• 記事掲載のお知らせ_Mercedes me Magazine

    メルセデスオーナーのためのライフスタイルマガジン「Mercedes me Magazine」のShe’s Mercedesにて5ページに渡りヤマモの取り組みがご紹介されております。特許申請微生物”Viamver”や研究チームやラボの”ASTRONOMICA”についても取り上げていただき、菌や製法の発見までの経緯やそれらを使用したサーヴィスについても記事にしていただきました。早速、この記事を見たオーナーの皆様がご来店され、取り組み内容が十分に伝わっているのだと思いました。

    記事の掲載依頼が来た時には特別な感情になりました。2016年に中北米の旅をし、弊社ヤマモが行うアート活動“I.L.A.(Industry Loves Art 産業は芸術に恋をする)”の取り組みを始めるきっかけとなったのは、産業には芸術活動が必要であると理解したことからでした。そのような視点で産業界をみると、既にそれを理解し、体現していたブランドとしてMercedes Bentzがあり、彼らは自動車産業でありながら他分野の文化芸術を支援し、そこに強力なイニシアチブを取り、キュレーションを行っていました。
    当時、TOKYO FASHION WEEKのメインスポンサーであったMercedes Bentzをベンチマークとし、彼らと同じ感覚と思想を持ちながら、ブランドの歩を進めていくことができればと考えておりました。彼らからの声掛けは、財政破綻から産業再生に至ったデトロイトの知見を独自に解読し、帰国後にアート活動として事業化したことの検証のひとつになりました。いかなる環境や状況でも思想を打ち出し、不確実な未来に事業をつくりながら挑んでいくことは長く続く産業の営みには不可欠なものです。今回の記事掲載のお話は、仕事を通じた多くの出来事の中でも、非常に喜ばしい事と思っています。ぜひ、記事をご覧いただきたいと思います。


    Notice of article publication_Mercedes me Magazine

    On the 5th page of She’s Mercedes of the “Mercedes me Magazine” lifestyle magazine for Mercedes owners, Yamamo’s efforts are introduced. We also covered the patent application microorganism “Viamver” and the research team and laboratory “ASTRONOMICA”, and wrote about the history of discovering bacteria and manufacturing methods and the services using them. Immediately, I thought that the owners who read this article came to the store and the contents of the efforts are fully conveyed.

    Creating a business from ideas
    It was a special feeling when I was asked to publish an article. In 2016, when I traveled to Central and North America and started to work on the art activity “I.L.A. (Industry Loves Art)” conducted by our company Yamamo, the industry needed art activity. It was because I understood that there was. Looking at the industry from such a perspective, Mercedes Bentz is a brand that has already understood and embodied it, and they are supporting the cultural arts of other fields even though they are the automobile industry, and there are strong initiatives there. I was collecting and curating.
    At that time, using Mercedes Bentz, who was the main sponsor of TOKYO FASHION WEEK as a benchmark, I thought that I would like to advance the brand’s steps while having the same feelings and thoughts as them. What they said was one of the verifications that Detroit’s knowledge that led to industrial revival due to financial failure was uniquely decoded and commercialized as an art activity after returning to Japan. It is indispensable for a long-lasting industrial operation to put forth ideas in any environment and situation and to challenge while creating businesses in an uncertain future. I think that the story of this article is very pleasing, even among the many things that happened during my work. I would like you to read the article._mediainfo._magazine


    文章發表通知_Mercedes me Magazine

    在“ Mercedes me Magazine”生活方式雜誌的梅賽德斯車主的梅賽德斯·奔馳的第5頁上,介紹了Yamamo的努力。 我們還介紹了專利申請微生物“ Viamver”,研究團隊和實驗室“ ASTRONOMICA”,並介紹了發現細菌的歷史,製造方法以及使用細菌的服務。 立刻,我以為閱讀這篇文章的所有者來到了商店,並且努力的內容得到了充分的傳達。

    當我被要求發表文章時,這是一種特殊的感覺。 2016年,當我前往中美洲和北美洲開始從事由Yamamo公司舉辦的藝術活動“ I.L.A.(Industry Loves Art 工業愛上了藝術)”時,該行業需要進行藝術活動。 這是因為我知道有。 從這種角度看待汽車行業,梅賽德斯·本茨(Mercedes Bentz)是一個已經理解並具體體現出來的品牌,儘管它們是汽車工業,但它們仍在支持其他領域的文化藝術,並且在那裡有很強的創舉。 我正在收集和策展。
    當時,我們決定使用TOKYO FASHION WEEK的主要贊助商梅賽德斯·本茨(Mercedes Bentz)作為基準,並擁有與他們相同的感受和想法,我們希望提升該品牌。 他們所說的就是核實之一,證明了底特律由於金融失敗而導致工業復興的知識在返回日本後被獨特地解碼並商業化為藝術品活動。 長期的工業運營必不可少,可以在任何環境和情況下提出想法,並在不確定的未來中發展業務時挑戰。 我認為,即使在我工作期間發生的許多事件中,本文的故事也非常令人愉悅。 我希望您閱讀這篇文章。


