• コロカル商店でのお取り扱いのお知らせ_"feature" colocal x RING BELL

    Information of handling by colocal market_”feature” colocal x RING BELL

    Yamamo received coverage of colocal before. It serves as a cause and you can purchase from “colocalmarket.” There are three items, a gift set with a tote bag, a gift set with a towel, and an apron. The apron is a sales schedule from April. The digest board of former coverage is written on the page of goods introduction. It is combination of “a seasoning and tableware”, and we are pleased if you try our products. @feature

    colocal market在的处理的告知_”feature” colocal x RING BELL


    colocal market

    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company 3 items + tenugui set
    Yamamo醤醤油釀造商 3份+手擦(掉)組套

    Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company 6 items + totebag set
    Yamamo醤醤油釀造商 6份+大手提袋組套

  • 3331×10 でのお取り扱いのお知らせ_"feature" 3331 Arts Chiyoda

    3331 Arts Chiyodaの一角にあるショップ、3331×10にてヤマモの商品の取り扱いが始まりました。従来の販売方法も勿論大切に思うのですが、共有する意志からくる新たな販売形式には心躍るところがあります。芸術空間の中に日常の商品がある景色は、人々に新しい価値観をもたらすのでしょう。新たな価値を築く試みに参加できること、同時代性を共有できること、非常に感謝しております。そんなワクワクが詰まった店舗を、ぜひ、体験してみてください。

    Information of handling by 3331x10_”feature” 3331 Arts Chiyoda

    Handling of the goods of Yamamo started in 3331×10 in one corner of 3331 Arts Chiyoda. I consider the conventional sales method carefully. And I further expect a new sales form which comes from the will to share. The scene which has everyday goods in art space builds a new sense of values to people. I am happy that it can participate in building new value. Moreover, I appreciate that contemporaneity is sharable. Please experience a store with expectation of such many. @feature
    3331×10在的处理的告知_”feature” 3331 Arts Chiyoda

    3331 Arts Chiyoda一角有的3331×10Yamamo的商品的处理开始了。我重要地考虑以前的销售方法。又我更加期待着来自(源于)共享的意志的新的销售形式。艺术空间中有日常的商品的景色,形成向(到)人们新的价值观。我对能参加为制作新的价值的感到高兴。还有,对能共享同时代性的表示感谢。请试着体验有那样的多的期待的店铺。

  • 47 GIFT 2013 -お中元- での販売のお知らせ_"feature" D&DEPARTMENT

    会期 2013年7月19日 – 2013年9月29日

    時間 11:00 – 20:00(入場は19:30まで)※9月17日、18日は休館となります

    場所 d47 MUSEUM



    Information of sales of 47 GIFT 2013 – summer gift- _”feature” D&DEPARTMENT

    Date   July 19 – September 29, 2013
    Time   11:00 – 20:00 (Entrance is to 19:30)  *It will be closed on September 17,  18. 
    Place  d47 MUSEUM

    < Extract > 

    Japan divided into 47 has a mountain and the sea, and has rich nature. A historied traditional dainty. The famous sweets produced because the tourist industry is prosperous. Alcohol, rice, dried noodles, etc. We did boxing of the vessel which eats them as unique GIFT together. We exhibited the assortment of 47 kinds of such food. You need to feel individuality of Japan and need to present GIFT to the person who was indebted. Please realize Japan.

    在47 GIFT 2013-中元節節禮物品-的銷售的告知 _”feature” D&DEPARTMENT

    會期 2013年7月19日-2013年9月29日

    時間 11:00 -20:00(入場連19:30)※9月17日,18日成為閉館

    地方 d47 MUSEUM

    < 摘錄 >


    渋谷ヒカリエ8階、47 GIFT 2013 -お中元- で「あじ自慢 300ml」が販売されます。稲庭うどん、つゆ、いぶりがっこ、曲げ輪っぱという秋田のお中元の中に選んでいただきました。木桶で一定期間熟成させ、まるみと熟成感のある「あじ自慢」を、秋田の食材で味わうことができます。また、各県にちなんだキャッチコピーとディスプレイの展示も見応えがあります。弊社パンフレットもディスプレイの一部に組み込んでいただいております。合わせてお楽しみいただければと思います。ぜひ、足を運んでみてください。

    “Ajijiman 300ml” is sold in the event of the eighth floor of Shibuya Hikarie. The gifts of Akita are Inaniwaudon, Tsuyu, Iburigakko, and Magewappa. Our products were chosen into this gift. “Ajijiman” carries out certain fixed period maturing with wooden barrels, and becomes a taste with balance and a feeling of maturing. This can be tasted with the foods of Akita. Moreover, the catch copy of each prefecture and exhibition of a display are also wonderful. Our pamphlet is also exhibited as a display. I think if you can enjoy also here. Please visit. @feature


    The purchase of “Ajijiman” is from here. 


