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    Notice of Article Publication_colocal

    We asked the colocal team of WEB media, who interviewed us when we started overseas expansion, to interview us for the first time in about 8 years. Why do you renovate and do not only miso soy sauce but also eating and drinking and art activities? Will we foster teams inside and outside the country and include new areas? Do you seek objective evidence such as patents and conference presentations? I felt that you often wrote about our diversifying activity areas. You can see the current situation and way of thinking of Yamamo. I would like you to read it. _mediainfo._magazine



    我們要求WEB媒體的同地團隊在我們開始海外擴張時採訪了我們,這是大約8年以來的第一次。 您為什麼要裝修,不僅味mis醬油,而且還要飲食和藝術活動? 我們是否會在國內和國外培養團隊並包括新領域? 您是否在尋找客觀證據,例如專利和會議介紹? 我覺得您經常寫關於我們多元化活動領域的文章。 您可以看到Yamamo的現狀和思維方式。 我希望你閱讀它。







    A long-established but innovative. A new world of fermentation pursued by Yuzawa’s <Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company> at a cafe

    Yuzawa City is located in the southernmost part of Akita Prefecture. It borders Yamagata and Miyagi prefectures, and its prefectural border is one of the leading geothermal fields in Japan. The magma that created the land of Yuzawa City continues to operate as an “invisible volcano” and is being utilized in tourism and industry.

    In Yuzawa City, there are local people who have the “self-heat” to live hot, powerful, and strong while benefiting from the natural energy of “geothermal”. The 4th serialization that introduces the new excitement of this town where new things are happening is Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, the 7th generation of <Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company> that has continued since 1867 in the Yuzawa Iwasaki district. I’d like to introduce_______


    悠久而創新的。 湯沢的<Yamamo 味噌醬油釀造商>在一家咖啡館追求的發酵新世界

    湯澤市位於秋田縣的最南端。 它與山形縣和宮城縣接壤,其縣界是日本主要的地熱田之一。 創造湯澤市土地的岩漿繼續作為“看不見的火山”運行,並被用於旅遊業和工業。

    在湯澤市,當地居民在受益於“地熱”自然能源的同時,擁有“自熱”的生活方式,能夠生活得熱,有力。 第四次介紹這個小鎮正在發生的新變化的連載是高橋泰先生,他是第7代<Yamamo 味噌醬油釀造商>,自1867年以來一直在湯澤岩崎地區繼續營業。






    地元で愛され続ける定番商品をつくりながら、「世界の食文化と和の調味料が融合し、進化していくこと」を理念に、2012年より味噌醤油製品の海外輸出を開始。最初は蔵の軒先に小さなショップをつくり、やがて回遊式庭園を整備、〈YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE〉とアートギャラリーをつくり、地域の活性化にもつながるインバウンドツアーも行うようになりました。

    蔵に併設する〈YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE〉。蔵元が存続した背景やその世界観を伝えたいという思いからリノベーションし、自社の味噌醤油を使用したジェラートの提供から営業がスタートしました。



    Evolving traditional industry

    In the snowy Iwasaki district of Yuzawa City, there is <Yamamo Miso Soy Sauce Brewer> that has continued since the late Edo period. It has been more than 150 years since Mosuke Takahashi was founded in a land rich in water resources.

    Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, the 7th generation, is attracting attention as he continues to carry out advanced activities while preserving tradition. “Customers want the same taste, but if it doesn’t change, the industry will end. We have to evolve,” he says, pursuing a new world of fermentation.

    Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, the 7th generation who entered a university in Kanto and took over the family business in 2007. In addition to his traditional products, he has gradually shaped his vision, such as designing new packages himself. Click here for the article I covered in Corocal before.

    In 2012, we started exporting miso soy sauce products overseas, with the philosophy of “Fusing and evolving the world’s food culture and Japanese seasonings,” while creating standard products that continue to be loved by the locals. At first, a small shop was built at the eaves of the warehouse, and then a strolling garden was built, an art gallery was built with <YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE>, and inbound tours that led to regional revitalization began.

    <YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE> attached to the warehouse. We renovated from the desire to convey the background of the brewery’s survival and its world view, and started business by providing gelato using our own miso soy sauce.

    A gallery that displays works related to the 4th generation and the head family, Shichinosuke Takahashi, who also served as the mayor, which Mr. Yasushi respects. We believe that the role of traditional industries is to convey the message of 100 years ago as an art work and to give local people a sense of beauty.





    2012年,我們以“融合和發展世界的飲食文化和日本調味料”為理念,開始向世界各地出口味噌醬油產品,同時創造出深受當地人喜愛的標準產品。最初,在倉庫的屋簷下建了一個小商店,然後建了一個漫步花園,並用<YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE>建造了一個美術館,並開始了導致區域復興的入境旅遊。

    <YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE>連接到倉庫。我們從傳達啤酒廠生存背景及其世界觀的願望進行了革新,並通過使用我們自己的味噌醬油提供意式冰淇淋來開展業務。











    Discover special yeast!

    Some of the products designed by Mr. Yasushi. Soy sauce <AMASIO> has been loved locally for a long time. The central <KIJOYU> has the effect of enzymes such as not burning and softening the meat.