    Mercedes me Magazine_No.009_2020 summer issue


    味噌と醤油 味もデザインされた調味料のハッ!とするおいしさ

    飛鳥時代には醤油の原形が作られていたといわれる日本のみならず、世界中に広く存在する発酵食品。ワインやチーズ、もちろん日本酒や漬け物もそう。10年くらい前には塩麹、ここ最近はぬか床が話題になっているなか、ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元は、独自のスタンスとアプローチで発酵食品の未来を描いていた。羽州街道の宿場町で城下町だった秋田県湯沢市岩崎。創業者の初代・髙橋茂助が皆瀬川の水運と伏流水を活かして味噌作りを始めたのは、江戸幕府が閉じた1867年(慶応3年)のこと。7代目にあたる髙橋泰さんは、建築工学を専攻した大学を卒業後、東京農大短大で醸造学、大手醤油メーカーで商品開発に携わり2006年、岩崎の地に帰ってくる。水の希釈で旨味も薄まってしまう濃縮タイプのめんつゆを、出汁で薄めたらどうか-。メーカー時代のアイデアをもとに味噌の塩分を半分に減らし、減らしたぶんを旨味に置き換えようと試みる。塩分が減って活発になった微生物が作るアルコールで、保存性も担保。華やかな香りや肉質の改善といった特性をもつ新しい酵母の働きが、「YUKIDOKE MISO」独特の風味を作り出した。


    Miso and soy sauce, a seasoning with a taste designed! Delicious

    It is a fermented food that exists not only in Japan where the original form of soy sauce was made in the Asuka era, but also around the world. Wine, cheese, and of course sake and pickles. Around 10 years ago, salt koji, and recently bran floor, became a hot topic, and the yamamoto miso soy sauce brewer drew the future of fermented foods with its own stance and approach. Iwasaki, Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture, which was a castle town and a post town on the Hashu Kaido. It was in 1867 (Keio 3) when the Edo Shogunate closed that the first founder, Mosuke Takahashi, started making miso using the water transportation and underground water of the Minase River. Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, who is the 7th generation, returned to Iwasaki in 2006 after graduating from a university majoring in architectural engineering, brewing studies at Tokyo University of Agriculture and college, and product development at a major soy sauce maker. Why don’t you dilute the concentrated type Mentsuyu that dilutes with water and dilute it with soup stock? Based on the idea of ​​the maker era, I tried to reduce the salt content of miso by half and replace the reduced salt content with umami. Preservation is guaranteed by alcohol made by microorganisms that have become active due to reduced salt content. The action of the new yeast, which has characteristics such as a gorgeous aroma and improved meat quality, created a unique flavor of “YUKIDOKE MISO”.



    它是一種發酵食品,不僅存在於明日香時代最初製成醬油的日本,而且遍布世界各地。葡萄酒,奶酪,當然還有清酒和鹹菜。大約10年前,鹽曲和最近的麩皮成為熱門話題,山本味o醬油釀造商以自己的立場和方法吸引了發酵食品的未來。秋田縣湯澤市的岩崎市,是八戶海道的一個城堡鎮和一個驛站鎮。江戶幕府在1867年(京王3年)關閉,第一位創始人高橋茂助開始利用皆瀬河的水運和地下水製作味mis。第7代高橋泰先生從一所建築工程大學,東京農業大學和學院的釀造研究專業以及一家主要醬油製造商的產品開發專業畢業後,於2006年回到岩崎。您為什麼不稀釋用湯稀釋水的濃縮型麵條湯?基於製造商時代的想法,我試圖將味噌的鹽含量減少一半,並用鮮味代替降低的鹽含量。由鹽含量降低而變得活躍的微生物所製得的醇可確保保存。具有豐富香氣和改善肉質等特徵的新酵母的作用產生了獨特的“ YUKIDOKE MISO”風味。


    Mercedes me Magazine_No.009_2020 summer issue




    “The traditional manufacturing cycle does not allow us to make innovative products. So we cultivated with existing yeast that no one has tried and fungi other than miso and soy sauce, or from new breeding of yeast to new species. We repeated the test to make the bacteria appear.”
    Of the approximately 3 million species on earth, the world of microorganisms is known to account for only about 5%. The research team and products are named ASTRONOMICA, the new yeast is named after Viamver yeast and the universe and stars.


