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    発明の名称 耐塩性酵母およびこれを用いた発酵物
    特許番号 特許第7138354号
    特許権者 高茂合名会社
    発明者 木村貴一、渡辺隆幸、上原健二、高橋泰
    登録日 令和4年9月8日


    Viamver® Yeast Patented

    Viamver® yeast has now been granted a microorganism patent as an entity and a process patent for a fermentation product made with it, due to its ability to produce large amounts of succinic acid, a seafood-derived umami ingredient.

    The discovery of Viamver® yeast in innovative test brewing products, such as fermentation with bacteria outside the industry, which had been considered taboo, is assumed to be due to the possibility of genetic hybridization and changes in products due to environmental changes. We in the basic seasonings industry have found value in the repetition of past production methods because of the demand for an unchanging taste. However, innovation is born from new areas. We believe that this is the result of our belief that experimental efforts will bear fruit, even if the market does not demand it, and we have continued to do so solemnly.

    We felt that unless we objectively proved this fact, we would not have accurately communicated it to society and the industry, so we made a presentation at an academic conference and applied for a patent. I believe that the patent approval this time was a touchstone for us. From here, we intend to create products that specialize in the umami of succinic acid, as well as new products that transcend industry boundaries. _Microbiology

    Title of the Invention Salt-resistant yeast and fermented products using the yeast
    Patent No. 7138354
    Patent Holder TAKAMO&Corp.
    Inventors Kiichi Kimura, Takayuki Watanabe, Kenji Uehara, Yasushi Takahashi
    Registration date September 8, 2022


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    發明名稱 耐鹽酵母及使用該酵母的發酵產品
    專利號 7138354
    專利持有人 高茂合名会社
    發明人 木村貴一、渡辺隆幸、上原健二、高橋泰
    註冊日期 2022 年 9 月 8 日