    While maintaining the stance of preserving the taste, Mr. Yasushi challenges new things. Through repeated trial brewing and continuing various researches, we discover a special yeast from our own brewery.

    The yeast cultivator “cultivator” is located in the space connecting the cafe and the warehouse, and can be visited through the glass.

    The yeast found has the property of not only preparing miso soy sauce, but also improving the quality of meat and fish and brewing wine. The probability of discovering a fungus that can be applied to various dishes is an astronomical number equivalent to finding a new planet, and because the found fungus has succinic acid that creates the taste of seafood, planets and minerals ( Amber: amber) was multiplied and named <Viamver>.

    “The yeast in liquor can’t be used in cooking because it dies when it has salt, and on the contrary, it dies when yeast that likes salt is made salt-free. Vianver has salt. It works without it, so you can make sake and food, and it’s a yeast like no other. “





















    Connect all menus with one yeast

    Chef Tatsunori Sato, who has supervised the cafe since its opening, and Kiichi Kimura, a senior researcher at the Akita Research Institute for Food Research, who gives scientific knowledge to verification, have been working on menu development using Viamver. In the early summer of 2020, we met German-born Chef Jonas Kang to offer a full-course meal with Viamba on all menus.

    <Vianver> yeast fermented liquid with the aroma and saltiness of yeast like natural wine and the taste of seafood. Due to its characteristics, it was presented at the Brewing Society of Japan, made into a patented microorganism, and the fermented product was applied for with a manufacturing method patent.

    “It’s a coincidence and I’m lucky. I couldn’t meet without Corona, and I didn’t even know that there was Akita in Japan. It’s very interesting that (Yasushi-san) is paying attention to the fungus. I think we are very fortunate to have an environment where you can immediately experiment with fresh materials when you come up with an idea. ”

    Chef Jonas, who was born in Cologne and studied materials engineering before becoming a chef. I came to Japan to work in <INUA> (Tokyo), which inherits the DNA of <noma> in Copenhagen, which is known for its original cooking using fermentation, but the store is closed for a long time to prevent new coronavirus infections. When she was looking for a place to improve her skills, she arrived at Mr. Yasushi through an acquaintance.

    Now that Jonas Chef, who has knowledge of fermentation and has experience in providing courses for vegetarians, is ready to stay, the full course at the cafe will become a reality.

    Course antipasto / seasonal vegetable salad. Sprinkled with carrots and sweet potatoes cooked in Viamver’s yeast fermented liquid, nuts roasted in soy sauce, etc. Sautéed local mushrooms are served with yeast-fermented mushroom sauce and yogurt dressing.

    “I think there are courses that use only fermented foods, but I don’t think there is any other course in the world that consists of only one yeast,” says Yasushi, who enjoys taking on the challenge of new fields.

    He also developed bread fermented with Viamver. Since yeast derived from miso soy sauce produces less gas, we repeated experiments to prepare the environment in which the bacteria work, such as adding grape juice as a nutrient source and lengthening the time to let it rest, and completed it.



















    Grow yeast as a familiar creature

    The yeast fermented liquor is managed separately in the growth phase, steady phase, and convergence phase, and daily experiments are conducted to determine which stage is effective for each dish. Bread uses a growth period in which gas is generated. For cooking, use the stationary period to the convergent period when the taste increases.

    “It’s like growing and farming. The chef adjusts the food and chooses wine according to the aroma and taste of the fungus that changes from stage to stage. Change the cooking method with bananas in ripe and lush states. It’s the same as. It’s close to a musical feeling, like how to match the bass to the rhythm of the drum. “

    It is not tea that is being poured, but three kinds of green onions, Vichyssoise. I’m excited about how to provide this.

    A dish that makes you feel the characteristics of yeast that creates a cheese-like flavor when combined with cream. The ingredients are fermented and aged salmon.

    Pumpkin and brie risotto with yeast doubled in thickness. Accented with tomatoes that have become more acidic like dried plums due to fermentation. “If you mix something with a strong taste, you can eat it in a well-balanced manner.”

    Contrary to the typical full-course meal, the main dishes are served in the order of meat and fish in order to maximize the characteristics of yeast, which has the umami of seafood. The dishes are piled up with the image that the taste is accumulated and happiness grows.

    The main meat is fermented and aged pork from Akita prefecture. The hard shoulder meat that cannot be chewed is soft enough to be loosened with a knife by the power of yeast. Collagen also turns into umami, and a dish that brings out the natural salty taste of yeast fermented liquid. With purple potato puree and pear butter saute with yeast solution.

    The main fish is fermented and aged Pacific cod. It was baked in the oven with a mayonnaise-like seasoning made from yeast fermented liquid and herb bread crumbs. Miso is accented with a sauce made by stir-frying shrimp shells for a long time. Pairing orange wine that gives a refreshing multi-layered taste.

    “I don’t like to force myself to pick up ingredients, so I cook with what I can get at that time,” says Chef Sato. He cherishes connecting with producers and visiting the site, saying, “I only use materials that I can understand,” such as by setting up a ship and pulling a net.