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_AMASHIO

    「Mart Community Blog」にてヤマモの“あま塩しょうゆ 300ml”を記事にしていただいております。有志の方々の口コミを中心にした記事になっており、生活者視点で書かれた内容はレシピ付きで充実した内容と思いました。地域の商品が首都圏の若い世代の方々にお使いいただけること、生活の一部となっていることを嬉しく思います。皆様にもぜひご覧いただきたいと思います。関係者の方々、ありがとうございました。


    Notice of Article Posting_AMASHIO

    Yamato’s “Amashio soy sauce 300ml” is featured in the “Mart Community Blog”. The article was centered on the reviews of volunteers, and I thought that the content written from the consumer’s perspective was enriched with recipes. I am glad that local products can be used by the younger generation in the Tokyo metropolitan area and are part of their lives. I would like everyone to see it. Thank you for the people concerned. _mediainfo.



    大和的“甘塩醬油300ml”在“Mart社區博客”中有特色。 這篇文章的重點是志願者的評論,我認為從消費者的角度寫的內容充滿了食譜。 我很高興本地產品可以被東京大都會地區的年輕一代使用,也是他們生活的一部分。 我希望每個人都能看到它。 謝謝有關人士。





    秋田生まれの甘いしょうゆ 「あま塩しょうゆ」って知ってる?
















    撮影/相澤琢磨(光文社写真室)  取材・文/丹下紋香


    Do you know sweet soy sauce born in Akita?

    From: Yoko Tateishi
    (Residing in Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture)
    From: Sukumo Terakura
    (Residing in Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture)

    The Saitama / Fujimino area is full of new condominiums and detached houses. Because it is easy to raise children in a green environment and access to the city center is good, more people have moved from other prefectures by relocation and continue to live.

    “Amashio Soy Sauce” is a soy sauce produced at a long-established soy sauce store “Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company” founded in 1867 in Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture. In Akita Prefecture, sweet-flavored soy sauce is very popular, and it seems that many families always stock this “Amashio Soy Sauce”.
    “As the name suggests, the soy sauce has a strong sweetness, but it has a good balance with salt, so it is also useful for seasoning dishes. We regularly order it from Akita and play an active role in making daily meals. (Ms. Tateishi)
    There is no thick, soy liquid soy sauce with a slightly sweet sauce. Since the salt content is cut by 25% from normal soy sauce, it is gentle on the body.

    First of all, simply taste with egg rice!

    All you have to do is to put “Amashio Soy Sauce” on the rice that has been cracked with raw eggs. The moderate sweetness enhances the mellow taste of eggs. “Since the taste is mild, the taste of soy sauce is familiar with the melted yolk. Dad often eats breakfast in my home” (Ms. Tateishi)

    Easy arrangement recipe using Amashio Soy Sauce

    [1] Fish Teriyaki

    Material (for 2 people)
    Fish fillet (use swordfish this time) … 3 slices
    Sweet soy sauce … 3 tablespoons
    Liquor, mirin … 2-3 teaspoons each
    Butter … 80g
    Starch flour … 1 tablespoon

    How to make
    [1] Sprinkle swordfish with a little salt (outside the amount) and starch.
    [2] Both sides of swordfish are baked in a heated frying pan. When the color of the swordfish is baked, add butter and sprinkle with sweet soy sauce. Once the seasoning is familiar with swordfish, it is complete.
    “Because the taste of soy sauce is firm, you can add a little mirin. You can add rice with a sweet and salty seasoning” (Ms. Tateishi)

    [2] Soboro-don

    Materials (for 2-3 people)
    Minced meat (this time using pork) … 150g
    Ama salt soy sauce… 3-4 tablespoons
    Sake, mirin … 1 tablespoon
    Sesame oil … 2-3 teaspoons
    Tube ginger … about 2cm
    2 eggs
    Paprika, sprout … appropriate amount

    How to make
    [1] Stir in a frying pan with sesame oil until the color of the minced meat changes.
    [2] After adding tube ginger, sake, and mirin, sprinkle with Ama salt soy sauce.
    [3] When it’s boiled and the sip is less, it’s finished. Add the roasted egg, paprika and sprout to the rice.
    “We make a lot of soboros and wrap them in wraps and store them frozen. When you want to use them, just thaw them in a microwave. You can arrange them for various dishes such as rice balls, fried rice, and udon toppings. (Ms. Terakura)

    In addition, “Amashio Soy Sauce” is a wide range of useful items such as boiled foods and seafood bowls. The label is stylish and recommended for gifts (English label Amashio Soy Sauce is available at online stores and some supermarkets in the south of Akita Prefecture). Please try it!