    “在傳統的生產週期中,我們無法生產創新產品。因此,我們用沒有人嘗試過的現有酵母和味噌和醬油,或者從酵母的新品種到新品種進行種植。 我們重複了測試以使細菌出現。”
    在地球上大約300萬個物種中,已知微生物世界僅佔5%。 研究團隊和產品命名為ASTRONOMICA,新酵母以Viamver酵母以及宇宙和恆星命名。


    Mercedes me Magazine_No.009_2020 summer issue





    The world of deep publishing is like a universe

    “Small and medium-sized breweries are planning to make an unusual conference presentation about Viamver yeast that has a special umami taste. It should bring a new twist to the industry.” Miamium-derived Viamver yeast and new soy sauce-derived fresh yeast work without salt, so they are expected to be applied to fields other than fermented foods.
    The only way to take action against something that does not have the correct answer is to design the framework yourself. Mr. Takahashi, who says so, is to redefine the culture of miso and soy sauce to enhance business and culture. The unique attitude of “traditional industry venture” fills the space like an antique shop, while at the same time protecting the history and local taste. “I think we can stay in tradition because of innovation, so let’s do everything we want to do with the accelerator fully open (laughs).”
    Familiar miso and soy sauce are essential to our diet. While chewing on the delicious gelato, I was reminded of the value of the reassuring taste, and I was very surprised at the possibilities that spread from there.


    “中小型啤酒廠正計劃就鮮味獨特的Viamver酵母進行不尋常的會議介紹。這將給行業帶來新的變化。” 味噌衍生的Viamver酵母和新的醬油衍生的新鮮酵母在不加鹽的情況下也能正常工作,因此有望將其應用於發酵食品以外的其他領域。
    對沒有正確答案的問題採取行動的唯一方法是自己設計框架。高橋先生這樣說,是為了重新定義味噌和醬油的文化,以促進商業和文化。 “傳統產業冒險”的獨特態度像古董店一樣充滿了空間,同時又保護了歷史和當地風情。 “我認為由於創新我們可以保留傳統,所以讓我們在加速器完全開放的情況下做我們想做的一切(笑)。”


    Mercedes me Magazine_No.009_2020 summer issue




    Mr. Yamada, the editor and writer, told us that he was checking with another medium when the seventh generation Takahashi continued his family business. After 10 years or more, I will be working together, and I feel the mysterious and dramatic interest that the accumulated work will create new matches and chemical changes over a long period of time. Thank you for your energetic work.


    編輯和作家山田先生告訴我們,當第七代高橋繼續其家族業務時,他正在與另一種媒體進行核實。 我在一起工作已經有10多年了,我感到自己的神秘和戲劇性的興趣是,長期積累的工作創造了新的比賽和化學變化。 謝謝您的辛勤工作。





    インバウンドガイド情報誌”EXPLORE TOHOKU & NIIGATA”のExperiences & Souvenirsのコーナーでヤマモの記事を掲載していただきました。新型コロナウィルス感染症(COVID-19)の感染拡大により、観光や消費は大きく変わりました。しかしながら、人々の興味関心を引くような魅力あるコンテンツを提供していくことは変わりがなく、数ある観光スポットや蔵元の中から弊社を選んでいただいたことを嬉しく思います。新しい時代でも必要とされるもの、伝統産業として残し伝えつつも変化していくこと。それらを考え、実装していくことが製品を進化させ、また、移動が困難な時代でも旅をする人の心に訴求し、皆さまの興味関心を引き寄せる場となることができると考えております。ぜひ、誌面やWEBサイトでご覧いただければと思います。


    News of Article Publication_EXPLORE TOHOKU & NIIGATA

    Yamamo’s article was posted in the section “Experiences & Souvenirs” of the inbound guide information magazine “EXPLORE TOHOKU & NIIGATA”. Tourism and consumption have changed significantly due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). However, we will continue to provide attractive content that attracts people’s interest, and we are glad that we have selected us from a number of tourist attractions and warehouses. What needs to be changed in the new era, while remaining as a traditional industry and being conveyed. By thinking and implementing them, we believe that it will be a place to evolve the product, appeal to the hearts of travelers even in times when it is difficult to move, and attract everyone’s interest. . By all means, I hope you can see it in the magazine and the website. _mediainfo._magazine



    Yamamo的文章發表在入境指南信息雜誌“ EXPLORE TOHOKU&NIIGATA”的“體驗與紀念品”部分中。 由於新的冠狀病毒感染(COVID-19)的傳播,旅遊業和消費發生了顯著變化。 但是,我們將繼續提供有吸引力的內容來吸引人們的興趣,我們很高興從眾多的旅遊景點和倉庫中選擇了我們。 在新時代需要改變的地方,同時又要保留傳統產業並加以傳播。 通過思考和實施它們,我們相信這將是一個發展產品的地方,即使在難以移動的時候也能吸引旅行者的心,並吸引所有人的興趣。 。 希望您能在雜誌和網站上看到它。