    Chef Sato is from Nikaho City (formerly Konoura Town) in Akita Prefecture, a port town facing the Sea of ​​Japan. He does not have a store and supervises the food and services of various restaurants.

    “It’s a recipe from a miso soy sauce shop, but I rarely use miso soy sauce (laughs). It’s easy to use, but if you do that, it will be a recipe that you can do anywhere.”

    Mr. Yasushi “I have never said that I should not use miso soy sauce (laughs), but I want to make a leap forward as much as possible, and I am grateful that Chef Sato takes that thought into consideration when choosing the ingredients. “

    We trust each other and enjoy ourselves. You can see that a good team is formed.







    帶有酵母的南瓜和法國干酪燴飯的厚度增加了一倍。帶有西紅柿的酸味,由於發酵而變得像李子乾一樣酸。 “如果您將口味濃郁的東西混合在一起,就可以均衡地食用它。”





















    Team <Astronomica>

    Mr. Yasushi said that when he just took over the family business, he was struggling alone because he did not understand the pursuit of originality and innovation.

    “I was like playing music by myself, but the team was about half younger and the groove started to emerge. Some people were able to have a session, and I started to think that I would be able to manage even if there were issues. ”

    The Western and Eastern sensibilities of the two chefs who develop the menu are combined with the perspectives of producer Yasushi and researcher Kimura, and experiments are repeated every day.

    The dessert at the end of the course is also a fusion of the team’s ideas. Miso and soy sauce gelato with nuts and pralines, which are popular even when ordered individually.

    The idea of ​​Chef Jonas was to add bitter popcorn caramelized with miso aged for 3 years to the gelato developed by Mr. Tai when the cafe opened. You can enjoy a different texture by soaking it in melted gelato.

    “We have more good friends who can stimulate each other. There are more friends who are not here, such as researchers, Kimura, artists and architects,” says Yasushi. The team gathered around Vianvar named it “Astronomica”, which means the universe in ancient Greek, so that the world of fungi can be imagined as a dream area.

    Shunsuke Sawaguchi, who serves, is also a member of the team. We will carefully convey the thoughts of Mr. Yasushi and the features of the menu.

    Chef Sato also said, “Since Mr. Takahashi (Yasu) himself has an atmosphere where he can brave himself, it is interesting that people who are inspired by it gather and mix here to create new ideas. Outside the prefecture and abroad. It’s a place that is more inspiring than going to, so I think it’s amazing and fun. “




    “我就像一個人玩音樂,但是這個團隊年輕了大約一半,並且開始出現槽路。有些人能夠參加一次會議,而且我開始認為即使有問題,我也能應付自如。 ”




    泰說:“我們有更多可以互相刺激的好朋友。還有更多不在這裡的朋友,例如研究人員,木村,藝術家和建築師。”該團隊聚集在Viamvar周圍,並將其命名為“ Astronomica”,意為古希臘語中的宇宙,因此真菌世界可以想像成一個夢幻的地區。
















    Rebuild tradition with creativity

    Mr. Yasushi’s experience of traveling abroad is also the essence of the traditional image of miso soy sauce brewery and the ideas and uniqueness that go beyond the realm.

    “I knew I had to take over the family business, but I didn’t want to take over. I thought I wouldn’t be able to move if I took over, so when I was young, try to go out as much as possible, even if someone wasn’t interested in what they did. I was trying to experience it. ”

    While inheriting the tradition of 150 years, Mr. Yasushi creates original and innovative ideas by incorporating his own experience, technique and art, and forms them one after another with his friends.

    He is planning to renovate the warehouse next to the Moromi warehouse located in the back of the site into a dining space, the mezzanine floor into a tea room, and the outside warehouse into a wine sales office. We are planning to serve finished dishes at the cafe near the entrance and experimental dishes at the back warehouse.

    Moromi brewery with soy sauce. If you apply for a full wine pairing in addition to the full course, the experience begins with the “starter” here. The scent of soy sauce drifts from the passage leading to the brewery, making you feel as if you are already tasting the food.

    Finger food that combines locally produced Minase beef soaked in yeast fermented liquid with cream cheese kneaded with pear and figs. In order to propose pairing between yeasts of the same Akita, we paired the fruity <No. 6> of a friend’s brewery <Aramasa Sake Brewery>, which brews sake only with No. 6 yeast found by an ancestor with roots, at Moromi-Gura. I will. It is a special time where you can enjoy the characteristics of yeast, such as “creating umami” and “softening meat and fish,” in a space where yeast is poured.

    “As long as I’m doing miso soy sauce in an old building, there will continue to be” Japanese “in products and spaces, no matter how innovative. But I don’t want to do anything similar. How do you mix the world’s essence? I’m thinking about whether it will be new if I arrange it. ”

    Wine to be brewed at Viamver is scheduled to be completed in February. The day when all dishes and cups are connected with only the same yeast, which is unprecedented in the world, is just around the corner. We are also looking to reform distribution and bring out miso soy sauce products brewed in Viamver.

    Team Astronomika creates a hot, strong and new era. I am looking forward to future developments.













    営業時間:10:00~17:00(16:30 L.O.)


