, Mr. Tai feels that “the best way is to explore the roots of your own birth and upbringing.

    “I think this approach can be applied not only to those who inherit a business, but actually to everyone.”




    “通過將當地種植的穀物轉化為味噌、醬油、清酒等,我們可以將農產品的價值提高 10 到 100 倍。這樣一來,生產者就會豐富起來,整個地區也會變得豐富。如果我們可以振興這些產業,將它們融入當今時代,我們將能夠重新旋轉歷史和氣候,重新設定該地區的身份。”


    “我想把 Yamamo 打造成一個追求區域可持續發展的地方,同時建立在味噌醬油行業的基礎上。我稱之為“基於遺產的社會變革。”











    What it means to start locally

    The development team, ASTRONOMICA®, is currently expanding its activities to include architects and artists from outside the company. They are collaborating on a project basis to create a variety of activities in the community.

    For example, this summer they launched a community garden project to revive an abandoned field owned by Yamamo and open it to the local community. This will be used as a test case, and its application will be expanded to the entire Iwasaki region, with the goal of reducing the amount of abandoned land to zero in pursuit of regional sustainability.

    “We are living in an age of infectious diseases, and people all over the world are searching for the next way of life and environment. We believe that the local brewing industry, which once cultivated the region, can take on a new role by connecting with the world’s culture and industry, and advocate a way of being that is appropriate for the next generation.

    We believe that the local brewing industry, which once cultivated the region, can play a new role in connecting with global culture and industry, and advocate a way of being that is appropriate for the next generation. The role of the local in a changing world may be to create opportunities to think about structural changes in society as a whole, while respecting the local way of being.



    目前,來自外部的建築師和藝術家正在參與開發團隊 ASTRONOMICA®,擴大了活動範圍。他們正在以項目為基礎進行合作,在該地區開展各種活動。








    Business Concept Monthly is a business magazine based on the concept of fostering the “conceptual ability” to develop new markets and providing information that leads to start-ups, new businesses, and regional revitalization.





    月刊事業構想 2021年10月号 ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 「蔵元からレガシーベースの社会変革を
    PROJECT DESIGN, October 2021 Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company ”Legacy-based social change from a brewery
    每月商業概念​​ 2021年 10月號 Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商 “來自啤酒廠的基於遺產的社會變革”