    EXPLORE TOHOKU & NIIGATA_Experiences & Souvenirs


    EXPLORE TOHOKU & NIIGATA_Experiences & Souvenirs


    この醤油醸造所は1867年に設立され、伝統的な製品を継承しながら、現代に合わせて新しい製品を開発しています。 いずれも代々受け継がれてきた技術を駆使し、湯沢の豊かで純粋な水で造られています。 ヤマモブランドの評判は近年世界的に広がっています。
    訪問者は醸造所、庭園、蔵の見学をすることができます。 見学者は職人の手による作品を間近で見られることで賞賛し、改造された店舗には、地元の歴史と文化に関連する芸術作品を展示するギャラリーがあります。 味噌と醤油で味付けしたジェラートを提供する人気のカフェ、味噌、醤油などの日常品を販売するファクトリーショップもあります。 蔵に一時停止するだけでも、訪問者は企業について見て学び、その作品を味わうことができます。


    This soy sauce brewery was founded in 1867, and carries on with traditional products while also developing new ones in-step with the modern day. All are crafted with the plentiful, pure waters of Yuzawa using techniques passed on over generations. The fine reputation of the Yamamo brand has expanded worldwide in recent years.
    Visitors can take a tour of the brewery, the garden and the storehouse. Tour-goers praise it for offering a close-up look at the hands-on work of artisans, and the remodeled storehouse contains a gallery exhibiting works of art relating to the local area’s history and culture. You’ll also find a popular café serving gelato flavored with miso and soy sauce, as well as the factory shop selling miso, soy sauce and other goods for daily use. Even a brief stop at the storehouse alone offers visitors a chance to see and learn about the enterprise and taste its creations.


    這家醬油啤酒廠成立於1867年,在繼承傳統產品的同時,還與現代同步開發新產品。 所有產品均採用代代相傳的技術,由湯澤豐富純淨的水製成。 近年來,Yamamo品牌的良好聲譽已在全球範圍內擴展。
    參觀者可以參觀啤酒廠,花園和倉庫。 參觀者稱讚它是因為可以近距離觀察工匠的動手作品,而經過改建的倉庫中設有一個畫廊,展出與當地歷史和文化有關的藝術品。 您還會發現一家受歡迎的咖啡廳,供應以味o和醬油調味的意式冰淇淋,還有一家工廠商店,出售味噌,醬油和其他日常用品。 即使僅在倉庫短暫停留,也可以為參觀者提供了解和了解企業並品嚐其創造物的機會。








    The various information in this guide was recommended by the 6 prefectures of Tohoku and Niigata, and was selected by an advisory board chaired by Professor Fusao Ito, Tohoku University Graduate School of Agriculture. We hope that more and more people inside and outside Japan will be interested in the excellent nature, culture, special products, tourism, events, etc. of the region, and help to revitalize Tohoku and Niigata. The information in this booklet is current as of the end of March 2020.



    本指南中的各種信息均由東北和新潟的6個縣推薦,並由東北大學農業研究生院伊藤扶雄教授主持的諮詢委員會選出。 我們希望越來越多的日本國內和國外的人對該地區的優良自然,文化,特色產品,旅遊業,活動等感興趣,並有助於振興東北和新潟。 本手冊中的信息是截至2020年3月的最新信息。


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_Sakigake_Apr.20 2020




    News of Article Publication_Akita Sakigake Newspaper

    I was introduced to Yamamo’s efforts in the Akita Sakigake Newspaper on April 20th. Repeated innovative test brewing based on technologies and ideas outside the industry, and research and research from angles other than miso soy sauce such as sake and wine resulted in the discovery of the yeast technology Viamver that corresponds to patented technology It was. Starting with a gorgeous fragrance, each time we conducted various research, we found useful benefits one after another, and within the research team, we began to think about expectations for innovative product development and impact on the industry. We kindly interviewed the flow from the beginning of development to patent application and service provision. I would like you to read the article.

    Although the spread of the new coronavirus will cause a great change in society, we would like to continue further development and provision of services with the belief that using Viamver can exert better effects on people’s lives and health. I will. Below, I would like to introduce the new products of fermented lamb and fermented silver cod. Due to the action of bacteria, the odor masking effect and the game are softened like pork and beef, and the fish is soft enough to loosen the body by ignoring the fibers. We have developed a fermentation source that suits each meat and fish by taking advantage of the bacterium’s umami, and we are implementing our own meal experience by repeating the process of low temperature cooking, sauté, and steaming. In the future, I would like to advance the brewing of natural wine using Viamver and realize pairing. Thank you for your new Yamamo product. _mediainfo._newspaper