    Address: 124 Iwasaki, Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture
    TEL: 0183-73-2902 Business hours: 10:00 to 17:00 (16:30 L.O.)
    * Lunch course requires reservation from 11:00 to 15:00, dinner course requires reservation only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (reservation required 3 days in advance).
    Regular holiday: Irregular holiday


    電話:0183-73-2902 營業時間:10:00至17:00(16:30 L.O.)


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_ソトコト_2021年3月号



    Notice of Article Publication_Sotokoto_March 2021 Issue

    Our “YUKIDKE” is featured in the March issue of Sotokoto, “Local Souvenir Design Collection.” The “snow country-like taste and fermentation design” behind the product and the package design associated with it have been created with the intention of proposing a new concept of miso to the market and industry. I am glad that you evaluated such a part. I would like you to take a look at the magazine. _mediainfo._magazine



    我們的“ YUKIDKE”刊登在3月號的Sotokoto的“本地紀念品設計收藏”中。 產品背後的“雪國風味和發酵設計”以及與此相關的包裝設計旨在向市場和行業提出味噌的新概念。 我很高興您評估了這一部分。 我想請你看一下雜誌。


    Sotokoto_March 2021 Issue_Local Souvenir Design Collection


    Sotokoto_March 2021 Issue_Local Souvenir Design Collection


    Sotokoto_March 2021 Issue_Local Souvenir Design Collection




    Miso wrapped in a high-class cosmetic-like package made by “Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company” in Akita Prefecture. Miso that has been left to stand for a year in a low-temperature aging store, and then strained for a smooth finish. You can eat it as it is as a dip sauce, or it is perfect for seasoning seasonings.


    味噌包裹著秋田縣“Yamamo味噌醬油釀造廠”生產的高級化妝品狀包裝。 味已經在低溫老化商店中放置了一年,然後拉緊以獲得平滑的外觀。 您可以將其作為蘸醬食用,也可以作為調味料的完美之選。



    『 ソトコト 』は、株式会社 sotokoto online から発行、株式会社RRから発売されている「社会や環境がよくなって、そしてもしろい」をテーマとした未来をつくるSDGsマガジン。 


    〇About Sotokoto
    “Sotokoto” is an SDGs magazine published by sotokoto online Co., Ltd. and released by RR Co., Ltd. that creates the future with the theme of “improving society and the environment and making it interesting”.


    “ Sotokoto”是由sotokoto在線有限公司發行並由RR Co.,Ltd.發行的SDGs雜誌,其主題是“改善社會和環境並使其有趣”。


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_週刊文春

    週間文春 8月13日・20日 夏の特大号にて「食べて免疫力を上げる 毎日ごはんのお取り寄せ」にてYUKIDOKEを取り上げていただいております。早速オンラインストアでYUKIDOKEのご注文があり、記事の効果を実感しています。免疫力を上げることが、これまで以上に大きな価値観として生活の中で意識されていくと思います。弊社の取り組みが発酵による強く健康な体づくりに貢献できることを嬉しく思います。弊社は、それをいかに面白く、豊かに生活に取り入れられるのかを追求したいと考えております。


    Notice of article publication_Weekly Bunshun

    Weekly Bunshun August 13th, 20th YUKIDOKE has been featured in the “Oversized issue of eating and boosting immunity every day” in the summer special issue. Immediately after ordering YUKIDOKE from the online store, I feel the effect of the article. I think that boosting immunity will be recognized in our lives as a greater sense of value than ever before. We are glad that our efforts can contribute to the creation of a strong and healthy body through fermentation. We want to pursue how interesting and rich it can be incorporated into our lives._mediainfo._magazine



    每週一的文春,8月13日,20日夏季刊,“YUKIDOKE”刊登在“吃日常食物以增強免疫力”中。 從網上商店訂購YUKIDOKE之後,我立即感覺到本文的效果。 我認為增強免疫力在我們的生活中將比以往任何時候都具有更大的價值感。 我們很高興我們的努力可以通過發酵為創建強壯健康的身體做出貢獻。 我們想追求將其融入我們生活的趣味性和豐富性。


    Weekly Bunshun August 13-20 Summer Oversized Issue


    Weekly Bunshun August 13-20 Summer Oversized Issue


    Weekly Bunshun August 13-20 Summer Oversized Issue




    YUKIDOKE of “Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company”
    A long-established brewery in Akita that has been in business since 1867. It features a thaw-like mouthfeel and a ginjo scent like soft sake. Since the salt content is lowered to 8% and it is aged at low temperature, the sweetness of the refined koji spreads to the full mouth.


