• Cordelia Polinna_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

    ベルリンの都市開発者Cordelia Polinnaにお越しいただきました。彼女とはベルリンのイヴェントの打ち上げでご一緒し、岩崎地域からレガシーを踏襲し社会の持続可能性を追求するプロジェクトに興味を持っていただき、今回の参加が実現しました。




    Cordelia Polinna_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

    I came to Cordelia Polinna, a city developer in Berlin. We joined with her at the launch of the event in Berlin, I was interested in a project pursuing the sustainability of society following the legacy from the Iwasaki area, this time participation has been realized.

    A year ago, the values changed from encounters with the urban developers of Brooklyn, and I have been deeply thinking about sustainability of the city and its role in society and its involvement as an industry. It is exhausted to work with Cordelia which embodies it in Europe.

    We were able to deeply understand our work Yamamo ‘s efforts even at the site and exchange many opinions. I am grateful. I would like to join you again.


    Cordelia Polinna_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

    我來到柏林的城市開發商Cordelia Polinna。 我們在柏林舉辦的活動中與她一起參與,我對岩崎地區的遺產追求社會可持續性的項目感興趣,這次參與已經實現。

    一年前,這些價值觀與布魯克林城市開發商的遭遇發生了變化,我一直在思考城市的可持續性及其在社會中的作用以及作為一個行業的參與。 與在歐洲體現它的Cordelia合作已經筋疲力盡。

    我們能夠深刻理解我們的工作Yamamo甚至在現場的工作並交換了許多意見。 我很感激。 我想再次加入你們。






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    Cordelia Polinna



    TU Completed doctoral course at Berlin University. Engaged in the London Renaissance paradigm shift city development, citizen participatory urban development plan. Afterwards Visiting Professor, New York University. Established URBANCATALYST specialized in civic participatory urban development in 2014. Many projects in Japan and overseas. Currently the urban development plan to Berlin City is the largest project.


    TU在柏林大學完成博士課程。 從事倫敦文藝復興範式轉變城市發展,公民參與城市發展計劃。 之後是紐約大學客座教授。 2014年成立了URBANCATALYST,專門從事城市參與式城市發展。 日本和海外的許多項目。 目前柏林市的城市發展計劃是最大的項目。