    New yeast found in Kura
    “Yamamo miso soy sauce brewing company, Takamogo name company” (President Yoshihiko Takahashi) of Iwasaki, Yuzawa City, discovered yeast that can be expected to be used in a wide range of ingredients such as meat, fish and sake in addition to miso and soy sauce. . It is said to have various functions such as the production of umami ingredients, and a patent for the manufacturing method of seasonings that was jointly developed with the Prefectural Food Research Center (Akita City) was filed in early February. The company is seeking new business development centered on this yeast.
    This yeast was discovered in 2017 by a yeast survey conducted by the center, which was carried out by a brewery manufacturer in the prefecture. When the company entered into a joint research agreement with the center and conducted a closer examination of the yeast, in addition to its high ability to produce umami components, it is unusual for yeast derived from miso and has the ability to produce relatively high alcohol in a salt-free environment. It turns out that there is.
    Therefore, we started to develop a seasoning “yeast liquid” that makes the best use of the characteristics of yeast. As a result of trying various food ingredients, in addition to adding umami ingredients, it has the effect of softening fish and meat and eliminating odors, and it can be expected to be used in various ways.

    Used for product development and tours
    Managing Director Yasushi Takahashi said, “Isn’t it possible that yeast was born by trying various manufacturing methods such as using bacteria outside the industry in test brewing? It should be an opportunity to throw it. ”
    The company is focusing on tours of its own brewing factory and garden, and newly established a culture and fermentation room of about 8 square meters near the entrance so that you can observe the development process of soy sauce using new yeast up close. . We are also developing wine and course dishes that use yeast, and are providing a trial mutton and silver cod lunch course (tax-excluded 1800-2200 yen, reservation required) at our in-house cafe.
    In anticipation of the long-term effects of the new coronavirus, we are also considering the development of set products that deliver course meals along with wine by home delivery. Managing Director Takahashi said, “We would like to explore the way the service should be, considering the effects of the new coronavirus.”


    湯澤市岩崎市的“ Yamamo味噌醬油釀造公司,高茂名”(總裁高橋芳彥)發現了酵母,除了味噌和醬油外,酵母還有望用於肉,魚和清酒等多種配料中。據說它具有多種功能,例如鮮味成分的生產,並於2月初申請了與縣食品研究中心(秋田市)共同開發的調味料製造方法專利。該公司正在尋求以這種酵母為中心的新業務發展。
    該酵母菌是由該中心的一家釀酒廠在2017年通過該中心進行的酵母菌調查發現的。 當該公司與該中心簽訂聯合研究協議並仔細檢查酵母時,除了具有生產鮮味成分的高能力外,它還具有在無鹽環境中生產相對較高的酒精的能力,這對於來自味derived的酵母而言是罕見的。 原來有。
    因此,我們開始開發一種調味料“酵母液”,以充分利用酵母的特性。 由於嘗試了各種食品成分,因此除了添加鮮味成分外,還具有軟化魚類和肉類,消除異味的作用,並且有望以各種方式使用。



    ヤマモの蔵から新酵母を発見 肉や魚、うまみ増しやわらかく
    Discover new yeast from Yamamozo’s warehouse: soften meat, fish and umami


    FERMENTED LAMB GRILLER_Viamver Yeast used | 発酵ラム肉のグリエ_Viamver使用

    After lamb meat fermented with Viamver yeast is cooked, the center is cooked at low temperature and the surface is roasted. With fermented berry sauce. Limited to 4 meals per day.
    用Viamver酵母發酵的羔羊肉煮熟後,將其中心在低溫下煮熟,然後烘烤表面。 用發酵的草莓醬。 每天僅限四餐。


    FERMENTED SILVER COD ROTILE_Viamver Yeast used | 発酵銀ダラのロティール_Viamver使用

    After sautéing silver cod fermented with Viamver yeast, steam and steam. With the two sauces of basil and tomato. Grilled abalone mushrooms. Limited to 10 meals per day.
    炒銀鱈魚後,用Viamver酵母,蒸汽和蒸汽發酵。 配羅勒和番茄兩種調味料。 烤鮑魚蘑菇。 每天僅限10餐。


    Appetizer with fermented vinaigrette sauce, chicken soup and fermented vegetable soup. Lunch-only course where you can choose fermented lamb meat or fermented silver cod as the main dish.
    開胃菜,配醋汁,雞肉湯和蔬菜湯。 僅午餐的課程,您可以選擇發酵羊肉或發酵銀鱈魚作為主菜。


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_STAY AKITA

    海外向けウェブメディアSTAY AKITAにてYAMAMO FACTORY TOURからI.L.A. GALLERY、蔵付酵母の革新的風味の醸成まで総合的な取り組みがご紹介されております。外国人料理研究家の方の体験と取材を中心に専属の通訳の方とカメラマン、プロデューサーのチーム構成で今回の記事が完成しました。外国人の方の目で見た弊社取り組みの報じ方は、ストーリーを軸にしており、写真の質感からもこだわりの感じられる内容と思います。取材終わりでYAMAMO GARDEN CAFEで時間を過ごしていただきました。仕事の予定時間よりも長くいらっしゃったことが、その場の判断で動く旅の在り方に近く、渡航記のような記事内容と思いました。素晴らしいスタッフとチームの方々、ありがとうございました。ぜひ、記事をご覧いただきたいと思います。