    Photographed by Takuma Aizawa (Kobunsha Photo Room) Coverage and text by Monka Tange




    埼玉縣/富士見野地區到處都是新的公寓和獨立式住宅。 因為在綠色環境中養育孩子很容易,並且進入市中心是好的,所以更多的人通過搬遷從其他縣遷移並繼續生活。

    “甘塩醬油”是在1867年在秋田縣湯澤市成立的歷史悠久的醬油商店“Yamamo味噌醤油醸造商”生產的醬油。 在秋田縣,甜味醬油非常受歡迎,並且有許多家庭總是儲存這種“甘塩醬油”。
    “顧名思義,醬油具有很強的甜味,但它與鹽有很好的平衡,所以它也適用於調味菜餚。 (立石先生)
    沒有濃稠的大豆液體醬油和略帶甜味的醬汁。 由於鹽含量比普通醬油減少了25%,因此對身體溫和。


    你所要做的就是將“甘塩醬油”放在用生雞蛋破碎的米飯上。 適度的甜味增強了雞蛋的醇厚口感。 “由於味道溫和,醬油的味道很熟悉融化的蛋黃。爸爸經常在我家吃早餐。”(立石先生)



    魚片(這次使用箭魚)…… 3片
    甜醬油… 3湯匙
    黃油… 80克
    澱粉粉… 1湯匙

    [2]箭魚的兩面都是用加熱的煎鍋烤製的。當箭魚的顏色被烘烤時,加入黃油,撒上甜醬油,加入清酒和味。 一旦調味料熟悉箭魚,就完成了。

    [2] Soboro丼

    碎肉(這次是用豬肉)…… 150克
    阿鹽鹽醬… 3-4湯匙
    清酒,味道…… 1湯匙
    芝麻油…… 2-3茶匙

    [3]當它煮沸並且啜飲較少時,它就完成了。 將烤雞蛋,辣椒粉和新芽加入米飯中。
    “我們製作了許多soboro並將它們包裹起來並將它們冷凍保存。當你想要使用它們時,只需將它們用微波爐解凍。你可以將它們安排在各種菜餚中,如飯糰,炒飯和烏冬面澆頭。 (寺倉先生)

    此外,“甘塩醬油”是一系列有用的食品,如煮食品和海鮮碗。 該標籤很時尚,推薦用於禮品(英文標籤甘塩醬油可在網上商店和秋田縣南部的一些超市購買)。 請試一試!

    攝影:相澤琢磨(光文社写真室) 報導和文字:丹下紋香


  • 記事掲載のお知らせ_YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE

    大人のための北東北エリアマガジン「rakura」の温故知新カフェの特集にてYAMAMO GARDEN CAFEを取り上げていただきました。リノヴェーションを中心にした特集ということで、ライターの藤原さんには足を数運んでいただき、建物のディテールやそこに至る経緯を聞いていただきました。7代に渡る家業は歴代当主の判断が素材や空間構成に反映されており、どのようにそれを理解し、次世代に向けて活用していくことができるのか、リノヴェーションにはその再編集能力が試されていると思います。

    また、人間の創造性を最大限に発揮するためには細部に美意識が宿る必要があり、活動家たちはそれを受け取り個人の創造性を発揮し、それが相互作用し、地域にプロジェクトとして出現することになります。弊社のYAMAMO GARDEN CAFEはそれを誘発する場として庭園に隣接しています。ぜひ皆さまに起こしいただきたいと思います。



    Notice of Article Posting_YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE

    YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE was featured in the feature of the warmly-known new cafe of the Northeast North Area Magazine “rakura” for adults. The feature was centered on the renovation, so Ms Fujiwara, a writer, took a few steps and heard about the details of the building and the feelings that lie there. The family business that spans seven generations reflects the judgment of the head of each generation in the materials and space configuration, and how it can be understood and used for the next generation, re-renovation that re I think editing skills are being tested.

    In addition, in order to make the most of human creativity, it is necessary for the beauty to stay in detail, and the activists receive it and exert their individual creativity, which interacts and emerges as a project in the area. Become. Our YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE is adjacent to the garden as a place to trigger it. I would like to ask everyone to wake up.

    Many say that they came to see the magazine, I feel the influence of that. Thank you for the careful coverage and response of all the staff. _mediainfo.



    YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE在成人的東北北地區雜誌“rakura”的熱門新咖啡館的特色中出現。這個特色以裝修為中心,因此作家藤原先生走了幾步,聽說了建築的細節和那裡的感受。跨越七代的家族企業反映了每一代人在材料和空間配置方面的判斷,以及它如何被理解和用於下一代,重新整修我認為編輯技能正在測試中。

    此外,為了充分利用人類的創造力,美麗必須保持細節,活動家必須接受它並發揮其個人創造力,這些創造力作為該地區的項目相互作用和出現。它會。我們的YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE毗鄰花園,是觸發它的地方。我想請大家醒來。

    很多人說他們來看雜誌,我覺得那個影響力。 感謝所有員工的認真報導和回應。


    rakura vol.94_May, June issue 2019


    rakura vol.94_May, June issue 2019





    Bring 150 years of legacy to new value

    Yuzawa Iwasaki district that prospered as a castle town at the foot of the Minasegawa river, which originates from the Ouu Mountain Range. Old merchant houses and warehouses remain along the old highway even now. One of them is “Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company”. “YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE” opened last autumn at the storefront. With the background of the garden that vividly reflects the season, a corner of the store with antique furniture made in the UK and a simple chandelier highlights the wonders and charm of Japanese houses. It’s cool but warm, it’s a place where Yamamo’s spirituality appears.



    湯沢岩崎地區在皆瀬川河腳下作為城堡鎮而繁榮,該河源自奥羽山脈。 即使是現在,老商人的房屋和倉庫仍沿著舊高速公路行駛。 其中一個是“Yamamo味噌醤油醸造商”。 “YAMAMO GARDEN CAFE”去年秋天在店面開業。 花園的背景生動地反映了季節,在英國製造的古董家具的商店的角落和簡單的枝形吊燈突出了日本房屋的奇蹟和魅力。 它很酷但很溫暖,這是Yamamo靈性出現的地方。





    After succeeding the family business, the seventh generation Takahashi Yasushi sharpens the region and the history of the family business with its own sensibility, and continues to express it as buildings and goods. “I realized that it was important to convey the attractiveness of Yamamo to the visitors while I was doing an exhibition abroad, and I started renovations to improve the environment for the tour. It will be an asset.” As part of the “YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT” started in 2016, the former Mistress’s room overlooking the garden is renovated into a cafe space. In addition, during the hearth, we also handed over to Moromi-kura and set up a gallery, etc., and we are always renovating somewhere. “By starting the 100-year-old garden again, I realized the feelings and values ​​of the predecessors. Since then, I look at the legacy based on what I see,” said Takahashi. Rather than just fixing it, we are creating new value while incorporating the feelings of our predecessors. For example, the octagonal pillar that supports the undercover is inspired by the design of architect Seiichi Shirai, who left many works in Yuzawa. Mr. Takahashi, who wants to be an architect, is said to have a deep knowledge of “renovation to create new attractiveness while solving problems with buildings.”


    在繼承家族企業之後,第七代高橋靖以其自身的敏感性,銳化了該地區和家族企業的歷史,並繼續將其表達為建築和商品。 “我意識到,當我在國外進行展覽時,向訪客傳達Yamamo的吸引力非常重要,我開始進行裝修以改善旅遊環境。這也是一種資產。”作為2016年開始的“YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT”的一部分,前女主人的俯瞰花園的房間被改造成咖啡館空間。此外,在壁爐期間,我們還交給了諸味蔵並設立了畫廊等,我們總是在某處翻新。 “通過再次啟動這座擁有100年曆史的花園,我意識到了前輩們的感受和價值觀。從那時起,我就根據自己所看到的內容來看待這些遺產。”高橋說。我們不僅僅是修復它,而是在融入我們前輩們的感受的同時創造新的價值。例如,支撐臥底的八角形柱子的靈感來自建築師白井晟一的設計,他在湯沢留下了許多作品。想成為建築師的高橋先生據說對“在解決建築問題的同時創造新的吸引力的翻新”有著深刻的了解。





    In the reservation system “YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR”, you can repeat the extension and reconstruction in this way to see the brewing source until the present. While satisfying your intellectual curiosity, you can also sample “Today’s soup” using your own products. You can enjoy the history of both building and brewery. The usual café menu will be filled with stomach bags with “Yamamo soy gelato” with “Miso sauce sauce” accented by a family tradition, and “Pho of additive-free soup” using solar salt used for preparation. You can touch the legacy of Yamamo, which is inherited from a pulse.


    在預約系統“YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR”中,您可以通過這種方式重複擴展和重建,直到現在看到釀造源。 在滿足您的求知欲的同時,您還可以使用自己的產品品嚐“今天的湯”。 您可以享受建築和啤酒廠的歷史。 通常的咖啡館菜單將裝滿帶有“Yamamo大豆冰淇淋”的胃袋,帶有“味噌醬汁”的家庭傳統,以及使用太陽鹽製作的“四種無添加劑湯”。 你可以觸摸從脈衝中繼承的Yamamo的遺產。


    rakura vol.94_May, June issue 2019