    秋田市一家歷史悠久的啤酒廠,自1867年開始營業。 它具有類似融化的口感和類似清酒的銀酒氣味。 由於含鹽量降低到8%,並且在低溫下陳化,因此精製曲的甜味擴展到了全口。


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_版画学会学会誌 第48号

    版画学会学会誌にアーティストの滝澤徹也さんが弊社のI.L.A. GALLERYで制作、展示された“発酵絵画”が掲載されております。制作報告の中でヤマモの歴史やアート活動の取り組みの経緯と意義、その手法までが説明されております。改めて滝澤さんの情緒的なアプローチや素朴に見えて大胆なアウトプットなど、制作以後の動きやその効果までも一連の作品のように感じています。ギャラリストとしての最初のお仕事をご一緒できたことに感謝し、関係性が継続していることを嬉しく思っております。



    Notice of article publication_Journal of The Japan Society of Printmarking No.48

    The “Fermentation paintings” produced and exhibited by artist Tetsuya Takizawa at our I.L.A. GALLERY are featured in the Journal of the Print Society of Japan. In the production report, the history and significance of Yamamo’s history, the activities of the art activities, and even its methods are explained. Once again, I feel like Mr. Takizawa’s emotional approach and the simple and bold output, and the movements and effects after the production are like a series of works. We thank you for your first job as a gallerist and we are pleased to continue our relationship.

    Even now, many people who visit our company are viewing it, and the works that are rooted in the area have been well received, such as calling out to those who browsed. There is an art in the area, and an attitude to be close to the future. We believe that it suggests coexistence with things that exceed human knowledge, supports human activities, and contributes to the realization of a sustainable community. From now on, I would like to continue my art activities as a gallery that pursues the power of context and human potential to sleep in the area._mediainfo._magazine


    文章發表通知_版畫學會雜誌 第48期

    藝術家滝澤哲也在我們的I.L.A. GALLERY畫廊展出並展出的“發酵畫”在日本印刷學會雜誌上有介紹。製作報告解釋了Yamamo的歷史,其在藝術活動中的背景和意義,甚至其方法。再一次,我覺得T澤先生的情感方法和簡單大膽的輸出,以及製作後的動作和效果就像一系列作品。感謝您擔任畫廊的第一份工作,我們很高興繼續與您建立聯繫。



    Journal of The Japan Society of Printmarking No.48


    |制作報告| 発酵する版画《発酵絵画》 滝澤 徹也

     本制作報告は発酵の町として知られる秋田県湯沢市岩崎地区において、ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元による「YAMAMO “I.L.A.” PROJECT 産業は芸術に恋をする」の一環として、経済産業省の補助事業「Brand Land:JAPAN」において提案し後に制作、展示したものである。


    |Production Report| Fermented Print 《Fermented Painting》 Tetsuya Takizawa

    This production report is in the Iwasaki area of ​​Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture, which is known as a fermentation town. As a part of “YAMAMO “ILA” PROJECT industry falls in love with art” by Yamamo miso soy sauce brewer, “Brand It was created and exhibited after being proposed at “Land: JAPAN”.
    In the Iwasaki district, which has its own background, such as the end of the Edo period to the beginning of the Meiji period, the Iwasaki domain, and later the Iwasaki prefecture, Yamamo miso soy sauce brewers have played an important role not only in the production of fermented products but also in town administration. It has been fulfilled.
    I myself, in the first situation of miso at Yamamo miso soy sauce brewing origin, stay production at the soy sauce production site, the rich ecosystem of the invisible fungus world, the activities of people connecting them, generation, history, landscape I was made aware of the series of. From a dialogue with Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, the seventh generation of our family, we will try to visualize these in artistic expression.
    This paper reports a print work aimed at revealing the invisible rich world and history by the power of Aspergillus oryzae used for generations in this family.


    |生產報告| 發酵版畫《發酵繪畫》 滝澤 徹也

    該生產報告位於被稱為發酵小鎮的秋田縣湯澤市的岩崎地區。作為“ YAMAMO “I.L.A.” PROJECT 行業的一部分,愛上了藝術”的作者是Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商,“Brand Land:JAPAN”上提出後創建並展示的。


    Journal of The Japan Society of Printmarking No.48


     今回支持体には通常の綿布張りパネル上に米粉(当家の味噌、醤油の原料として使用される)を10数層塗り重ね作成した乳白色のパネルを使用した。それを研磨し、シルクスクリーンで刷る。その製版は同市内にあり多くの現代美術家との仕事も多い、print produce & factory ICHINOSAIに依頼した。そのイメージは当家で使用される麹菌をその胞子から寒天培地で培養し、その成長段階ごとに500倍から1000倍に拡大マイクロスコープ撮影(協力:日本大学工学部)し、得ることができた。それに加え、当家の先代ゆかりの絵図や写真からも使用した。作品制作の手法としてイメージの引用を使ったがこれは、この地域が著作権法を起草した、のちの内務大臣水野錬太郎氏ゆかりであることにも由来する。する際のインクには、米粉を加熱しアルファ化(糊化)させたものを主原料に培地用寒天などを配合し、菌の育成可能な条件を整えたものを作成、使用した。そこに当家で使用される黄麹の種麹を散布し、麹菌によりイメージを浮かび上がらせた。
     条件を整えることで発酵可能な、生きている版画(展示時には表面をメディウムでコーティングし、仮眠状態にしているが、可能性として)、これらの作品はこの度、味噌醤油蔵元内に設えられたI.L.A. GALLERY(Industry Loves Art)に蔵付きの酵母のように設置された。