    News of Article Publication_STAY AKITA

    The overseas web media STAY AKITA introduces a comprehensive approach from YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR to I.L.A. GALLERY and brewing of innovative flavors of brewery yeast. This article was completed with a team of dedicated interpreters, photographers, and producers focusing on the experiences and coverage of foreign culinary researchers. The way we report our efforts from a foreigner’s perspective is based on the story, and I think that the content of the photos can also give a sense of commitment. At the end of the interview, we spent time at YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE. The fact that I came longer than the scheduled time for work was close to the way of traveling based on judgment on the spot, and I thought it was an article like a travelogue. Thank you to the wonderful staff and team. By all means, I would like to see the article. _mediainfo._magazine


    文章發布通知_STAY AKITA

    海外網絡媒體STAY AKITA引入了從YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR到I.L.A. GALLERY的綜合方法,以及釀造創新口味的啤酒酵母。 本文由專門的口譯,攝影師和製作人員組成的團隊完成,重點關注外國烹飪研究人員的經驗和報導。 我們從外國人的角度報告自己的努力的方式是基於故事的,我認為可以從照片的紋理感覺到內容。 採訪結束時,我們在YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE花了一些時間。 我來得比預定的工作時間長,這一事實接近於根據當場判斷得出的出行方式,我認為這是一篇類似於旅行的文章。 感謝出色的員工和團隊。 一定要看這篇文章。





    世界中でさまざまな発酵方法がありますが、日本、特に秋田で重要な発酵方法は、麹菌(アスペルギルスオリゼ)を触媒として使用します。 地域の力を活かした地元の職人の技術のおかげで、この地域の発酵文化は数百年に渡り深まりました。


    Akita’s Ancient Fermentation Culture Is a Lively Brew of Diversity and Innovation

    Fermentation: with its alchemistic powers of transformation, fermenting food can heighten flavor, fortify nutritional qualities, and provide longevity. These days, fermentation gets attention around the world for its these properties, but in Akita, it’s been a way of life for hundreds of years. Akita is blessed with a bounty of ingredients from the mountains and the ocean, including the revered Akita Komachi rice strain, but endures long, cold winters.

    There are different methods of fermentation across the world, but the one that is key in Japan – and particularly in Akita – uses koji (aspergillus oryzae) bacteria as the catalyst. Thanks to the skills of local artisans, who harness the power of koji, the area’s fermentation culture has deepened over hundreds of years.
    Miso, soy sauce, sake, hatahata-sushi are some of Akita’s defining fermented products. On a recent trip to Akita, I wanted to do more than just taste or buy these products, but gain a greater understanding of how they are made and the artisans behind them.









    「庭園は私の曽祖父によって造られました。」とヤマモの7代目の高橋泰さんは言います。 彼は伝統的な庭園の椅子に座っている年配男性のセピア色の写真を見せ、庭のある場所を指しました。
    「この写真で彼は自身で建てた離れの前に座っています。 古い庭の見立てによると、彼の向く先には水神が住む城跡の森となり、庭園の借景になっています。」


    Modern design sensibilities align with traditional foundations

    When the light dims at dusk, the doors to the garden of Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewery sparkle with the reflection of the cafe’s elegant chandelier, with the twinkle overlaying the textures of the traditional garden outside.

    “The garden was built by my great-grandfather,” says Yasushi Takahashi, 7th-generation owner of Yamamo. He picks up a sepia-toned photograph of an older man sitting on a chair in a traditional garden, and points to a spot in the garden.
    “He’s sitting over there, in front of the annex my father built for him. He faces the forest nearby where the water spirit lives, according to ancient folklore.”




    “花園是由我的曾祖父建造的,” Yamamo的第七代老闆高橋泰說。 他拿起一張棕褐色調的老人坐在傳統花園裡的椅子上的照片,並指向花園中的一個點。
    “他坐在那兒,在我父親為他建造的附樓前。 根據古代民間傳說,他面對著水靈居住的森林。”



    1867年、高橋さんの先祖は、近くの皆瀬川の地下水を利用できるため、醤油と味噌醸造所を設立しました。 庭園は彼らの生業の源である守護者の水神へのオマージュです。
    高橋さんは建築と世界の旅から学び、2006年、わずか27歳で家業を継ぎました。 彼のデザインセンスは醸造所の7つの蔵に完璧に行き渡っています。 建物のドラマチックな木材の梁と伝統的な土間にシックでモダンな装飾が施されています。 スタイリッシュなカフェやオープンキッチン、エレガントなギャラリー、グッドデザイン賞を受賞した製品パッケージなど、醸造所に新たに追加されたものもすべて高橋さんの功績です。



    In 1867, Takahashi’s ancestors founded the soy sauce and miso brewery because of the pristine water available from the nearby Minase River; the garden is a homage to the water spirit, the guardian of the source of their livelihood.
    Takahashi took over Yamamo in 2006 at the age of just 27, fresh from studying architectural engineering and traveling the world. His sense of design and worldliness echo throughout the seven rooms of the immaculately maintained brewery. The buildings’ dramatic timber beams and traditional earthen floors have chic modern trimmings. There are also new additions to the brewery, like the stylish cafe and open kitchen, the elegant gallery, and the company’s Good Design Award-winning product packaging – all Takahashi’s contributions.