    また本作品に端を発した発酵絵画シリーズはミュゼ浜口陽三・ヤマサコレクション 2019冬の企画展 「凹凸に降る」にも展示させていただいた。


    Since I regard each act and material involved in production as a programming language, each material has an important meaning.
    This time, we used a milky-white panel as the support, which was made by applying 10 or more layers of rice flour (used as a raw material for our miso and soy sauce) on a normal cotton-lined panel. Polish it and print on silk screen. I made a request to print produce & factory ICHINOSAI, which has many works with many contemporary artists in the city. The image was obtained by cultivating the koji mold used in our family from its spores on an agar medium, and enlarging it by 500 times to 1000 times at each growth stage (cooperation: Nihon University Faculty of Engineering). In addition to that, I also used it from the pictures and photos related to our predecessor. I used image citations as a method of creating works, but this is also because the region was later associated with Mr. Rentaro Mizuno, Minister of Home Affairs, who later drafted the Copyright Act. The ink used in this process was prepared by using rice flour heated and pregelatinized (gelatinized) as the main raw material and agar for medium to prepare the conditions under which the bacteria could grow. The koji seed malt used in our family was sprayed there, and the image was revealed by the koji mold.
    Living prints that can be fermented by adjusting the conditions (the surface is coated with medium at the time of exhibition, it is in a nap state, but it is possible), these works are now in the miso soy sauce brewery It was installed in the GALLERY (Industry Loves Art) like yeast.
    In these prints, the koji mold that has been said to be the national bacterium of Japan and has supported Japanese food culture develops a golden color. I got the chance to tell.
    In this way, I think that works of art by plate expression, which can replace materials with images, can play more roles not only in aesthetic terms but also in modern society.

    In addition, the fermented painting series that originated from this work was also exhibited at the Muze Hamaguchi Yozo/Yamasa Collection 2019 Winter Special Exhibition “Falling and Falling”.


    這次,我們使用乳白色面板作為支撐物,該面板是通過在普通的襯棉面板上施加10層或更多層米粉(用作味mis和醬油的原料)製成的。擦亮並在絲網上打印。我要求print produce & factory ICHINOSAI,該工廠有許多與該市許多當代藝術家合作的作品。通過在瓊脂培養基上從其孢子上培養我們家庭使用的酒麯黴菌,並在每個生長階段將其放大500倍至1000倍來獲得圖像(合作:日本大學工程學院)。除此之外,我還從與我們前任有關的圖片和照片中使用了它。我使用圖像引用作為創作作品的一種方法,但這也是因為該地區後來與內政部長內藤田太郎先生聯繫在一起,後者後來起草了《版權法》。該工藝中使用的油墨是通過將米粉加熱並預糊化(糊化)作為主要原料,並以瓊脂為介質製備的,以製備細菌可以生長的條件。我們家使用的曲籽麥芽噴在那兒,圖像由曲霉揭露。
    可以通過調整條件進行發酵的活版畫(展覽時表面塗有中等塗層,處於午睡狀態,但有可能),這些作品現在都在味o醬油釀酒廠中它像酵母一樣安裝在I.L.A. GALLERY(Industry Loves Art)中。
    在這些印刷品中,據說是日本的國家細菌並支持日本飲食文化的酒麯黴菌呈金色。 我有機會講。

    此外,源自此作品的發酵繪畫系列還曾在Muze Hamaguchi Yozo / Yamasa系列2019冬季特別展覽“跌落”中展出。


    The Japan Society of Printmarking


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_Mercedes me Magazine

    メルセデスオーナーのためのライフスタイルマガジン「Mercedes me Magazine」のShe’s Mercedesにて5ページに渡りヤマモの取り組みがご紹介されております。特許申請微生物”Viamver”や研究チームやラボの”ASTRONOMICA”についても取り上げていただき、菌や製法の発見までの経緯やそれらを使用したサーヴィスについても記事にしていただきました。早速、この記事を見たオーナーの皆様がご来店され、取り組み内容が十分に伝わっているのだと思いました。

    記事の掲載依頼が来た時には特別な感情になりました。2016年に中北米の旅をし、弊社ヤマモが行うアート活動“I.L.A.(Industry Loves Art 産業は芸術に恋をする)”の取り組みを始めるきっかけとなったのは、産業には芸術活動が必要であると理解したことからでした。そのような視点で産業界をみると、既にそれを理解し、体現していたブランドとしてMercedes Bentzがあり、彼らは自動車産業でありながら他分野の文化芸術を支援し、そこに強力なイニシアチブを取り、キュレーションを行っていました。
    当時、TOKYO FASHION WEEKのメインスポンサーであったMercedes Bentzをベンチマークとし、彼らと同じ感覚と思想を持ちながら、ブランドの歩を進めていくことができればと考えておりました。彼らからの声掛けは、財政破綻から産業再生に至ったデトロイトの知見を独自に解読し、帰国後にアート活動として事業化したことの検証のひとつになりました。いかなる環境や状況でも思想を打ち出し、不確実な未来に事業をつくりながら挑んでいくことは長く続く産業の営みには不可欠なものです。今回の記事掲載のお話は、仕事を通じた多くの出来事の中でも、非常に喜ばしい事と思っています。ぜひ、記事をご覧いただきたいと思います。


    Notice of article publication_Mercedes me Magazine

    On the 5th page of She’s Mercedes of the “Mercedes me Magazine” lifestyle magazine for Mercedes owners, Yamamo’s efforts are introduced. We also covered the patent application microorganism “Viamver” and the research team and laboratory “ASTRONOMICA”, and wrote about the history of discovering bacteria and manufacturing methods and the services using them. Immediately, I thought that the owners who read this article came to the store and the contents of the efforts are fully conveyed.