    Another of Takahashi’s contributions is a brewery tour, a rarity in the world of miso and soy sauce. The tour follows the multi-step process of making soy sauce and miso, through different parts of the brewery, where each warehouse serves a different purpose.
    “I want to share the world of fermentation, and local history and culture with the world,” says Takahashi.
    The first room we visit on the tour, the muro, is where the crucial first step takes place: the cultivation of koji. “When we’re preparing the koji, we need to create the right environment for the bacteria we want to thrive, and which is hostile to bad bacteria. The process is very sensitive,” says Takahashi.



    我們參觀的第一個房間muro是至關重要的第一步:種植曲。 “當我們準備曲酒時,我們需要為想要繁殖的細菌創造合適的環境,這種細菌對有害細菌有害。這個過程非常敏感。”高橋說。






    Next, at the moromi-gura, the room is filled with large wooden tanks of moromi, a fermenting mixture of koji rice, steamed soybeans, roasted wheat, and water. “Here, the native yeast that live in the brewery enter the tanks to create the taste,” says Takahashi.
    In another, much smaller room, micro-batches of miso or soy sauce are tweaked in different ways to concoct new products. The little barrels are full of possibilities and, often, surprises – the miso fermenting the day I visit has an intriguingly tropical aroma from the variety of yeast used.
    “Innovation is key to sustainability,” says Takahashi, “Since inheriting my family business, we continue to create new brews through trials,” says Takahashi. “We need to protect the traditional processes, but at the same time make small variable changes, to continue to evolve.”

    Takahashi has recently discovered a new yeast strain inhabiting the atmosphere of Yamamo, thanks to this liberal mindset. He beams when telling me. To a brewer of miso and soy sauce, such a discovery is akin to the discovery of a new planet by an astronomer. This new yeast strain is particularly exciting, Takahashi explain, as it can be used to brew alcoholic drinks like sake and wine – the first yeast that can be used for both worlds.
    After a walk around the garden, we finish the tour in the cafe, to taste the brewery’s traditional and new creations. The ‘Amashio’ soy sauce is the signature soy sauce of Yamamo, with a lowered level of salt, balanced by a gentle sweetness – a style characteristic of Akita soy sauce.


    高橋說:“創新是可持續發展的關鍵,自繼承家族生意以來,我們將繼續通過試驗創造新的啤酒。” “我們需要保護傳統流程,但同時要進行細微的更改,以繼續發展。”

    在花園中漫步後,我們在咖啡館結束了遊覽,品嚐了啤酒廠的傳統和新造品。 “Amashio”醬油是Yamamo的招牌醬油,鹽含量較低,並帶有柔和的甜味,這是秋田醬油的典型特徵。


    _Akita’s Ancient Fermentation Culture Is a Lively Brew of Diversity and Innovation
    _Modern design sensibilities align with traditional foundations


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_一個人_February Issue

    一個人2月号「秋田の発酵文化を味わう」にて、ヤマモの記事が掲載されております。YAMAMO FACTORY TOURを中心に弊社の取り組みを取材していただきました。伝統を受け継ぎながら新たな挑戦を続けるには忍耐力と時間が必要になります。まずは危険個所の改善から衛生管理、製品開発や組織開発、地域の持続可能性の追求まで。少しでも前進しながら革新的な取り組みを続けていくことでそれを成し遂げることができると信じ、今日まで歩みを進めて参りました。ぜひ、誌面をご覧いただきたいと思います。


    News of Article Publication_Ikkojin

    Yamamoto’s article was published in the February issue of One Individual “Taste the Fermentation Culture of Akita”. We had you cover our efforts around YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR. It takes patience and time to take on new challenges while continuing the tradition. First, from the improvement of danger points to hygiene management, product development and organization development, and the pursuit of local sustainability. We believe that we can achieve this by continuing to do some innovative work while moving forward a bit, and we have made progress today. I would like you to look at the magazine. _mediainfo._magazine