    Creating a business from ideas
    It was a special feeling when I was asked to publish an article. In 2016, when I traveled to Central and North America and started to work on the art activity “I.L.A. (Industry Loves Art)” conducted by our company Yamamo, the industry needed art activity. It was because I understood that there was. Looking at the industry from such a perspective, Mercedes Bentz is a brand that has already understood and embodied it, and they are supporting the cultural arts of other fields even though they are the automobile industry, and there are strong initiatives there. I was collecting and curating.
    At that time, using Mercedes Bentz, who was the main sponsor of TOKYO FASHION WEEK as a benchmark, I thought that I would like to advance the brand’s steps while having the same feelings and thoughts as them. What they said was one of the verifications that Detroit’s knowledge that led to industrial revival due to financial failure was uniquely decoded and commercialized as an art activity after returning to Japan. It is indispensable for a long-lasting industrial operation to put forth ideas in any environment and situation and to challenge while creating businesses in an uncertain future. I think that the story of this article is very pleasing, even among the many things that happened during my work. I would like you to read the article._mediainfo._magazine


    文章發表通知_Mercedes me Magazine

    在“ Mercedes me Magazine”生活方式雜誌的梅賽德斯車主的梅賽德斯·奔馳的第5頁上,介紹了Yamamo的努力。 我們還介紹了專利申請微生物“ Viamver”,研究團隊和實驗室“ ASTRONOMICA”,並介紹了發現細菌的歷史,製造方法以及使用細菌的服務。 立刻,我以為閱讀這篇文章的所有者來到了商店,並且努力的內容得到了充分的傳達。

    當我被要求發表文章時,這是一種特殊的感覺。 2016年,當我前往中美洲和北美洲開始從事由Yamamo公司舉辦的藝術活動“ I.L.A.(Industry Loves Art 工業愛上了藝術)”時,該行業需要進行藝術活動。 這是因為我知道有。 從這種角度看待汽車行業,梅賽德斯·本茨(Mercedes Bentz)是一個已經理解並具體體現出來的品牌,儘管它們是汽車工業,但它們仍在支持其他領域的文化藝術,並且在那裡有很強的創舉。 我正在收集和策展。
    當時,我們決定使用TOKYO FASHION WEEK的主要贊助商梅賽德斯·本茨(Mercedes Bentz)作為基準,並擁有與他們相同的感受和想法,我們希望提升該品牌。 他們所說的就是核實之一,證明了底特律由於金融失敗而導致工業復興的知識在返回日本後被獨特地解碼並商業化為藝術品活動。 長期的工業運營必不可少,可以在任何環境和情況下提出想法,並在不確定的未來中發展業務時挑戰。 我認為,即使在我工作期間發生的許多事件中,本文的故事也非常令人愉悅。 我希望您閱讀這篇文章。


    Mercedes me Magazine_No.009_2020 summer issue


    味噌と醤油 味もデザインされた調味料のハッ!とするおいしさ

    飛鳥時代には醤油の原形が作られていたといわれる日本のみならず、世界中に広く存在する発酵食品。ワインやチーズ、もちろん日本酒や漬け物もそう。10年くらい前には塩麹、ここ最近はぬか床が話題になっているなか、ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元は、独自のスタンスとアプローチで発酵食品の未来を描いていた。羽州街道の宿場町で城下町だった秋田県湯沢市岩崎。創業者の初代・髙橋茂助が皆瀬川の水運と伏流水を活かして味噌作りを始めたのは、江戸幕府が閉じた1867年(慶応3年)のこと。7代目にあたる髙橋泰さんは、建築工学を専攻した大学を卒業後、東京農大短大で醸造学、大手醤油メーカーで商品開発に携わり2006年、岩崎の地に帰ってくる。水の希釈で旨味も薄まってしまう濃縮タイプのめんつゆを、出汁で薄めたらどうか-。メーカー時代のアイデアをもとに味噌の塩分を半分に減らし、減らしたぶんを旨味に置き換えようと試みる。塩分が減って活発になった微生物が作るアルコールで、保存性も担保。華やかな香りや肉質の改善といった特性をもつ新しい酵母の働きが、「YUKIDOKE MISO」独特の風味を作り出した。


    Miso and soy sauce, a seasoning with a taste designed! Delicious

    It is a fermented food that exists not only in Japan where the original form of soy sauce was made in the Asuka era, but also around the world. Wine, cheese, and of course sake and pickles. Around 10 years ago, salt koji, and recently bran floor, became a hot topic, and the yamamoto miso soy sauce brewer drew the future of fermented foods with its own stance and approach. Iwasaki, Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture, which was a castle town and a post town on the Hashu Kaido. It was in 1867 (Keio 3) when the Edo Shogunate closed that the first founder, Mosuke Takahashi, started making miso using the water transportation and underground water of the Minase River. Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, who is the 7th generation, returned to Iwasaki in 2006 after graduating from a university majoring in architectural engineering, brewing studies at Tokyo University of Agriculture and college, and product development at a major soy sauce maker. Why don’t you dilute the concentrated type Mentsuyu that dilutes with water and dilute it with soup stock? Based on the idea of ​​the maker era, I tried to reduce the salt content of miso by half and replace the reduced salt content with umami. Preservation is guaranteed by alcohol made by microorganisms that have become active due to reduced salt content. The action of the new yeast, which has characteristics such as a gorgeous aroma and improved meat quality, created a unique flavor of “YUKIDOKE MISO”.



    它是一種發酵食品,不僅存在於明日香時代最初製成醬油的日本,而且遍布世界各地。葡萄酒,奶酪,當然還有清酒和鹹菜。大約10年前,鹽曲和最近的麩皮成為熱門話題,山本味o醬油釀造商以自己的立場和方法吸引了發酵食品的未來。秋田縣湯澤市的岩崎市,是八戶海道的一個城堡鎮和一個驛站鎮。江戶幕府在1867年(京王3年)關閉,第一位創始人高橋茂助開始利用皆瀬河的水運和地下水製作味mis。第7代高橋泰先生從一所建築工程大學,東京農業大學和學院的釀造研究專業以及一家主要醬油製造商的產品開發專業畢業後,於2006年回到岩崎。您為什麼不稀釋用湯稀釋水的濃縮型麵條湯?基於製造商時代的想法,我試圖將味噌的鹽含量減少一半,並用鮮味代替降低的鹽含量。由鹽含量降低而變得活躍的微生物所製得的醇可確保保存。具有豐富香氣和改善肉質等特徵的新酵母的作用產生了獨特的“ YUKIDOKE MISO”風味。


    Mercedes me Magazine_No.009_2020 summer issue




    “The traditional manufacturing cycle does not allow us to make innovative products. So we cultivated with existing yeast that no one has tried and fungi other than miso and soy sauce, or from new breeding of yeast to new species. We repeated the test to make the bacteria appear.”
    Of the approximately 3 million species on earth, the world of microorganisms is known to account for only about 5%. The research team and products are named ASTRONOMICA, the new yeast is named after Viamver yeast and the universe and stars.


    “在傳統的生產週期中,我們無法生產創新產品。因此,我們用沒有人嘗試過的現有酵母和味噌和醬油,或者從酵母的新品種到新品種進行種植。 我們重複了測試以使細菌出現。”
    在地球上大約300萬個物種中,已知微生物世界僅佔5%。 研究團隊和產品命名為ASTRONOMICA,新酵母以Viamver酵母以及宇宙和恆星命名。


    Mercedes me Magazine_No.009_2020 summer issue





    The world of deep publishing is like a universe

    “Small and medium-sized breweries are planning to make an unusual conference presentation about Viamver yeast that has a special umami taste. It should bring a new twist to the industry.” Miamium-derived Viamver yeast and new soy sauce-derived fresh yeast work without salt, so they are expected to be applied to fields other than fermented foods.
    The only way to take action against something that does not have the correct answer is to design the framework yourself. Mr. Takahashi, who says so, is to redefine the culture of miso and soy sauce to enhance business and culture. The unique attitude of “traditional industry venture” fills the space like an antique shop, while at the same time protecting the history and local taste. “I think we can stay in tradition because of innovation, so let’s do everything we want to do with the accelerator fully open (laughs).”
    Familiar miso and soy sauce are essential to our diet. While chewing on the delicious gelato, I was reminded of the value of the reassuring taste, and I was very surprised at the possibilities that spread from there.


    “中小型啤酒廠正計劃就鮮味獨特的Viamver酵母進行不尋常的會議介紹。這將給行業帶來新的變化。” 味噌衍生的Viamver酵母和新的醬油衍生的新鮮酵母在不加鹽的情況下也能正常工作,因此有望將其應用於發酵食品以外的其他領域。
    對沒有正確答案的問題採取行動的唯一方法是自己設計框架。高橋先生這樣說,是為了重新定義味噌和醬油的文化,以促進商業和文化。 “傳統產業冒險”的獨特態度像古董店一樣充滿了空間,同時又保護了歷史和當地風情。 “我認為由於創新我們可以保留傳統,所以讓我們在加速器完全開放的情況下做我們想做的一切(笑)。”


    Mercedes me Magazine_No.009_2020 summer issue




    Mr. Yamada, the editor and writer, told us that he was checking with another medium when the seventh generation Takahashi continued his family business. After 10 years or more, I will be working together, and I feel the mysterious and dramatic interest that the accumulated work will create new matches and chemical changes over a long period of time. Thank you for your energetic work.


    編輯和作家山田先生告訴我們,當第七代高橋繼續其家族業務時,他正在與另一種媒體進行核實。 我在一起工作已經有10多年了,我感到自己的神秘和戲劇性的興趣是,長期積累的工作創造了新的比賽和化學變化。 謝謝您的辛勤工作。