    山本的文章發表在二月號的《品嚐秋田的發酵文化》一書中。 我們已經為您介紹了圍繞YAMAMO工廠巡演所做的努力。 在延續傳統的同時,需要耐心和時間來應對新的挑戰。 首先,從改善危險點到衛生管理,產品開發和組織發展以及對地方可持續性的追求。 我們相信,可以通過在繼續前進的同時繼續做一些創新工作來實現這一目標,並且我們今天已經取得了進展。 我希望你看看這本雜誌。


    Ikkojin_February 2020_Taste The Fermentation Culture of Akita


    Ikkojin_February 2020_Taste The Fermentation Culture of Akita


    Ikkojin_February 2020_Taste The Fermentation Culture of Akita



    一方で、次代に向けた新しい取り組みにも意欲的。現代の視点を取り入れることで新しい味噌・醤油の価値を確立すべく努めている。世界の食文化と和の調味料が融合し進化していく理念、「Life is Voyage」を掲げ、2011年には世界展開も開始し、海外から脚光を浴びることにもなった。ヤマモブランドの味噌・醤油を味わうと、新しい価値観に気付かされるはずだ。


    Integrating tradition and innovation to address the world

    Fermentation and maturation of miso and soy sauce proceed slowly in the dark moromi-gura. The barrel, which is larger than the entrance, tells the story of a barrel craftsman once assembling inside the storehouse. Yamamo Miso Soy Sauce Brewing Company is located in Yuzawa City, which is blessed with underflow water of the Minase River, a tributary of the Omono River flowing through the Yokote Basin in the southern part of Akita Prefecture.
    Since its establishment, the factory that is still being used while repeating extension and renovation has a strong history. The feature is that a series of processes such as squeezing, burning, blending, filtering and filling are performed in one large space while updating the equipment according to the times. The reason why modernization and rationalization are not made unnecessarily is also because the value of the long-lived storage yeast is carefully considered. You can feel the attitude of trying to preserve the traditional miso and soy sauce.
    On the other hand, we are eager to take on new initiatives for the next generation. We are striving to establish the value of new miso and soy sauce by incorporating a modern perspective. Under the concept of “Life is Voyage”, a concept that combines and evolves the world’s food culture and Japanese seasonings, the company launched its global business in 2011, and has been spotlighted from overseas. When you taste the Yamamo brand miso and soy sauce, you will notice new values.



    味o和醬油的發酵和成熟過程在黑暗的諸味蔵中緩慢進行。比門口大的槍管告訴我們,槍管工匠曾經在倉庫內組裝。 Yamamo味噌醬油釀造公司位於湯澤市,那裡有皆瀬河的底流水,後者是流經秋田縣南部橫手盆地的雄物河的支流。
    另一方面,我們渴望為下一代採取新的舉措。我們正在努力通過融合現代視角來確立新型味o和醬油的價值。公司秉承“Life is Voyage”的理念,融合併發展了世界的飲食文化和日本調味料,該公司於2011年啟動了全球業務,並受到海外的關注。品嚐Yamamo品牌的味噌和醬油時,您會注意到新的價值。


    Ikkojin_February 2020_Taste The Fermentation Culture of Akita




    Spinning Akita’s miso and soy sauce tradition into the next generation
    Yasushi Takahashi, the seventh generation of Yamamo miso soy sauce brewer. Succession of tradition, creation of new value, and overseas expansion. I am busy making next-generation miso and soy sauce.
    A café and a shop are added along with the traditional brewery. It is a unique space where tradition and innovation are in harmony. A space that embodies the seventh generation of philosophy.
    Put the moromi in a tub called “ship” and squeeze the soy sauce. Squeeze slowly over each drop over time. Cedar barrels are marked with the year of manufacture in the Taisho era. For over 100 years, it has been supporting Yamamo miso-making.
    A moromi storehouse with cedar barrels that easily exceed their height. Yeast with storage helps maturation, and a miso with the unique flavor of Yamamo is born.
    Miso “YUKIDOKE”. When put on the tongue, it feels like a melting snow with a natural sweetness. Offering miso and soy sauce products that match modern food culture. The packaging is also modern.


    將諸味放入稱為“ ship”的浴缸中,然後榨醬油。隨著時間的流逝,慢慢擠壓每滴水。雪松木桶標誌著大正時代的製造年份。 100多年來,它一直支持Yamamo味噌的製作。
    味iso“ YUKIDOKE”。戴在舌頭上時,它就像融化的雪花,具有天然的甜味。提供符合現代飲食文化的味噌和醬油產品。包裝也是現代的。




    〇About 一個人



    〇About Ikkojin

    Practical information magazine that enjoys my time. I want to regain my thrill and excitement in middle and old age. “One Individual” is an information magazine that shakes the minds of middle-aged and senior citizens from a variety of genres, focusing on clothing, food, and housing.



    實用的信息雜誌,讓我很開心。 我想重拾中年的興奮與興奮。 《一個人》是一本信息雜誌,它以各種服裝,食物和住房為主題,動搖了中年和老年人的各種流派。